Wande - WAKANDE (Official Lyric Video)
wande isola
Official lyric video for WAKANDE!
Wande's debut album EXIT is now available to buy and stream everywhere: wande.lnk.to/EXITYT
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  • Jose Ramon Lopez Rugama
    Jose Ramon Lopez Rugama

    Quiero el instrumental de esto. Is so good!

  • Alyao Jabulon
    Alyao Jabulon

    Daaaaaammnnnnn dis dope yo

  • Catt South
    Catt South

    Keep up dat FIIIIRRRRRRRRE!!!!

  • Aɖelıŋɛ Wɛცɛཞ
    Aɖelıŋɛ Wɛცɛཞ

    WAKANDE FOREVER!!!! This is legit what I thought of when I saw the title. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Shanhat Mehari
    Shanhat Mehari

    christian cardi b✨💗💗💗

  • Meekness Dinnard
    Meekness Dinnard


  • JalenBeFlexing

    I love it

  • Kiki B truth
    Kiki B truth

    girl get your own ryhmes

  • Oreoluwa Sanni
    Oreoluwa Sanni

    Oooh that hook is fire 🔥


    peace in Christ Jesus my beloved how would you send me vinyl? Christian rap and extended version?

  • Mata Jesré
    Mata Jesré

    This song is the bomb🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Fatima Kebe
    Fatima Kebe


  • ChildofG-d904

    You heard Wande song by ChildofG-d ?? tr-my.net/watchvideo/video-hugEDXwT5ao.html

  • Lisa xoxoo
    Lisa xoxoo

    Wande when u gonna do the SAVAGE REMIX?

  • Etaka Silvia
    Etaka Silvia

    Yung Yoruba gurl coming straight up out the Wesside! 🚀

  • The Brainwaves Channel #PositiveVibes
    The Brainwaves Channel #PositiveVibes

    When this popped on my itunes I was straight up vibing....lots of love from Dxb ❤️🤍

  • Lynn Ayebale
    Lynn Ayebale


  • Joshua Hughes
    Joshua Hughes

    I have to admit she 🔥 good production

  • Elevate Avenue
    Elevate Avenue


  • Jachike Samuelson
    Jachike Samuelson

    Naija on the map. Salute to Wande! Reach Records first lady!!

  • MasterCj69

    I’m I the only guy here😅

  • Breeze Stepsen
    Breeze Stepsen

    Great composition from the energy to the artist!!

  • Jayflight

    Kinda sounds like Coming In Hot

  • Emmanuella Gabriel
    Emmanuella Gabriel

    your songs are the best

  • Emmanuella Gabriel
    Emmanuella Gabriel

    i want to meat yo but to much mony ha

  • Emmanuella Gabriel
    Emmanuella Gabriel

    it is bad joke it is fab love it

  • Emmanuella Gabriel
    Emmanuella Gabriel

    116 sing song and rap together

  • Emmanuella Gabriel
    Emmanuella Gabriel

    love it

  • our everything
    our everything

    Yo...very cool so unique #poetrybykyleb

  • Joy


  • TheWall MAN
    TheWall MAN

    AYYYYY WANNDEE . THAT YORUBAí INTRO WAS FIRE🔥🔥🔥✝️✝️✝️. Love from your Nigerian brethren🙏🏾🇳🇬🇳🇬 OYA LESS GO

  • Chelsea Lucas
    Chelsea Lucas

    Ooooooh this is 🥵 🔥 🔥 🔥 Gooooo Wande! 😘

  • Yath niel
    Yath niel

    Yorubaaa 🔥

  • Rytah_Ug

    Are y'all reading the words or o should blame my eyes 🥺

  • James Jordin
    James Jordin

    I'm inlove with you Wande...lol We will meet one day. Very soon. This comment will be remembered....I know! Haha Let's get it

  • La CBA
    La CBA

    Wande went oooofffff👏🏾👏🏾🔥🔥🔥🔥😩🙌🏾🙌🏾

  • Lorenzo Covarrubias
    Lorenzo Covarrubias


  • Szam Ro0t3r
    Szam Ro0t3r

    No soy uno de las ladies but I LOVE the drop, salu2.

