VOX REBUTTAL: Affirmative Action Debunked! | Louder with Crowder
Steven Crowder explains the glaring problems with Vox's defense of Affirmative Action and reveals how this policy is actually racist at its core.
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  • StevenCrowder

    What are your opinions on Affirmative Action? And do you think it actually levels the playing field?

    • Akid Myself
      Akid Myself

      Since you guys have a 500 comment cap I will say this; Last comment. With that said, here in Washington state, historically Asians were considered less than blacks. There is a famous trainwreck with a museum dedicated to it. In the museum there is an old news paper that reads something like "x amount of people killed, y amount of blacks killed". My dad commented on this, saying how sad it was the blacks weren't even listed as people. A historian came up to us and explained that more Asians were killed than whites and blacks combined and because they were seen as lesser than animals they weren't listed. B.S. that they never had it hard. The first Asian women brought over were used as circus attractions and prostitutes. The affirmative action belittles all the crap Asians had to go through and yet still overcame. They also forgot to mention the Japanese internment camps, which are far more recent than black slavery.

    • Jeff Ellis
      Jeff Ellis

      Racism doesn’t have a skin. Most white people are not racist nor do they promote racism. Affirmative action is a joke.

    • Chris

      500th comment yay

    • Holden Montgomery
      Holden Montgomery

      Affirmative Action seems to me as being racist by allowing students into schools because of their race, and just like you said it's hurting those minorities more than helping because if you don't do good enough to pass the classes you are going to end up dropping out and then worse off than if you went to a college that was more at your academic level.

    • Darrell Wiegand
      Darrell Wiegand

      @Psychology Bear there are scholarships to get into private schools. I have done so for my kids. It worked and they can do amazing things now. Look into it in your area. Look into it on line. Iade a dream a reality. I took a second job and so did my ex on they days we didn't have the kids. It works if you get a scholarship oportunity

  • Phouc Gugle
    Phouc Gugle

    "Crowder's Life Matters" .

  • Phouc Gugle
    Phouc Gugle

    "Poor Kids Are Just As Smart As White Kids" --- Joe Biden

  • R. Alexander
    R. Alexander

    10:40 right on Steven

  • Joshua Sharrock
    Joshua Sharrock

    Vox made a new video today Steven I hope you do a rebuttal on it. I'm a conservative trying to be a new TR-myr. tr-my.net/watchvideo/video-25VBzvZoesE.html

  • Kobalt Raptor
    Kobalt Raptor

    7:38 -“the prism of lens”. Ah yes, the prism of lens...

  • Mana Montana
    Mana Montana

    diversity is a weakness at least strong cultural, religious and racial lines. because what you inevitably end up having is large portions of the population simply fighting over control. if the country was 99% black or 99% white or 99% christian vs muslim there is a lot less to fight about and you can start making meaningful policies. diversity is primarily what is holding Africa back right now the majority of conflict in Africa is not random acts of violence but rather conflicts between different tribes trying to fight for power. this is also what Europe has been drowned in violent conflicts for the past several thousand years is the same exact reason Africa is such a hot bed for conflict only once wel defined borders between different kinds of people was established have we had relative forms of peace in the region only for those people to completely throw it away thousands of years of pain and suffering all for a few decades of peace to just potentially throw it away still.

  • Whatever man
    Whatever man

    How exactly do colleges determine what your race is and how much of that particular race you are??? For example, how would affirmative action affect half-asian Bill or quarter-black Garret???

  • Whatever man
    Whatever man

    So according to VOX because I'm white and a Conservative, I'm a racist. Go to hell VOX!

  • SneakierPrism


  • Nicegy019

    Here's a couple solutions: 1) All applicants submit their resumes with personal information removed (i.e. contact info, race & gender info) and issued an ID number with their applications. Hiring managers can only see the ID number and associated resume. The managers look over the resumes and choose their top picks for interviews. 2) Applicants are given tests related to the job position, under the supervision of anyone except the hiring managers. The managers review the tests and select their top choices for an interview. Once the candidates are chosen, managers can only hire from that pool of top choices.

