Ups & Downs From WWE SmackDown (Sep 17)
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Our WWE SmackDown review as Simon Miller talks about Brock Lesnar returning to attack Kofi Kingston, Kevin Owens suing Shane McMahon, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan destroying Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns and Sasha Banks taking on Charlotte Flair.
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  • j Pol
    j Pol

    You bold talking,tank top walking,criticising, mesmerising dude thank you that you bloody exist....greetings from Greece me lad

  • Stephen Courtney
    Stephen Courtney

    Can't watch ups and downs anymore, this Simon guy is ruining it.

  • Andrew Holka
    Andrew Holka

    KO should get Brains Strowman as a lawyer. Or Irwin R. Shyster

  • Hellersche

    Will this mean Ups & Downs on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday?

  • Case Squirrel
    Case Squirrel

    I kind of liked Kevin Owens' part of the show. He spoke crystal clear without even putting his hands on McMahon. David Otunga's return as a lawyer? Yes, please. 🤣 Wouldn't it be funny if, at the Lesnar vs Kofi's match for the championship, the referee rings the bell, Lesnar F5's instantly Kingston, and wins the belt in record time? Give it 5 seconds, awesome! I always watch your videos, Simon Miller, I learn English, and after watching the Raw and SmackDown, I click for the Ups and Downs. You're so funny! Until next week!

  • Crown Clown
    Crown Clown

    I have not liked how Smackdown has ended these last couple of weeks. Not even real match endings. Just balonga.

  • wicked willy
    wicked willy

    Simon should go heal and grow a Rowan beard

    • wicked willy
      wicked willy

      And wear random metal shirts

  • wicked willy
    wicked willy

    Love the new intro

  • Conor Condon
    Conor Condon

    how can anyone think simon is negative

  • Conor Condon
    Conor Condon

    but owens did beat shane

  • Nic Erdman
    Nic Erdman

    Here's the plan: Bludgeon Bros. v. Roman and Bryan outcome Roman and Bryan lose! Bryan of course blames Roman and Roman tells him to shove it. Ta-daa Roman v. Bryan and Bludgeon Bros. look good.

  • mastertimb

    Shane is going to compromise before this gets to court. Kevin Owens will get a stipulation on a match that Shane will quit if KO can beat him. This is a boring and unnecessarily circuitous way of getting to that point, but welcome to WWE in 2019.

  • Invincible Young Empire
    Invincible Young Empire

    No mention of Offset? lol alright.

  • Dew York Citi
    Dew York Citi

    So they’re going to have Brock Lesnar win the WWE Championship, not defend it at Hell In A Cell, then for the 3rd year in a row show up at Survivor Series as Champion

  • Jessicayskull

    Can I just point out that both Raw and Smackdown didn't have a talk show this week! I find that shocking honestly.

  • Mark Us Nier CHS
    Mark Us Nier CHS

    KIN - SHA - SA ...I hard can that be? edit: 100th thumb down. and deserved

  • RollinsOwensMizAmbroseGirl

    I wanted Daniel Bryan to be a heel longer. He was killing it.

  • Dakota Willhite
    Dakota Willhite

    I think 2002 Brock was more feared than bearded Brock. Simon 😂👌🏻

  • Dakota Willhite
    Dakota Willhite

    I hope this means Brock will show up weekly or every other week as champ

  • MetalBuds Gaming
    MetalBuds Gaming

    the only way wwe book babyfaces in 2019: let them get beaten up over and over again because sympathy pop!

  • David Hill
    David Hill

    I love this Kevin Owens story. It's different and I appreciate that.

  • James Mitchell
    James Mitchell

    this is no getting at simon clery but it's just not on par with the legend named simon Miller

  • Jay Complex Kid Randle
    Jay Complex Kid Randle

    12:15 No, he did not have on pants. He had on DRAWZ.

  • Alle G
    Alle G

    What they're doing with Brock and KO is a complete joke. Not to mention the continuous 50/50 booking. Thank you for NXT and AEW wrestling Gods 🙌🏽

  • Kira Kasual
    Kira Kasual

    I um... I think I'm in love with Simon.

  • James The kid
    James The kid

    The interview gets a up because of the cannibal corpse

  • Saloz94

    im legit surprised wwe didn't just brush gable aside. Im happy I was wrong about this one.

  • Dennis Savarese jr
    Dennis Savarese jr

    They using a non physical route to write Shane off... it's obvious. Owens beat him physically and Shane still there. It's psychology 101

  • WaywardGun

    I found myself really laughing at the line "I decided to hit your where it hurts- your wallet", but again that speaks more for Kevin's ability to make anything work. My guess is this ends with Shane having to re-hire Kev, getting the beating he deserves but having the "last laugh" by drafting him to NXT.

  • Xhumed

    He *did* beat Shane in the ring. He's playing him at his own game. Simon. You bald asshole. (Jk, love you buddy, but you are wrong on this point.)

  • Danny Knightmare
    Danny Knightmare

    Roman Reigns came out to make the save? Hmmm... Could have sworn it was Repo Man!

  • justin edwards
    justin edwards

    My balls hurt....what should I do?

