Undercover Boss: Where Are They Now - SNL
Saturday Night Live
Undercover Boss checks in with one of its more notorious bosses, Kylo Ren (Adam Driver), to see if he kept his promise to change his company.
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  • Statler N. Waldorf
    Statler N. Waldorf

    3:10 Kylo DID have a point in killing the girl who wanted to be a pilot..... she DID want to be like Luke!!! MEMBER OF THE REBELLION LUKE SKYWALKER!!! It's better this way. 😉

  • anthea ariel
    anthea ariel

    He said something before saying “And you’ll die like him too” but... I’m curious.

  • Statler N. Waldorf
    Statler N. Waldorf


  • Creshex ACS
    Creshex ACS

    The look on her face, and Kylo moving close and whispering in her ear was masterful scripting and acting. 2:56

  • GS

    How does Undercover Boss work anyway? Isn't it a little weird that a camera crew is following around a new employee?

  • ColdCactus _Studios
    ColdCactus _Studios

    “Kylo ren?, Nah I want to fly like Luke Skywalker“.

  • cp2112

    "I wanna fly like Luke Skywalker" Amazing. Every word you just said was wrong. Although Luke was a mediocre pilot, he was not known for it at all and instead for being an essential figure in the Rebel Alliance, the Grand Master of the new Jedi Order, and even turning his father back to the light side. In Legends, he did much more, including being Palpatine's right hand man for a little while, but Disney really nerfed him. Anakin, on the other hand, was an excellent pilot, and possibly the best in galactic history. As Obi-Wan put it, "He was the best star pilot in the galaxy, and a cunning warrior. And he was a good friend." See, the first thing Obi-Wan said about him was the pilot aspect of the character. That was one of the three main things he was known for by the entire galaxy during the Clone Wars, thanks to Palpatine spreading the word. There's no doubt this douche would've known of Anakin, as he was considered a hero while the other Jedi were portrayed as enemies by the supreme chancellor Palpatine.

  • The Guy Who Grins
    The Guy Who Grins


  • That’s pretty thicc
    That’s pretty thicc

    Ok boomer, deez nuts. The mills and boomers are trying to understand our sense of humor

  • Ben McDonough
    Ben McDonough

    This is 100% canon

  • A M
    A M

    Okay, more now

  • crosbyscup

    Who thumbs down on this? Trolls get out of your moms basement and make some friends. This sketch is hilarious as was the first one. Yes it’s similar yet still funny. Maybe angry Star Trek fans are thumbing this down. You can love both treckies!

  • No Bozos
    No Bozos

    "I made four new friends and only killed one of them." LOL!!!

  • Aidan McFarlane
    Aidan McFarlane

    Damn the lady at the end should've said "Nah, I want to fly like Han Solo in the Kessell Runs" that way Kylo killing her would be better

  • Who Am I
    Who Am I

    Where is he now? He's out there kissing all of his sisters, of course.

  • glory and gore
    glory and gore

    “I DO. I DO.” I’m cryiNFJGJKEKCKS

  • MysticLucy

    Adam Driver is the only person who worked on these movies that can write Kylo Ren.

  • Epic Glasses
    Epic Glasses

    Ok Boomer

  • kaisa nevalainen
    kaisa nevalainen


  • Chris p Bacon
    Chris p Bacon

    Absolute genius pt 2

  • Brittany Weaver
    Brittany Weaver

    kylo Ren/Randy: u guys think Rey is gonna take kylo Ren's hand this time girl: who cares Kylo Ren/Randy: I DO I DO ME: YESSSSSSSSS LOL 😂😂😂😂

  • Daniel Lin
    Daniel Lin

    Wow, Adam Driver is playing a character parody of a character he himself portrays and nails it. That’s talent

  • ABowlofcereal 25
    ABowlofcereal 25

    Anyone else extremely sad that Kylo won’t be in anymore movies...💔 he was my favorite actor by far

  • Matheus Santos
    Matheus Santos

    Can we talk about the empire storm troopers tho cmon man

  • Blip Wits Trivia
    Blip Wits Trivia

    Great concept!