  • Thomas Ledford
    Thomas Ledford

    You should hire a black guy Steven

  • White Male
    White Male

    I don't care if colleges were 100% Asian, black or any other ethnic group. Schools should only except who is best - end of story. If you weren't chosen then try harder and try again, or maybe think about shooting for something else. To support affirmative action means you're racist.

  • Joyce Williams
    Joyce Williams

    Perhaps we can all admit that Harvard is no longer elite. And go from there. We are creating a nation of incompetent boobs by calling what is not elite, elite. They have a great deal of money. And old people are impressed still and they love to boast. But when you hear Harvard grads speak you realize that they are creating graduates that think too highly of themselves without good reason. True intellectuals are humble and have reasonable things to say. Ivy league schools are not creating intellectuals.

  • Joyce Williams
    Joyce Williams

    Anyone that judges a person by their skin color instead of their character is a RACIST. Anyone that gives preferential treatment to a person based on race is a RACIST.

  • Joyce Williams
    Joyce Williams

    Affirmative action is making everyone believe that black people are not as smart as any other people. It is not true. Black people can compete and ought to otherwise every time you see a successful black person you have to wonder if their success was based on affirmative action rather than their own competence.

  • HardkoresCorner

    Diversity , do they know what the true meaning is ? to turn aside or to divert ...... now I hate it when someone says we need to be diverse no we don't we need to just be acceptable of skin color , gender , ethnic back ground , when they say race ... we are all the same race .. human... but yeah , I want someone that is good for the position no matter gender and ethnicity.

  • Scott Kittlitz
    Scott Kittlitz

    Hey Stephen, why is affirmative action still in effect? With all the obvious evidence that exists it just seems ridiculous that the government hasn't repealed this policy. It's also confusing that the supreme court hasn't had to overturn it all together because of the ongoing systematic racism it causes.

  • Lincoln Desjarlais
    Lincoln Desjarlais

    super jealous about that Walther PPK on your desk

  • charlie Thompson
    charlie Thompson

    O- is the universal donor. AB+ is the universal recipient.

  • Bodilythrone

    I think one of the greatest ironies of vox's explaination on affirmative action is it was to deter hiring or acceptance based on race but actually makes it easier or at least sets a standard for those students or employees

  • Kozmos

    "Yeah. You dont fix racism with *MORE RACISM!!*" ~Crowder 2019

  • Patriot Fan
    Patriot Fan

    I have always believed affirmative action was completely wrong and very patronizing. It’s Like saying “It’s cool if you ain’t smart but you’re in luck we need 3 more black people in our school so here you go” Which is why a lot who do get affirmative action to get into the school, they end up failing out. Why not give it to people who do have the grades and meet the requirements of the school on a performance basis but they just couldn’t afford to go without something like this. Cause I can bet a thousand bucks if they had affirmative action for just white people, they would raise hell. Which they should, because being born a certain color shouldn’t mean anything and you shouldn’t get any special treatment for a race you never choose to be in. It should be very apparent that this is demeaning to minorities, by telling them “Oh we have zero faith that you could get into this college on your own, and you don’t have to try to get the grades because we don’t believe you can, so here you go”. Lord the Democratic Party thinks very little of minorities and it shows on how they treat them.

  • TheLethalBreed

    Just want to say something unrelated to this video, but to Steve, "Constantine," was a good movie, change my mind!

  • sebatian

    Then we also shouldn't care about "women empowerment policies" we shouldn't care about "policies to protect prejudice in workplaces based on race, religion, sex or ethnicity" WE SHOULD SCRAPE THESE AS WELL.

  • Aileen Ceronio
    Aileen Ceronio

    And then you have South Africa where students strike because exams are too difficult and they refuse to take tests. What does that mean?? Our degrees are worth nothing.

  • Liam Halloran
    Liam Halloran

    Crowder is the like the incarnation of r/selfawarewoves, close but no cigar

    • Christian Parrish
      Christian Parrish

      Liam Halloran how is this even remotely similar?

