Watch Dogs: Legion - Gameplay Overview Trailer
Get a first look at Watch Dogs: Legion gameplay. With an entire population of potential recruits and the city’s technology at your fingertips, you’ll need to hack, infiltrate, and fight your way to a liberated London. Learn more about the immersive scenario and how to take advantage of the Play As Anyone system.

Watch Dogs: Legion will be available on 29th October 2020 on Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, PC and Stadia.

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  • Recklez

    Ima have an army of John wicks.

  • Arnon Art
    Arnon Art

    After see john. Wick make this more interest

  • Jimmy prawira samudra
    Jimmy prawira samudra

    This everybody playable and john wick stuff is cool but... I didn't feel the hacking aesthetic that usually have in watchdog 1 & 2

  • Invisible Technology
    Invisible Technology

    2:28 yeah this is it

  • Core Spartan
    Core Spartan

    So who else is gonna play this game to play as knockoff John Wick?

  • fawwaz shafiq
    fawwaz shafiq

    This went from gta to saints row quick

  • Art Spectrum
    Art Spectrum

    No: crunch, abuse - respect. In any way.

  • Arcade Alchemist
    Arcade Alchemist

    feels like the plot to Advanced Warfare without kevin spacey

  • Mychele Woolley
    Mychele Woolley

    peaceful music

  • Antonio Segurado
    Antonio Segurado

    Please don't make the roads almost empty, without traffic like watch dogs 2...

  • Caesar Doge
    Caesar Doge

    Everyone here probably wants to recruit the grandma and John Wick

  • Modern Talking Central
    Modern Talking Central

    Ubisoft needs to work on their recruiting system and offer us a semi-hardcore mode, where dead team members can be replaced. Other than that, this game is 10/10 gem.

  • Poopsiedoodles :P
    Poopsiedoodles :P

    Yooo is that a horse guard at 7:30??? Can I ride around London with a horse and an ak???

  • Poopsiedoodles :P
    Poopsiedoodles :P

    lol can i recruit all the guards and have my own private royal army

  • ĀÑØŃ

    If anyone in the comments is saying downgrades will happen, check out the early access, no downgrades, meaning no downgrades will occur.

  • Aerodynamic 1
    Aerodynamic 1

    Fkin-A Ubisoft🤣

  • laser Sight
    laser Sight

    What is the song at 7:05 ?

  • Marco Flores
    Marco Flores

    I'm concerned about enemy ai.

  • Yu Sochin
    Yu Sochin

    Can't wait for a bunch of YT vids, doing creative stuff in this game.

  • Olivier Tran
    Olivier Tran

    Any studio: "Boss, our sales are not doing so well this year" Boss: "BRING IN THE KEANU"

  • GamerBoy 4Life
    GamerBoy 4Life

    Thank you Ubisoft so much on your games they are super good like rainbow 6 six siege and watch dogs 2 good stuff keeping working your games are the best and I can’t wait to get this new one on November thank you guys for all of this stuff and keep working I love you guys ❤️

    • Fulg3r Sindr0m
      Fulg3r Sindr0m

      I think it's gonna be a good game but the graphics are not gonna look lije the trailer anyway

  • hitman911946

    Everyone's gonna be playing the John Wick

  • Daring Baaz
    Daring Baaz

    i would not be surprised if keanu reeves jumped from cyberpunk to watch dogs

  • Mighty B
    Mighty B

    johnn wickkkkkkk !! 100 % sure " The Chosen One"

  • Tactical Kyuubi
    Tactical Kyuubi

    Im really about to play this on a virtual machine to make sure I don't lose my fav character am i

  • DexSter Kevin
    DexSter Kevin

    if i cant play as an irishman planning to blow up london bridge then im not playing

  • AvatarofConfusion

    The mask designs are bloody gorgeous.

  • Aiden Games
    Aiden Games

    sounds like quarantine to me

  • Savion Knox
    Savion Knox

    If you watch 'Luther' on Hulu , This game hits different ! 😂💪🏾💯

  • Professional IMPACT Design
    Professional IMPACT Design

    Looks good

    • Fulg3r Sindr0m
      Fulg3r Sindr0m

      It's not gonna look like in the trailer. It's ubisoft.

