But would you do any of these viral trends?? What trends were your fav?! OH and comment below new viral trends you want me to try out next time!! xo -Alisha Marie
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Hi hi!! My name is Alisha Marie and I hope you enjoy this video about Viral Trends!! I do lots of videos about life hacks, diys, testing products, comedy skits, and everything beauty, fashion, and lifestyle!

  • AlishaMarie

    BOOM!!!! I never thought I'd use a hard boiled egg as a beauty blender...or even put glitter all over my butt hahaha What viral trend was your fav?!? xo -Alisha

    • Brooke Stringer 08 (STUDENT)
      Brooke Stringer 08 (STUDENT)

      AlishaMarie glitter bum

  • Adrianne Decelles
    Adrianne Decelles

    The only real website that really works for me and gives away free instagram followers is SMM EMPIRE - Trust me, I have tried different websites too but none of them work like SMM EMPIRE lmao

  • Gachagurl _playz
    Gachagurl _playz

    I was cringeing when Alisha butt popped up on my screen😂

  • Rebekah's Universe
    Rebekah's Universe

    I think you need to turn down the audio a lil' bit

  • Victoria Cheng
    Victoria Cheng

    4:34... 😂😂

  • Laura Miller
    Laura Miller

    I love your emotions in this video because you are so funny ! : )

  • Jackso n
    Jackso n

    her face at 0:34 Lol

  • Skylar Cartee
    Skylar Cartee

    Alisha=glitter butt Me=ahhhhhhhhh

  • James Di stefano
    James Di stefano

    they would have to be very close to be touching eachothers bums

  • James Di stefano
    James Di stefano

    i mean if you cook the egg in purfume then it wont smell like egg.

  • ariadni vlami
    ariadni vlami

    3:05 i look like a glowing greek goddess 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Lazy Friday
    Lazy Friday

    This was the first video that I saw of Alisha

  • Reynielle's World
    Reynielle's World

    Alisha is SO EXTRA but........ PRETTY BASIC(credits to the one who made this up)

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    giorgos tsimpoukas


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    Leigh Anne Thomas


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    Vincent Mendez


  • Nolvia izaquirre
    Nolvia izaquirre

    omg i remember watching this like it was yesterday! 2019 anyone

  • Lola Johnson
    Lola Johnson

    It feels werd looking at your but

  • Ave T
    Ave T

    honestly, gurl.. to buy eggs it cost more money then to buy a beauty blender...

  • Avery Heskett
    Avery Heskett

    I put glitter in my hair and it did not come out

  • Elsa and Anna play
    Elsa and Anna play


  • poppy Drinkwater
    poppy Drinkwater

    I had to do the glitter hair thing for a dance routine.

  • Sharn Stars
    Sharn Stars


  • Bentley Winslow this
    Bentley Winslow this

    Who’s in 2019 and does the highlighter thing everyday

  • Emma Ladd
    Emma Ladd

    I know that this is really late, but when you did the glitter hair, lipstick letter with a little bit of clear hair gel and then it will wash out better other than just putting straight glitter in your hair. Might save you some time in the shower 😉😉

  • Penelope Castro
    Penelope Castro


  • Beyan Velieva
    Beyan Velieva

    Yayyyyy she uploaded this on my birthday!!

  • Gabriela Casiño
    Gabriela Casiño

    “i said make it look cute” “omg that’s so cute!”

  • natalie paul
    natalie paul

    3 hears later still finds glitter on the ground

  • Slimy Bunnys
    Slimy Bunnys

    2019 Anyone? Omg some of these things are like now regular things..

  • Ava Buchanan
    Ava Buchanan

    GLITTAAAA love Alisha

  • April Schilling
    April Schilling

    That shade difference with her foundation

  • cloud y
    cloud y

    5:23 is the thumbnail but the thumbnail is edited

  • Elianne Perez
    Elianne Perez

    Bbbbbbbbbbbiiiiiggggggist fan

  • Elite Gamer
    Elite Gamer

    was it worth 5:23 minutes of babbling? yes. yes it was.

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    McPowell’s ASMR


  • Ur Mom
    Ur Mom

    Honestly watching crazy sparkly videos like these are keeping the demons away it’s 3 am lmao

  • Cocobean Gacha
    Cocobean Gacha


  • Serenity's.silly.vids

    When you go on a date with someone you don’t like just smell like egg he will never comeback 😂

  • Pink Cupcakes
    Pink Cupcakes

    1:04 when you don't have a beauty blender.

  • Cathrine loves queen
    Cathrine loves queen

    The egg one tho

  • Hannah Snell
    Hannah Snell

    Hahahhaha I fill sorry for you hahahaha

  • Brie Catherson
    Brie Catherson

    For the glitter in your hair, you should have put hair glitter, that was made for your hair

  • Ellie

    Little did Alisha know that that egg sound would be asmr in 2019

  • Ezabell

    Poor you the egg is ummmm it smells bad and imagine if it pops on her face 😂😂😂

  • shawnda

    i love you

  • CRBcreative

    pls do a 2019 version

  • Sankar Kumar Palakat
    Sankar Kumar Palakat

    I like it videos almost I saw all ur videos

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    bowling girl

    Like alisha video and like my comment | | V

  • bowling girl
    bowling girl

    Hahaha alisha you are cuteeee

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    Sponge Bob Square Pants


  • Haly Haly
    Haly Haly

    From 3:39 to 4:43 i got the james charles vibe out of alisha any1 else ..... no....ok ......

  • Helena Panda
    Helena Panda

    umm Alisha you know that there are a glitter root product that you can buy at target where its a brush that has small glitters on it and you just comb it through the roots of your hair? that works out and looks much better. (not trying to be rude)

  • Kathryn Blackshaw
    Kathryn Blackshaw

    You was very glittery alisha

  • MSF Minty aka Râiny Øn Wii
    MSF Minty aka Râiny Øn Wii

    Nice Ass

  • Lal Pu
    Lal Pu

    Asmr anybody watching this video in 2019

  • IceToThePizza

    MY NAME IS............NIKKI

  • Jaja Jaja
    Jaja Jaja

    Now highlight is a thing

  • Pia Sevilla
    Pia Sevilla

    4:58 was so funny alisha was like a dog

  • Pop 11-18-16
    Pop 11-18-16


  • Theresa Gamboa
    Theresa Gamboa

    I love you and i only like this vlog

  • Theresa Gamboa
    Theresa Gamboa

    Alisha please do more of this putting things in your face and booty

  • Chick . 🐓🐔🐣🐤🐥
    Chick . 🐓🐔🐣🐤🐥

    2 0 1 9 ?

  • John Roberson
    John Roberson

    You should make. Slime an eat it (edible)

  • Liv101 Davis
    Liv101 Davis


  • Drolf

    Who else thought this should be called cochlea hacks? 😂

  • Marley vlogs Life of a gymnast
    Marley vlogs Life of a gymnast

    Why would you peal the egg.....

  • CuteGirl 245
    CuteGirl 245

    Is Ashley your sister

  • Zonut Zoe
    Zonut Zoe

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    Joie Jabel

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