  • Daniel James Quartararo Music
    Daniel James Quartararo Music


  • Der lachende Vampir
    Der lachende Vampir

    20:44 so much. Thanks for pointing this out. The level of hypocrisy is just insane.

  • Mr Blimp
    Mr Blimp

    The "rules" of not talking about abortion because one isn't a woman or not talking about Affirmative Action because one isn't black is stupidity because, white people initiated and passed Affirmative Action and men passed abortion laws so, first off, white people and men were involved in the initial discussions, and, secondly, it is stupidity to believe people can't have an opinion on something not specific to them - men make all sorts of things for women (a guy invented the bra, men invent women's clothing and shoes, male doctors perform all sorts of operations on women especially the women specific operations like hysterectomies) and people are knowledgeable about things regardless of who they are. As for abortion, everyone can have an opinion on murder and whether or not abortion is or isn't murder.

  • Mr Blimp
    Mr Blimp

    Why is it that the less racist the US and other western countries become, the more blacks, and liberal whites, claim everyone is racist. It is as if less racism actually creates more racism.

  • Mr Blimp
    Mr Blimp

    Did the VOX guy actually claim that the reason that Asians have done so well is that they weren't subjected to things like Jim Crow and Redlining and totally ignore the face that Asians were considered coolies, the lowest grade of workers and the most expendable, basically only lived in China Town type slums (anyone ever see the film Chinatown), and were placed in concentration camps during WWII (that is after having their homes and businesses confiscated). How about a short reflection of what it was like to be Asian in the US during the Vietnam War.

  • Mr Blimp
    Mr Blimp

    The chart showing the percentage of Asian changes that presents the proof behind why the liberal ideologies are now looking to allow less Asians into schools in order to allow more underprivileged blacks into those schools is an excellent demonstration of bankruptcy insofar as it presents the type of worthless non-relational percentage data like how there are more blacks in prisons as the reason "why", instead of looking at what the actual reason "why" is. It is like saying that more people live on the north side of my street than the south side because the people on the south side have some sort of prejudice instead of it being because there are less houses on the south side of my street because the south side of the street is an inside plane of existence whereas the northside is an outside plane of existence thus there is more square footage on the north side of the street allowing more houses to have been built there. The short explanation would have been to just state that using percentages that way is stupidity. It all reminds me of a conversation I had with my wife today. I was talking about how a specific liberal ideology, like men can have babies, was stupidity and she said well can't it just be that some people just have a different opinion about something. My response was that a different opinion doesn't make stupidity intelligent.

  • Thomas Schafer
    Thomas Schafer

    My introduction to this exact thing was when I tried getting some financial aid in college but was excluded due to race. I was Poor ((box check 1)and decently smart (box check 2) but was white (no to box check 3)so I was told I could not have those specific Loans. I asked "so....you are denying me something that other people get based soley on race"? "I don't think that's what you should be going for"

  • Mugh Hungus
    Mugh Hungus

    Vox's Brave,beautiful, gay man is WAY WRONG and is being deceptive.

  • Mugh Hungus
    Mugh Hungus

    Diversity is great for cannibals, it gives a variety in their diet ....

  • GippyHappy

    I like how Vox thinks that without affirmative action minorities can’t get in to Harvard. Are you saying minorities are stupid, Vox? That’s super not cool.

  • spraynpray

    Kinda silly to punish individuals for something a government did before they were born. Also silly to reward individuals for having the same skin color as someone harmed before they were born. The second part isn't 1/1,000th as bad as the first, unless it comes at the cost of the first, which it does.

  • Connell Phillipps
    Connell Phillipps

    You should also state you are on Spotify

  • daisy lahd
    daisy lahd

    it’s only considered “acceptable” because it is institutional racism AGAINST white people. if it was beneficial towards white people the left would lose its ever-loving mind.

    • legoboy7825

      Except that white students are over represented due to legacy admissions...

  • Dhruva Shah
    Dhruva Shah

    Did anyone notice that America was almost perfect a few decades ago, but just as teachers and news became leftists, now America is racist/sexist/homophobic...... You get the point. The leftist teachers are indirectly saying that the since they came to power, the US isn't a great country anymore.