  • Victoria Grace
    Victoria Grace

    those yoruba bar tho

  • Immxnuel Khiddxms
    Immxnuel Khiddxms

    Oluwa wakande forever!!🔥🎶

  • Mcneleigh Savado
    Mcneleigh Savado


  • Christian Rebel
    Christian Rebel

    Had a feeling Wakande was going to return but that won't excuse how groovy and awesome it is.

  • Desirrree x
    Desirrree x

    Step aside Cardi B- we got Wande in da house and she got holy fire

    • [o p e n h e a r t ]
      [o p e n h e a r t ]

      I was listening to Bodak Yellow and came to the realization that Wande is essentially Christian Cardi B

    • [o p e n h e a r t ]
      [o p e n h e a r t ]


    • Batrap Media
      Batrap Media

      Yeah!! Lovin her

  • Desirrree x
    Desirrree x

    Lecrae she is your female side kick

  • Desirrree x
    Desirrree x

    Wepa!!!!!! To the ceiling.....to the floor....

  • Desirrree x
    Desirrree x

    Just Lit !!!! ☝️🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • McKenzie Gatheru
    McKenzie Gatheru

    She was a heathen. From GAWVI album

  • Damien Reed aka SeasOn's
    Damien Reed aka SeasOn's

    Killed it

  • Enoch Banji-Oke
    Enoch Banji-Oke

    lol spitting yoruba..! love hahah e ku ise! Well done sis.

  • MaryofChrist


  • D. Miller
    D. Miller

    This is awesome!! Homework session bout to be let!!

  • Simon Peraboh
    Simon Peraboh

    Great way to rep 9ja and God


    Great song

  • DJ Y-MAS
    DJ Y-MAS

    Nairobiii Kenya lovesss thisss 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Paul Drakes
    Paul Drakes

    Amazon here I come with the $$$

  • Shirlin

    Wow! Fire 🔥

  • Aboyeji Olayinka
    Aboyeji Olayinka

    Woah! Repping Yorubas🙌

  • Aye Erumi
    Aye Erumi

    Oh my... She spoke Yoruba 🔥🔥🔥

  • Swerve OFFICIALL
    Swerve OFFICIALL


  • The New Generation
    The New Generation

    I need Limoblaze on this remix right away!🔔🔔🔔🔔🔔

    • olaniyi oluwaseyi
      olaniyi oluwaseyi

      YES!!!! 😭😭 please a song with limoblaze.... We need it

    • The New Generation
      The New Generation

      @Amazing Video Art my story featuring da truth

    • Amazing Video Art
      Amazing Video Art

      The New Generation what is your favorite song of Limoblaze? And what church do you attend in Nigeria of Africa

    • The New Generation
      The New Generation

      Wande please make this happen for the culture!!!

    • Amazing Video Art
      Amazing Video Art

      The New Generation yeaaaaah🔥🔥🔥

  • princessofthedawn

    Favorite song on this album (along with "happy" of course!) Its litty👌👌👌

  • music by serena
    music by serena

    The chorus!!! 🔥 Just one question tho what language is in the chorus?? I'm curious 😁

    • Peace Olans
      Peace Olans

      Yoruba. It's a Nigerian language.