  • Amit Ezuthachan
    Amit Ezuthachan

    Ruined the watch dogs franchise

  • Wirgi Pawluis69
    Wirgi Pawluis69

    Ps5 cmon man no hate on xbox but cmon ps4 and ps5

  • Oki

    Dont having a main character is a super risky move, thats cool. Just dont ruin it with innecesary hacker jokes scattered everywhere like in Watch Dogs 2 also melee looks kinda intresting Poggers

  • JamesBx

    hello :D

  • Ignatius of Loyola
    Ignatius of Loyola

    What percentage of scenario was just spoiled ?)


    anyone know how i can email ubisoft corporate office

  • Dutch Van Der Linde
    Dutch Van Der Linde

    Why Watch Dogs E3 still looks better than this?

  • AmoonMonkey

    Just please please please don’t downgrade this into oblivion Ubisoft 👏👏

  • Spooky

    I hope it not gonna be DLC to get these awesome characters or else its gg for Ubi :)

  • 87 days to change username
    87 days to change username

    Can’t wait to play as a Queens guard

  • The Randomizer
    The Randomizer

    Am I the only one dissapointed cause Wrench neither his mask are in the game?

  • Aaron

    This is a scam for sure. No way this company ever releases true trailer content. Smh

  • yonda bigman
    yonda bigman

    Nigel Farage is the villain.

  • ixi

    Too many white people for this to be london lets be honest

  • arno 033064
    arno 033064

    Is it a xbox exclusive? Played watchdogs I and II on my PS4, was hopeful that this one will come out for PS4 too...

  • CPNetherclift

    Actually get a kind of Saints Row vibe from this game and I like it.

  • Montages •
    Montages •

    Just put roadmen then I’m in 😂😂😂

  • red4mario

    You sold me on John wick

  • Somalian Pirate
    Somalian Pirate

    I’m genuinely skeptical about the recruit anyone concept knowing Ubisoft. Open world game you are expected to see hundreds of NPCs and each one random so what every person has fully done voice lines or will they be randomly generated based off some condition. I’m genuinely skeptical yet curious for when the game is out

  • Astro OS
    Astro OS

    Only real ones recognized the hitmans music

  • Lloyd Salvaleon
    Lloyd Salvaleon

    Professional level: JOHN WICK

  • Meme Man
    Meme Man

    6:39 if it wasn't for the subtitles I would've thought he said "authist"

  • Bradley Smith
    Bradley Smith

    2:23 I smell DLC locks

  • ŠɦãɖøW Tony
    ŠɦãɖøW Tony

    when will it release in pc version?

  • TheAceOfSpades

    Every one: How to play as John Wick Me : How do you play as Neo.

  • Fardin Ahnaf Hasan
    Fardin Ahnaf Hasan

    what's the song on 6:20 part?

  • Mr Fix
    Mr Fix

    Story 1/10 Gameplay 8/10 Graphics 2/10 It is an arcade game

  • Wai Tak Leung
    Wai Tak Leung

    If u guys wanna to play this game in real life, come to hong kong =]

  • Azyliee

    And I am a hater

  • Azyliee

    This is so ugly game

  • Abel Alexander
    Abel Alexander

    Future of gaming

  • Lee O’kelly
    Lee O’kelly

    5:59 nah, he’s just British mate

  • Marcquis Gaines
    Marcquis Gaines

    2:48 Ik all enemies are bad but I felt bad for this one. He was minding his own business until out of nowhere he gets beat to death with a pipe wrench😭😂

  • crackflush

    I want mr. bean as a playable character

  • Christopher Matthews
    Christopher Matthews

    Oooh You can rock it in a Red coat!

  • Mano Rids
    Mano Rids

    This is so much worse than watch dogs 2 damn

  • Gelius Sunfaced
    Gelius Sunfaced

    So basically anarchist sim Is all good fun, it's just a game, innit, lads?)


    Its gonna suck not being able to get attached to a character

  • Sylwester Dytulow
    Sylwester Dytulow

    Can we access the whole of london or only westminster

  • Martial Sunwalk
    Martial Sunwalk

    for ppl like me 6:24