  • Spencer Barisof
    Spencer Barisof

    They really said Asians don’t work hard, but try to make a case for them that white people do not perform as well 😂

  • zepsett

    So, Jim Crow laws affected Black people that weren't in America at the time of their passage? Because MANY Asian applicants to Ivy League schools are international applicants.

  • C C
    C C

    Im Irish, & at 16:17 Crowder glares into the camera, & says "damn Irish & Italians....." & then in the most vicious way imaginable (the Italians will back me up on this) , he shakes his fist at my ancestors. LIKE THEY HAVEN'T SUFFERED ENOUGH!!!! Now, wheres my reparation check?!?

  • Cassandra Quist
    Cassandra Quist

    I was once called racist for not giving my candy to a black classmate... This feels like the same kind of ridiculousness.

  • Madzguy007

    This is why Asians countries will surpass the west. They are higher IQ and we the west, are busy importing Africans and the media is busy selling your daughter to their new African lord

  • mykel christofferson
    mykel christofferson

    Affirmative action has hit all forms of employment. They want more females and minorities in positions in the name of diversity regardless of whos right for the job. There was a Liberal on JRE not to long ago who flat out lost his job twice because they had too many white dudes and he was totally ok with it. That was some company in SF. Liberal logic is scary.

  • Daddy Ricch
    Daddy Ricch

    “Niggas be wildin” - Gandhi

  • Bigdogtim 7
    Bigdogtim 7

    VOX is such Trash. Shouldn’t even be on TR-my since they have demonetized all the honest, hard working news researchers on TR-my, who are not backed by big $$$!

  • Vegard Bless
    Vegard Bless

    I’m a norwegian, a socialist, and when i look into American policies i often agree with the democrats opinions. Since learning that you were a republican i looked differently at all your opinions, but actually listening to what you had to say made me realize that what you say, fundamentally makes a lot of sense. Thanks for widening my horizon on subjects that don’t really affect me, but are interesting nevertheless.

  • 52marli

    That's because affirmative action was in full swing in 1970. And Hispanics and Asians were considered white then.

  • Denise Fraser
    Denise Fraser

    Vox...now that has something to do with oxygen consumption, right???

  • Anonymous RS
    Anonymous RS

    Oh man, they gave our fellow black people purple shirts! Wow! So outstanding and unique!

  • Ian Random
    Ian Random

    Look at completion rates by race. Is racial diversity good, if they don't graduate? I watched a lecture at MIT on linear algebra, the kids might as well as taken the final on the first day given how familiar they were with the material. I would've flunked that class since my abilities are not a good match for that institution. www.insidehighered.com/news/2017/04/26/college-completion-rates-vary-race-and-ethnicity-report-finds

  • David Alexander
    David Alexander

    I am not a math Asian 😂😂😂

  • NotHeisenBear

    I have the solution, color blind: 1. Admit people of low income, certified independently, at a lower GPA/SAT score. 2. Put them in a free remedial program for one year, an intense tutoring program to get them up to average performance for the school. 3. People that pass a test after the year get full scholarship otherwise directed to a lower school that fits their performance level. Since the effected communities of color that people wish to advantage will have lower incomes this will enact affirmative action without racism. This will also stop people from washing out at a school that is above their abilities.

  • ThatguywiththeBeer

    Anyone notice how the metaphor vox used for getting into college was a foot race? Racists lol

  • aleksander

    15:33 “it’s a Nguyen - Nguyen”

  • LosLow

    Damn he went off at the end

  • Rahul D
    Rahul D

    For a country like the USA, I'd agree with Crowder. As an Indian who can see unfortunate systemic discrimination on grounds of Religion, Caste, Creed and Gender in India, I'd beg to differ.

  • Nate Jones
    Nate Jones

    White people want to complain about affirmative action while they oppress black people for 450+ years and people act like affirmative action is exclusive to minorities but many white women have got into colleges because of this law.

