VK Mashup (From "Descendants 3"/Official Video)
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We got all the ways to be rotten to the core 'cause it's good to be BAD! 🎶
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Music video by Dove Cameron, Sofia Carson, Booboo Stewart, Cameron Boyce performing VK Mashup (From "Descendants 3"/Official Video). © 2019 Walt Disney Records

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    Ann Amara

    You guys are always the best ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️💜💜💜💜🙂🙂💜🙂😍😍😁

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    Fahmida Akter

    Please give a reply of your favourite vk or anything you like.

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    Aicha Giulia Ibrahim

    Yo Amo Descendants 3 rip Cameron Io Amo Descendants 3 rip Cameron

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    Merari Roa

    I love Ben Evie Mal

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    Amita Sanghvi

    When you can't decide which descendants song to watch

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    mal like me

  • Roanh And Quiem Plays and Vlogs
    Roanh And Quiem Plays and Vlogs

    Somebody pls tell me that descendants 2 evie is better just me who thinks that ok

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    Mi cameron descance en paz

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    I love Descendents💜

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    me encantan sus videos

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    Like si te encantan todas las canciones de los dependientes

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    Maria Luisa Andaluz Salaverry

    I love decsendents 1 2 3🥰🦄🍎🏆🥇🏅

  • Gaming With Sweaty?!
    Gaming With Sweaty?!

    What up

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    Alejandra Abadía

    I'm love Sofia Carson/Ivie,Dove Cameron/Mal

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    Margarita Molina

    It's 6 Months ago without you Cameron Boyce❤Legacy passed away 😥 😥 sad😥😥😭😭😕😟😥😭😥😭😕😟😕😟😥😭😕😟🙏🙏🌹Rest In Peace🌹🌷🙏🙏Cameron.M. Boyce Born(👣:May-28-1999👣) 🙏😇🙏July-6-2019🙏👼🙏 In Memory of Cameron Boyce❤ Fly High Angel😇🙏in heaven with God bless you Cameron Boyce❤

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    The música Is beatifull

  • cinthia veliz tume
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    I love the movies descendants

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    Long live Cameron

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    Mix VK 💜💙💛❤

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    I love it

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    Eu amo decedants

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    I know this is on point

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    Bonito la cancion

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    me dio pena cuando vi a Cameron Boyce😥😥╯︿╰

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    1 meli 2 ogri

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    მაგარია მიყვარხართ ძალიან

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    Is good to be bad

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    Amo Carlos adeus😢😢😢

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    Mal Cc

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    I love you

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    Amazing OMG

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    It's Good to be WICKED to the core

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    Hiç türk yok mu?

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    Cassies Creations

    Who r ur fav characters Evie or Carlos = Comment Jay or Mal = Like Mine r Jay 'n Mal

  • MomoFoxxy

    Omg I thought this was the old one lol

  • rishika Banerjee
    rishika Banerjee

    Anyone in 2020? Descendants was one of the best things that happened to me 🍎💛

  • Sarah Kesraoui
    Sarah Kesraoui


  • Ylse Dewi Hartkamp
    Ylse Dewi Hartkamp

    Mine favorite songs 1 rotten to the core and set it of 2 its gong down and you and me 3 break this down and night falls

  • Ylse Dewi Hartkamp
    Ylse Dewi Hartkamp

    Im evie i love heare

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    The bests VK'S 💙💜🍎

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    Que malo murió Cameron 😰😨

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    joyce e João vlogs

    Y love descendants

  • Tu Nguyen
    Tu Nguyen

    Who is watching and listening in 2020 I miss Cameron Boyce as Carlos son of Cruella De Vil he is my childhood? Who is your favorite Descendants 1, 2, and 3 characters? Mine was Evie daughter of Evil Queen (Sofia Carson). Comment ⬇️

  • Madeline Leiser
    Madeline Leiser

    they need a mashup of: the queen of mean ways to be wicked my once upon a time do what you gotta do

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    Y’all know when CAMRON BOYCE DEATH WAS LAST LAST Season

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    I love genie a in bottle

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    One word for this song Wicked 😁

  • Denisse Espinoza
    Denisse Espinoza

    ¿ CUAL eres? 1-mal 2- evie 3- carlos 4- Jay 5- audrey 6- celia 7- Harry 8- uma 9- Gil 10- dizzy 11- chad 12- ben 13- Jane 14- lonnie 15- chico el perro 16- hades 17- doug 👋👋👋👋

    • Denisse Espinoza
      Denisse Espinoza

      Yo 1,15 y 13

    • Montse Gonzalez
      Montse Gonzalez

      1,10 y 15 :3

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    Juliane Mary

    this is reallllyyy GOOD! I can listen to this all day!

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    Bruh what the hell is this master piece?

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    Quem é brasileiro e gosta muito de descendentes camaron discançe em paz

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