  • Chrisma Hewett
    Chrisma Hewett


  • Hon Lensman
    Hon Lensman

    Spoiler alert just saying

  • Redorron 5
    Redorron 5

    Who else agrees that Kylo Ren looks better with facial hair

  • Ella Mae
    Ella Mae

    heh heh

  • shyinerz

    “There are hidden cameras everywhere” Pans to show mics and cameramen

  • Spooky_ bombz
    Spooky_ bombz

    “Hilarious. Said no one ever.” Honestly same

  • Michael Navarro
    Michael Navarro

    Does anyone else's Google go off when this plays?

  • Tigerman1138

    “Made four new friends and only killed one of them.” Better than me.

  • Ripper821 Gaming
    Ripper821 Gaming

    The Stormtroopers are wrong their not first order their the Empire

  • Timothy Rogers
    Timothy Rogers

    Wait...is this canon, or is this part of the legends story line?

  • em

    i cant watch this now without thinking about the fan fic-

  • thehorrorjunkie78

    Palpatine: “The dark side of the force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be..... unnatural!” Kylo Ren: OK BOOMER!

  • R Hartman
    R Hartman

    Anyone notice they used stormtrooper outfits and not first order outfits

  • Jenny Warm
    Jenny Warm

    He is the most precious man please protect him jebus

  • Allen Warfield
    Allen Warfield

    I'm surprised Disney didn't sue or anything for this

  • Shonok Rohan
    Shonok Rohan

    new girl is so pretty

  • Dean W
    Dean W

    Ok boomer 😂😂😂😂

  • Gregg Black
    Gregg Black

    "I don't want to fly like Kylo Ren.... he's a little punk bitch!"

  • bucky's_babe

    They should have called him Damon in this one because then it would have been MATT DAMON!

  • Felix Fett
    Felix Fett

    Why do the first order storm troopers wear empire and one of Them had a clone gun one had a mp40

  • Evy

    I'm your fan!😍 :))... I love watching these in the morning just to have a nice start of the day!

  • Cameron Watkins
    Cameron Watkins

    this is hilarious, i love star wars

  • FX KD
    FX KD

    Is no one going to talk about how the storm troopers are from the Imperial era??!! Great vid tho

  • Hunter McCrea
    Hunter McCrea

    They used the wrong armor

  • 04dram04

    Wow uh spollier alert

  • nigle gleni
    nigle gleni

    This sequel movies and this show are made for each other. Both trash

  • cole fitz
    cole fitz

    Should anyone stupid enough to not realize that’s Kylo ren then say something like that be a tie fighter pilot?

  • Haunted_Booze

    He’s like the result of someone when their friend says to act natural

  • Primus

    “Who cares” New line : “Did I ask?”

  • Marilou Mayo
    Marilou Mayo

    StOp MOOvInG

  • wow letmein
    wow letmein

    Kylo ren be vibing with his fresh okay boomers

  • Lord Ragnarok
    Lord Ragnarok

    ok boomer

  • Brewstin

    Say what you will about the sequels, but you've gotta admit these Undercover Boss videos were pretty funny.

  • NitroGamer9210

    1:25 hahaha

  • Benjamin Hertzog
    Benjamin Hertzog

    2:04, why are they using the old Stormtrooper outfit?

  • Tony the Chang
    Tony the Chang

    Seems that Star Wars fans might want *THREE* new Kylo Ren action figures. There should be a demand for a Matt the Radar Technician, a Randy the New Intern, and an alternate Kylo with a thumbs-up hand. Who uses the word "aggress" nowadays? 1:58: _"I find your lack of gratitude disturbing."_

  • Fred

    hes dead

  • Zimphire

    The “Ok boomer” thing was spot on. 😆 8.7k Trekkies hated this.

  • Get me on the tour
    Get me on the tour

    1:57 That look.. LMAO

  • Boca* Rosa
    Boca* Rosa

    “The culture here needs to change”😂😂😂

  • DarkLord Mordred
    DarkLord Mordred

    Dude, Randy straight up sucks.

  • KAK_Inallgames

    All the stormtroopers are from the empire not the first order

  • Unfolding Productions
    Unfolding Productions

    Check This Out!!! tr-my.net/watchvideo/video-pxGhKna5J6U.html

  • McBeardy Beardmore
    McBeardy Beardmore

    Lol Ok Boomer triggered my Ok Google lmaoooo

  • Alex

    Where did he keep his lightsaber? 😆