  • wande isola
    wande isola

    Lyrics! [Intro] Da Lasanna Oh [Pre-Chorus: Wande & Porsha Love ] (yoruba / english translation) Eh Oluwa ti ri mi (God has seen me ) Oya jó fún mi (Come on dance for me) This one for all the ladies who been holdin it down on they grind man Let ‘em know we ain't up next. We up now Eh Oluwa ti ri mi (God has seen me) Oya jó fún mi (Come on dance for me) Tell the fellas it's been real, but now it's time to make room Oya jẹ ka lọ (Come on let’s go) Eh Yea We been 'bout it since Barbies, baby, haha! Ayo, Wande Talk that talk! [Verse 1: Wande] This that freedom, I'ma lead 'em to The One that freed my soul Sin deceiving, once believed that I was really in control Was a heathen, I was breathing, but still dead inside, oh no God done flipped my story, alright Still I get them stereotypes Whoa Anger they paint on me I am not the picture that they frame on me Rose from the bottom, put the strain on me Put the pain on me, overcame all these, okay I'm off the chain, I'm free (Won't fall) I ain't trippin' what they say 'bout me (They lost) Even when they throw shade on me, 'cause the shade on me put the shades on me, okay [Pre Chorus: Wande] (Yoruba) Oluwa ti ri mi (God has seen me) Oya jó fún mi (Come on dance for me) Oya pakurumo (Come on with some passion) Oya jẹ ka lọ (Come on let’s go) Eh Oluwa ti ri mi (move) Oya jó fún mi (move) Oya pakurumo (move) Oya jẹ ka lọ [Chorus: Wande, with Female voices] Here we go (here we go) Let em know (let em know)(move) See the ceiling (move) That’s the flo’ (yea yea) (move) Here we go (here we go)(move) Take control (yea yea) (move) (Oya) When you see the squad You gone know (yuh yuh) (move) [Verse 2: Wande] Ain't gonna (uh, yea) I’m gonna rise to the (uh, yea, uh) Ain't gonna stop (yea) I’m gonna rise to the (uh, yea, uh) Ain’t gonna stop (yea) I’m gonna rise to the top (yea) Ain't no stopping me, ain't no blocking me I just gotta be me I am proud to be me Got my squad around me I keep God around me Fix my crown to my sleep You know that's a fact, real women on the map Really, we just gettin' started, where I'm headed it's a wrap [Chorus: Wande, with Female voices] Here we go (here we go) Let em know (let em know)(move) See the ceiling (move) That’s the flo’ (yea yea) (move) Here we go (here we go)(move) Take control (yea yea) (move) (Oya) When you see the squad You gone know (yuh yuh) (move) [Outro: Wande, female voice] Oluwa ti ri mi (move) The queens are here (Period) I said what I said man Oluwa ti ri mi (move) It's our time now! Haha! Oya pakurumo Oya je ka lo, eh (werk)

    • CordialKey

      Go sis 💙

  • Unknown2Yoo

    This is a well-crafted song, but the monologue is frustrating. The "Tell the fellas it's been real, but now it's time to make room" just reinforces this idea that women had been "shut out" of something. Which is wholly untrue. I'm sure someone's gonna say there's evidence elsewhere and what not, but from my view, in CHH, women just haven't been the best rappers or they don't talk about certain themes in engaging ways. I think there's a spotlight now because EVERYONE is getting better: men, women, and youth. Additionally, we don't need such division in the church between the sexes or implying one is keeping the other out. There's room for everyone and God has made co-heirs of his sons AND his daughters. Let's not do this fam, we need unity somewhere when the world is trying to tear us apart for some reason or another.

  • Emerson Tillman II
    Emerson Tillman II

    IT’S LIT! 🔥

  • Joziah Prevost
    Joziah Prevost


  • Yung Star
    Yung Star

    🔥 🔥 🔥 🇳🇬

  • Andréia HENRIQUE
    Andréia HENRIQUE

    Isso aí...uhuuu

  • Mel Okonta
    Mel Okonta


  • Lia

    "Was a heathen" I see what you did there ayeee I vibe with this💥

    • Alfazulu FALCONPUNCH foxtrot
      Alfazulu FALCONPUNCH foxtrot

      Ya. I love female rappers. Absolutely lov em. We need some girl power in Christ. I have a 14 year old daughter I b sharing all the female Christian artist I can to her. We need you. WE NEED JESUS

    • Amazing Video Art
      Amazing Video Art

      Lia Gawvi 🔥🔥🔥🔥