  • heathenbreathinfire

    Affirmative Action is in fact racist. And, it's actually in some cases far more racist to Asians than Whites in places like upper level colleges, Hollyweird potentially, and so on. But also notably: it is similarly a fact that on a regular basis, whites, men, and especially white men, get discriminated against in hiring because of enforced "diversity hires" checklists of bullshit on the backend tacked onto company policies, no scholarships save one exist for white men (and that one only because a successful white man noticed literally none existed - while vast numbers exist for minorities and women including very sweetened offers for say, women in stem or blacks in science for example), masculinity itself is perpetually reviled, men are reviled, often driven out or exiled, and generally presumed both guilty til proven innocent and the readily available sacrifices to any cause put to them by women and/or minorities, and whiteness is promoted as the vilest of evils by any number of groups, from so-called "Affirmative Action" groups like the ACLU and SPLC to movements like Black Lives Matta, to religious sects like the Black Hebrew Israelites, and it is often further promoted that a combination of the extinguishing of all white men plus breeding out of all white women is the only and final, solution to a paradise on earth, since they all generally also bought into the mythos that only Europeans ever colonized anyone or owned any slaves or used piracy and conquest as a tactic, and that only men commit violent acts and so on. Not to beat a dead horse, but once again also: feminism if you had some way of quantifying the amount of suffering perpetuated in its many forms as well as other forms of so-called "social justice" under the auspices of simultaneous cultural marxism and political correctness communist value systems, would be off the scale in comparison to even many of the most deadly diseases on earth. Yet it's somehow "aaalllll gooood" so long as buzzwords like "tolerance" are used in the context of promoting concepts like white genocide, male genocide and so forth.

  • reversalmushroom

    Yes, Orientals (on average) _do_ have higher cognitive ability. Yes, intelligence is mostly genetic and unchangeable. Yes, IQ is absolutely a thing, and so is race&IQ. When human beings spread all over the world all those millennia ago, and they evolved different skin tones, facial features, heights, and even susceptibilities to different diseases, isn't it possible that their _brains_ also evolved differently? Why is it that every facet of them could be effected by evolution *but* the brain? Now, you can still believe in race&IQ and be against Nazism, believe that being less intelligent does *not* make you worth less as a person, support the Non-Aggression Principle, believe in equality before the law, be an individualist, and want a limited government that leaves people the fuck alone. But people who deny race&IQ are anti-science.

  • reversalmushroom

    Wait, how does Affirmative Action make there be _fewer_ blacks&Hispanics? That doesn't sound like it makes any sense, and they don't explain it.

    • † † †
      † † †

      I think it's because the black and Hispanic students who are able to attend school due to affirmative action are often not as smart as the other people who got in based on their academic abilities. When you're allowing students to attend school just because of their race, you're going to end up with students who can't keep up because they should have never been there to begin with

  • Hanzimmer7

    Vox promo a video and its showing up in people’s sub box......without being subbed 🧐

  • epigmelo

    im brown. i say im racist because i sterotype people by race. white supremacist want whights to only be on top. they cant deny anyone an education now so they can only fight against affirmative actions.

  • Raz Aghoul
    Raz Aghoul

    Diversity is bad. Anytime a culture stops being homogeneous and starts accepting other cultures into it, the clock starts on it's downfall. Colleges are diverse in races now, but not diverse in actual thought, plus all the races tend to self segregate anyways. Just like they do with churches, people would rather be around other people with a similar background. The only countries that are diverse and welcoming of other cultures are white countries. Couple that with a lower birth rate, and white people are setting themselves up to be replaced by inferior cultures.

  • Brendan McCarthy
    Brendan McCarthy

    How come you don’t get this upset about legacy students?

  • Brandon McGowan
    Brandon McGowan

    Asians ruined affirmative action by succeeding in this country despite oppression

  • Bo Simmons
    Bo Simmons

    Imagine if you had to do this with every decision you had to make in life where you pick everything you do based on race. Wow saying that and writing it sounds really racist but yet it doesn’t to them when it comes to college students.