Vocal Coach Reacts to Normani - Motivation. OMG!
Rebecca Vocal Athlete
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I am Rebecca and I am one heck of a passionate vocal coach/singer/songwriter/impressionist/health/fitness/self- improvement/anything that makes me smile!! I love anything vocal/singing related and geek out on it every day. I want to motivate and inspire others to follow their dreams…corny? Well maybe but it’s true. So what’s motivating me?? I had a huge tumour removed summer 2017 and my ovaries and fallopian tubes. The tumour was the size of a 20 week baby!! However, despite not being able to walk for a couple of weeks, and feeling generally awful…. It has made me create and do what I love! It wasn’t an easy time but I won’t let fear dictate my life. I didn’t think ‘why me’, there are plenty of horrific issues people have to deal with…it’s not always smooth sailing. It’s true when you hear, ‘Life is short’, the crazy thing is, I am glad it happened…I appreciate life even more and practice gratitude everyday…It’s so easy to get caught up with the little things…and I do sometimes, but look at the bigger picture, will it matter in a year or two…?
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  • PEACE & LOVE PassItOn
    PEACE & LOVE PassItOn

    Loved your reaction..WE LOVE YOU NORMANI 💋

  • Martine Garcon L.M.T Massage Therapy
    Martine Garcon L.M.T Massage Therapy

    Towards the end don't ever apologize for feeling yourself and feeling the music. I love your reaction

  • Jessica Lynn
    Jessica Lynn

    This song was written by Ariana grande as well just thought u would like to know

  • Brock Allen Fischer
    Brock Allen Fischer

    Ari co-wrote the song, and many of the background vocals/harmonies are her.

  • Nicole Webb
    Nicole Webb

    Your reaction ❤️

  • Malikai Carrillo
    Malikai Carrillo


    • Rebecca Vocal Athlete
      Rebecca Vocal Athlete


  • Neylton Lima
    Neylton Lima

    Eu não sei o que ela falou o vídeo inteiro mas rir muito 😂😂😂😂

  • embo

    really should react to some Jorja Smith

  • A Dreamer
    A Dreamer

    Can u please make reaction video for the new song of AGNEZ MO FT FRENCH MONTANA - DIAMONDS 🙏

  • Your Bae From Busan
    Your Bae From Busan

    loved your shocked faces! for singing though, I'd recommend her cover of Don't Touch My Hair x Cranes in the Sky

  • Linden Rose
    Linden Rose

    Omg i thought i lost you. I watched ur videos a while ago and forgot to subscribe. And then i had to literally go through 50 other videos to find you again. Subbed this time!

    • Linden Rose
      Linden Rose

      Love your instructions throughout videos. Youve helped me improve my own tune heaps!!!

    • Rebecca Vocal Athlete
      Rebecca Vocal Athlete

      😀yay 💜

  • Spoken Word Illusions
    Spoken Word Illusions

    What is a song without a dance?

  • Keven Rosa
    Keven Rosa

    5:27 I laughed so hard in this part 😂


    "Before i get into that: uau" hahah thats the vibe

  • Ryan

    Her other songs are love lies with Khalid. Dancing with a stranger with Sam Smith. There’s also an acoustic version of that that’s very good. Waves is also her song

    • TVwriter23

      Can't forget Waves

  • Ulya Azizah
    Ulya Azizah

    please reaction to the first single anneth "Tetap Untukmu" on Rans Entertainment's TR-my channel

  • Sophie Tabag
    Sophie Tabag

    I love your reactions bwahaha i died laughing when she started twerking and you were frazzled

  • Demetrius wilson
    Demetrius wilson

    you are very pretty 😍 I love❤❤ your accent it is so so on point and elegant👍👍👌

  • Leroy Smith
    Leroy Smith

    Normani Cranes In The Sky Rebecca! It's A Solange Cover!

  • Helen J
    Helen J

    She performed this at the VMA’s maybe do a follow up review ?? :) x

  • anime7world

    Can ya react to the cover for Creep on the show Superband? :D

  • Kennedy Sonaco
    Kennedy Sonaco

    Ariana Grande co-wrote the song.

  • Elias Fon Shtolts
    Elias Fon Shtolts

    React: AnnenMayKantereit please!!! Roxane cover!)

  • nadhil dzaky
    nadhil dzaky

    react to all normani's song please

  • babyxxxspice

    Fun Facts:Though Normani Kordei took gymnastics and dance when younger former UCLA gymnast, Hallie Mossett, makes an appearance in Normani's music video as her stunt double for her single "Motivation. Ariana Grande also co wrote this song. :)

  • Jose Correa
    Jose Correa

    React to juicy - doja cat ft. Tyga

  • Janjaap41

    Could you please react on this dutch singer; tr-my.net/watchvideo/video-lcLG5X1i2QM.html

  • Leroy Smith
    Leroy Smith

    React to her singing Cranes in the sky!!!!

  • Diana Sey
    Diana Sey

    This song, makes you feel beautiful, powerful literally. I don't really understand why though. You just feel that confidence being transferred to you

  • A Jo
    A Jo

    Hey! Can you please react to In Real Life “She Do?” Written by Brandon from Prettymuch

  • savaxnahh gxo
    savaxnahh gxo

    pretty sure ariana grande wrote this song and either gave it to normani or wrote it for her ... i think it’s also cuz there friends x

    • Sandra Hudson
      Sandra Hudson

      savaxnahh gxo the song was written by Normani, two well known songwriters and Ariana. Please let Normani have her credit, she got Iittle of it in 5H!

