VY QWAINT in DISGUISE as JOSEPH BANKS Spending 24 Hours Undercover in Secret Tunnel to Battle Hacker
Vy Qwaint
After Chad Wild Clay made the video "IS THE SCIENTIST EVIL? SPY NINJAS Spending 24 Hours Testing if Joseph Banks is Good or Bad!", Vy Qwaint created "PZ LEADER SECRET REVEALED in HATCH! Daniel & Regina Spend 24 Hours Underground Safe House Challenge", and Daniel uploaded "JOSEPH BANKS & HACKER are BEST FRIENDS? Scientist Traps Vy Qwaint Spy Ninjas in Underground Hatch!" to the Exposing Project Zorgo TR-my channel, Melvin and I return back from Project Zorgo with an envelope that contains important information regarding the mysterious and infamous Project Zorgo Leader, the head of the organization. The clues almost lead the team to another end, until we realize that the information we did find, was old polaroid photos taken of the secret underground bunker! The Spy Ninjas split up so Daniel, Vy, and Regina could go back down into the bunker to search for more clues, while Chad and Melvin tracked down the mysterious and eccentric scientist Joseph Banks to test his morality. During the test, Joseph took Chad's wallet! But, he gave money inside away to a hacker. Underground, Regina, Vy and Daniel found an old photograph that appears to be the Project Zorgo leader and Joseph Banks shaking hands. Were they friends? Are they friends? The team decides to get back above ground to warn Chad and Melvin, but not before Joseph Banks locks the hatch, trapping Vy, Regina, and Daniel! After they escape, they learn they must meet PZ Funf at the park for testing viral TikTok challenges in exchange for clues about the leader and Joseph Banks. Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy vlog videos in 2020!
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  • Vy Qwaint
    Vy Qwaint

    Hi SPY NINJAS! What do you think of my Joseph Banks disguise? Will it trick the Project Zorgo hackers?

    • Hector Azueta
      Hector Azueta

      Love you guys

    • Hector Azueta
      Hector Azueta


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      Jack LaPointe

      Vy Qwaint Hi

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      Add Plays

      Vy Qwaint I love spy ninjas

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    Rajeswari Ranganathan

    Use your time in this weather to the moon 🌓

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    Kathy Santos

    VY is in trouble

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    The Diamond girls Jodick


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    mackenzie kolbet

    Hi Chad and VY and Regina

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    TRO2X Gamer

    it is realy?

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    hari hadkhale

    Code safe 31409

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  • Adam Ali
    Adam Ali


  • Adam Ali
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    Vely Gonzalez

    Why does v always have to say the little hatch that only me and pz2 can fit into

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    youness azouzi


  • youness azouzi
    youness azouzi


  • Jay Lee
    Jay Lee

    0:44 Regina says everything you need is in this spy pack back

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    EGIRL life


  • maison bartlett
    maison bartlett

    HE he I look so buff

    • maison bartlett
      maison bartlett

      that's my impression of funf lol

  • crazy ginger
    crazy ginger

    Fünf means five in English so plz fünf is pz five

  • pWiz pLaYs gacha
    pWiz pLaYs gacha

    VY how did you fit in there its soooooo tiny i cant even fit thrte

  • Rigoberto Velasquez
    Rigoberto Velasquez

    Vy is so smart and cut

  • Rigoberto Velasquez
    Rigoberto Velasquez

    Ya vy

  • Jenna Young
    Jenna Young

    Have you read vys backpack

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    jack manley

    ahh ther are triangles just like yours this house was built years and years ago in Sydney