  • kevin coots
    kevin coots

    KO will be alright... in AEW

  • Kenz D
    Kenz D

    I sat next to Owens in the crowd. The section was so lit!!!

  • Fardin Shazedur
    Fardin Shazedur

    Man sayman keep a beard

  • Amaya Collins
    Amaya Collins

    If anyone challenged me, I'd say nope.

  • Kristen Spilsbury
    Kristen Spilsbury

    WWE is advertising Roman Reigns vs Daniel Bryan for Aussie super show down, so you are probably right Simon Miller. Even if card subject to change applies. @simonmiller

  • Peter de Zeeuw
    Peter de Zeeuw

    I HATE DQ's and I HATE roll-up pins!!! STOP IT, WWE!!! Or don't. I'm liking AEW way better anyway, because they don't have stupid stuff like that. :-)

  • Ashim Tuladhar
    Ashim Tuladhar

    I think Kevin Owen and Shane McMahon will be their respective team captains in Survivor Series. So their story will continue will then.

  • TSG Eclipse
    TSG Eclipse

    Can we all let it sink in that the main event not includeing promos was the b team vs heavy machinery

  • Xavier V
    Xavier V

    10:07 Umm Mr. Miller? Ross would like to have a chat with you.

  • Marcus Stanley
    Marcus Stanley

    Lesnar is definitely off of the juice

  • Dark Fury
    Dark Fury

    Brock is gonna be where he belongs. Champ

  • Lyall Williams
    Lyall Williams

    It’s kinda low key cool to see Heyman and Brock back on Smackdown it’s like they meant to be in between those blue ropes * btw I was laughing so hard when Rowan and Harper were beating up everyone especially scoop slamming those security 😂

  • John Roberts
    John Roberts

    Why do they insist on trotting out that waste of space Lesnar?

  • Misguided Key
    Misguided Key

    Everybody has to come back and like my comment when my prediction comes true. The Fiend will lose to Rollins due to Rowan and Harper running in to attack Bray Wyatt. This will set up The Fiend vs Harper/Roawn. Which will be amazing given the history. You’ll get Reigns Vs Bryan eventually but this is the best way to get there.

  • Christian Hafer
    Christian Hafer

    I enjoyed the Popeye reference. Massive up!

  • DoubleDDaily

    This host strong asf

  • Stacey Toda
    Stacey Toda

    Brock Lesnar not only gets a down, he gets the brown down. Smackdown gets a down for having him there.

  • D Bone
    D Bone

    I wonder if K.O can hire Jackie Chiles to be his lawyer against Otunga?

  • April Seegren
    April Seegren

    WE... ARE... N..X..T...

  • I_1_I_1_I

    Does Erick Rowan Cum Blood? Cannibal Corpse Joke

  • steve kudrak
    steve kudrak

    I swear I hope brock destoys kofi because he is the most boring champ ever!!!!

  • Eric D
    Eric D

    Bludgeon brothers need to be an official tag team again

  • Ryan Shelley
    Ryan Shelley

    aleister black vs buddy Murphy was the dark match before the show started. It was great. 8 minutes of pure excitement 😁😁

  • Danny DangGang
    Danny DangGang

    Oh come on Simon you think a wrestling match will settle this? No this is realistic Kevin has a legitimate case and you're going to down it because you want to see them settle that in the ring when one of them was fired? That's a down for you my friend.

  • Ham-man The Man-ham
    Ham-man The Man-ham

    Why does he even read the comments?

  • Hen - Dogg
    Hen - Dogg

    So, they made Sasha heel intro badass but watered it down afterwards? Yeah, Sasha needs to go to AEW where she would be appreciated and escape the dreaded intro of Michael Cole's, "IT'S BOSS TIME"! That's what's best for business!

  • Maz2bi

    Let Brock win the title. Kofi can go back to his new day throwing pan cakes. Wait for Bobby Lashley to return and challenge Lesnar!

  • BeezWax1968

    1/2 hour of beating on Xavier Woods' knee? DOWN!!!

  • J.A.C

    WWE: We know how much you loved Lesnar as Universal champ and never showing up or really brining anything to the title.. .well guess what!!! We're going to have him do the same in Smackdown with the WWE title!!

  • Paul Langley
    Paul Langley

    I can see 100k and wwe contract being put in ladder match at tlc 👍

  • Matt Naslund
    Matt Naslund

    Don't remember SCSA filing no lawsuits. Just saying.

  • dick girthy
    dick girthy

    Are we not going to mention "offset" introducing charlette flair and not remembering her name also while looking like a gay little boy in his mothers bathrobe???

  • Jordan Deadley
    Jordan Deadley

    Kind of disappointed you gave KO a down I would of gave that segment a golden up

  • Nayrafman !
    Nayrafman !

    Tellin you, Wyatt is controlling Rowan & Harper to get back at Rollins, Roman, and Bryan.

  • Barirn

    Aaron Rowan?

  • Jordan Alexander
    Jordan Alexander

    WWE could have a great Lesnar moment without having to constantly put him in the title picture

  • Spencer Jones
    Spencer Jones

    Simon I don't agree with you. You're a bald headed asshole.

  • HYFR

    Buddy Murphy isn't doing anything,, Alister black needs a y'all see wat I'm getting at