  • Joel Cruz
    Joel Cruz

    You felt that sis😂

  • Igor José
    Igor José

    React to Beautiful Life - Now United. Please.

  • Olivera Draca
    Olivera Draca

    Excuse me but your reaction 2:45 is priceless

  • Kathryn Kuhlman
    Kathryn Kuhlman

    Who's here after motivation

  • Ello Miu
    Ello Miu

    React to Rosalia!

  • Serah Olivia
    Serah Olivia

    This was an ode to the 90s n 00s videos by Britney Beyonce JLo and Aaliyah.

  • K Haynes
    K Haynes

    I laughed so hard when you rewound the video for the split!! 🔥


    Motivation REMIX here tr-my.net/watchvideo/video-M8PGTo22O5M.html

  • dolceitalianissima

    I absolutely loooved watching your reaction you are so much fun!!

  • demanda81

    You need to react to all the lizzo!

  • hailey levi
    hailey levi

    react to gone 2 long (in the basement version) by prettymuch

  • Mr K nister
    Mr K nister

    You HAVE to take a look at Benjamin Clementine, song does not really matter. For Example "London" or "I won't complain" are wonderful and unbelievable great masterpieces. You won't regret taking a look at him ;)

  • Nya Venson
    Nya Venson

    the trumpet scene was paying homage to New Orleans and their heavy band culture bc thats where shes from


    Her reaction when Normani was dancing in the rain was priceless😂😂😂

  • Billy Larkin
    Billy Larkin

    This lady is funny lol

  • Mavis Lewis
    Mavis Lewis

    She is not in fifth harmony anymore. They are not a group anymore. They are just good friends. Nice reaction. You have nice blue eyes BTW.

  • Louis Frazier
    Louis Frazier

    I’ve loved your videos for a while now! Seeing react to the split and going back again you had me gagged queen! Love it!

  • OfficialMattOBrienMusic

    Hey Rebecca can you please review this lgbt song? tr-my.net/watchvideo/video-5im_tBINf80.html it’s amazing and with your audience I know it can help so many people.

  • Panda Ramen
    Panda Ramen

    I really admire the Vocal Coach’s open-mindness with a variety of music. She’s funny, knowledgeable, kinda got a crush on Normani, and not afraid to comment on the general beauty and badassness of this song


    Can you please react to Ciara Thinking About You music video

  • Khadji Ulangkaya
    Khadji Ulangkaya

    Hi Rebecca, please react tomanny Pacquiao's Nothings gonna change my love for you... pretty pretty please 🙏🙌🙌🙌

  • fadumo ali
    fadumo ali

    Dumm how did she do that 💋😭😭😭😭😂💯❣️❣️ m real quen

  • Yness M
    Yness M

    react to donna missal keep lying live on vevo discvr

  • Euphoria Lee
    Euphoria Lee


  • BijooHere

    I think Normani song waves would be better for a vocal coach to analyze since it is actual singing

  • Cody Havel
    Cody Havel

    Would love to see you do a react video to a live Claudio Sanchez ( Coheed and Cambria ) song. I feel like he is a crazy talented singer who is overlooked by most. Love the videos.

  • Sfran HBilb
    Sfran HBilb

    You are so adorable. The way you were dancing along and making those faces... 😂

  • NunziB

    In case anyone’s wondering, the basketball booty bounce is real and was one take !

  • Axuramazda

    It’s not necessary to record the reaction to this performance but just listen - "Kronos Quartet & Alim Qasimov Ensemble - Getme, Getme" :) I hope you will like it :)

  • Chelsea Henderson
    Chelsea Henderson

    Ariana Grande is actually singing the chorus and Normani sings the rest.

    • RJ W
      RJ W

      NO SHE IS NOT. Wikipedia is free USE IT. Normani did all of the vocals and Ariana is credited ONLY for writing. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Motivation_(Normani_song)

    • Chelsea Henderson
      Chelsea Henderson

      @RJ W yes she is... look it up honey

    • RJ W
      RJ W

      No she isn't. Ariana only helped write the song. ALL of the vocals are Normani. She is able to do her own backgrounds and harmonize with herself.

  • Metal Valkyrie
    Metal Valkyrie

    here's a new one for you! tr-my.net/watchvideo/video-AwYFTNMrgKI.html

  • is traumatized in korean
    is traumatized in korean

    Pleaseeee react to 'Cosmic Railway' by 'Exo' - live in Japan where they had the white suits on, pleaseeee you'll love it!

  • Afireinside912

    I need to hear more vocally from her. Otherwise it's sort of generic to me. We need to here her do a live setting and see if she can hold up. I don't listen to music for visuals anymore because they all feel the same now.

  • Ja'Qurria Veals
    Ja'Qurria Veals

    I subscribed because she low key hilarious. Those dance moves at the end of her watching normani video was the best part

  • Li

    "Crikey" 😂😂😂

  • Littleemix_Queens

    Omfg your reaction to this is my favourite 🙌😂 she really can do it all!

  • I know you aint talkin'
    I know you aint talkin'

    Subscribed. 😂

  • Andy Schonhardt
    Andy Schonhardt

    Should react to nothing more great band!

  • Segarinna Johnson
    Segarinna Johnson

    Camila is Kelly Rowland and normani is Beyonce