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    Kelin Ruiz

    Love you guys

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    Polly Blanco

    Meybi you look like josep Bangs vy

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    Emilia Lisica

    where did that big come from

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    Justin Lee

    They looked weird back then

  • Michael Abreu
    Michael Abreu

    We need to security camera

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    Farah Fatima

    It’s a trick chad Regina

  • Farah Fatima
    Farah Fatima

    Noooo chad Regina

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    Sarah Cecchini

    I like the proofs voice

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    fahrettin heald


  • fahrettin heald
    fahrettin heald


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    Tammy Jo Douglass


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    Julie Garrels

    Hi You guys are the best Spy ninjas

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    Abby Seeley

    i have been a spy ninja forever i have like all the merch

  • Rosco Ray
    Rosco Ray

    How do you guys be friends with project Zorgo a synonym what you doing do you and your Regina Peezy 980 when you chance ballistic hackers just one more chance we can all be nice

  • Hero brine Hero brine
    Hero brine Hero brine

    Gsbefsf was the time to come you didn’t know what I did to do you know how I did that I did I didn’t want you I just got to the point I was just trying not gonna yy

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    Brookie Cookie’s Playtime

    I love your all of videos I love you 💕💖

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    jaylah perez

    I love the spy

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    ITZ FJ1

    PZ 314 has a cup which has a TikTok sign on LOL

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    Kalynn Higgins


  • Frida Nyrø
    Frida Nyrø

    Daniel is the leder off projekt Sorgo

  • Ardy Tidy
    Ardy Tidy

    Who heard at 0:45 when Regina said back back

  • The weird duo- For kids
    The weird duo- For kids

    You know how the pig was called boris what’s the leaders name is Boris and that was the clue

  • Jolleenia Brown
    Jolleenia Brown

    I loved your Joseph Banks costume

  • Jolleenia Brown
    Jolleenia Brown

    I don't have to subscribe already subscribed

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    ryan pogi

    dont take off ur mask vy and be careful

  • Brooklyn adventures
    Brooklyn adventures

    Regina said everything you need is in this spy pack pack 0:45.

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    Ashley Pierce

    Those The Wiggles how can you not know that

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    Mel Howe


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    Camden Ensminger

    i like all of your vidoe vy



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    Ysbinia Velez

    It’s on the top of the tree

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    Wanda Baker

    I saw something behind you chad

  • Kim Chi Bui
    Kim Chi Bui

    @VY QWAINT Seupai seupai ninja! Nae joseb beunhaeng byeonjang-e daehae eotteohge saeng-gaghaseyo? Zorgo haekeo peulojegteuleul sog-ilkkayo?

  • Kaneez Begum
    Kaneez Begum

    Boris is the news man he has the cirona virus

  • Dora L. Soto
    Dora L. Soto

    48 has a crush on you be I know cuz I watch Isaac for girls and that I still love by ninjas from the associate Georgina's and Daniel passy

  • Wesley Garrison
    Wesley Garrison

    Joseph banks is Matt from rebeca

  • Matthew Hickman
    Matthew Hickman

    joseph banks is carter sharer

  • Gacha lover alex
    Gacha lover alex

    I wish I was in the spy nina group so I can be the most tineh ninja in the hold world and I can be pz funf hee hee I sound like him even im a kid

  • Claire Jarrett
    Claire Jarrett

    Do not trust Pisa Florence because he does not know anything he’s just actual kid and PC Squire their best friends and pieces guys peace prize is actually

    • Robert Bridgewater
      Robert Bridgewater

      It's pz not of

  • Lito Carvyn
    Lito Carvyn

    Joseph Banks is a bad person

    • Lito Carvyn
      Lito Carvyn

      Joseph Banks is a bad person My name is Orifile

  • Hanson loll 689
    Hanson loll 689

    4:25 look at the left

  • 2A (15) 楊泳誼 YEUNG WING YI RAIN
    2A (15) 楊泳誼 YEUNG WING YI RAIN


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    rana alwabil

    I think yeah

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    Deli Rios

    I tell project zorgo wute You doing

  • Real Family
    Real Family

    when chad and regina calld pz5 i saw a wagon

  • Real Family
    Real Family

    when chad and regina got the sock i saw borus in the background