Watch Highlights Of The South Carolina Democratic Debate In 5 Minutes | NBC News
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During the 10th Democratic presidential debate, Mike Bloomberg and Bernie Sanders continued to be under attack by the other candidates. Watch highlights including Joe Biden’s feistiest debate performance yet and Elizabeth Warren taking on Bloomberg.
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Watch Highlights Of The South Carolina Democratic Debate In 5 Minutes | NBC News

  • Veronica Vitucis
    Veronica Vitucis

    bloombergs billions didnt teach him how to tell a joke

  • Joshua Lee
    Joshua Lee

    2:58 forgets what he's saying "Why am I stopping, noone else stops" Because not everyone is senile.

  • Joshua Lee
    Joshua Lee

    Lol, forcing your citizens to do stuff is not "progress" Bernie

  • platinum014

    2:58 Biden having a stroke while he's talking.

  • Pharoah M
    Pharoah M

    I despise Pete I really hope he never runs

  • David Mandalia
    David Mandalia

    This is how wwe wrestlers yell at each other lol but no potential leaders of the country

  • R.T J
    R.T J

    OH MY GOODNESS lol! What a fantastic BUNCH of HALFWITS. None of them could be a Better POTUS than BIG DON HAHAHAHA HAHAHAHA They are so full of Crap and are Terrible Pathetic lying Losers who will say or do anything to Smear Trump. You just need to look at his Rallies..... Thousands turn up....he can fill stadiums Democrats can't fill twn halls lol! TRUMP 2Q2Q MAGA KAG WWG1WGA!

  • Asura Azoth
    Asura Azoth

    Democrat morons

  • Angelina Tran
    Angelina Tran

    These debates are just getting dumber every time

  • Luis Garza
    Luis Garza

    Clowns lol

  • Mateo Erwin
    Mateo Erwin

    2:07 typical strategy for the left. He wants to victimize minorities and make it seem like they are less than others. Its just a trick to get their votes.

  • 08prtk

    Why tulsi gabbard is not therr

  • Quantum Optimist
    Quantum Optimist

    *Andrew Yang 2024!*

  • 1951RKP

    Where’s the American Flag ? Why isn’t it shown ?

  • Tyler

    No offense but Pete is the only one who is debating professionally and remains so composed

  • Agra Nam
    Agra Nam

    Debate is over and the winner is: TRUMP

  • Galahad Graves
    Galahad Graves

    These democratic demons are the beginning of something written by Ayn Rand over fifty years ago and is more relevant today that it was when it was published. Atlas Shrugged. This leaves but one question if any one of these evil liars gets into the White House. “Who is John Galt?”

  • Whitney Graves
    Whitney Graves

    150 million died in America from guns.. Dam how did we go from 329 million Americans To half...I didnt see the 150 million body bags being Loaded.were was i

  • Whitney Graves
    Whitney Graves

    So glad I'm voting for trump... These seniors need there pills

  • RandoM RandoM
    RandoM RandoM


  • Cp3jordan95

    What a mess.... just like all the democratic candidates

  • Michael Phillips
    Michael Phillips

    150mil people???? That doesn’t sound right considering that that’s half of the US population

  • Haley M
    Haley M

    Bloomberg: I never said it pEriOD this man SENT me

  • Matthew-Andreas Neie
    Matthew-Andreas Neie somebody put a picture of Bernie in this, please :D

  • Bray Brah
    Bray Brah

    Not related to SC but has anyone remembered that people are still drinking lead water in Flint Michigan?

  • Alycia Windingland
    Alycia Windingland


  • Max Faleyev
    Max Faleyev

    bernie is like the autistic kid screaming in the corner

  • Jorgin 209
    Jorgin 209

    Trump 2020!!!

  • dale jacobs
    dale jacobs

    Warren use to be a republican 😂

  • Jerico Cabarles
    Jerico Cabarles

    Ang DNC at ang corporate / state media ay nakikialam at nakakagambala sa ating mga halalan / pangunahing halalan na ginagawa silang hindi demokratiko. kung si tulsi Gabbard, na sa palagay ko ang pinakamagandang kandidato para sa pangulo, ay hindi pinahihintulutan na maging sa mga debate sa TV at hindi binanggit sa kanya ng MSM bilang isang pagpipilian para sa pangulo pagkatapos nila ang maling impormasyon sa publiko at tumahimik sa ilang mga kandidato.

  • Aaron G
    Aaron G

    “I bought tha- uh I got that” -Bloomberg

  • Isaiah Kelley
    Isaiah Kelley

    Anyone else see a bunch of clowns on stage?

  • Nick Lundberg
    Nick Lundberg

    This is just terrible...

  • Hadda

    These are our choices? Looks like 4 more years of trump..

  • Ant Man
    Ant Man

    I got a Bernie ad in the beginning of the video, this is hilarious

  • Jorge Bello
    Jorge Bello

    Trump 2020

  • Willy Wonka
    Willy Wonka

    Bernie is like a kid with his hand up these people are full of crap

  • Willy Wonka
    Willy Wonka

    Democrats are full of ssshhhiiiiet

  • Avery Hopkins
    Avery Hopkins

    Sad to see there wasn’t anything actually meaningful discussed.... smh debates like these will get trump re-elected

  • Sam8787

    Pocahontas and Klobberchat should drop out

  • al su
    al su

    We may be sad,. No more clowns in the King's court. Oh no, I miss the dances of the " demonc rats party's " clowns. No more choices between the communist- purgist, crazy Sanders & the sleepy, creepy & crooked Biden?

  • Lt Dan
    Lt Dan

    What do you NOT SEE at the Democratic Debates ? The American Flag !!!! Not See...... Nazi....

  • Landon Jones
    Landon Jones

    Bernie and Elizabeth are the biggest liberals i’ve seen

  • fokana1

    Deeply Disappointed in Buttigieg and Warren. A year ago very supportive of these two progressives who supported: - No Super PACs/Dark Money - No Super Delegates overruling Popular Vote - No watering down on Medicare for All Not only did both reverse on above but this past weekend both campaigns admitted there primary goal now is to stop a progressive from getting a majority thus allowing super-delegates to give to Bloomberg/Biden at convention. :(

  • Libelldrian

    Who actually thinks that Trump runs his own Twitter? It's most likely Junior.

  • Sean Turner
    Sean Turner

    It’s pretty clear most of these candidates would spend the presidency pandering I instead of doing anything beneficial for the country

  • Mark G
    Mark G

    Why do all these candidates look like they belong in the looney bin?

  • Matthew Perez
    Matthew Perez

    I thought i was watching SNL


    If I were a Democrat I would be embarrassed


    I’ve met kindergarteners that we’re more mature than all these candidates

  • Hater Oftheleft
    Hater Oftheleft


  • Ella

    What’s the difference between Elizabeth Warren and Daryl Hannah? Even though Daryl Hannah is not 1/1000th Indigenous American like Warren is at least Daryl Hannah for many years lived in a teepee.

  • Ella

    Buttigieg reminds me of Mickey Mouse on South Park. I guess it’s that expression on his face.

  • Ella

    Warren gave a speech in Texas today in which she basically admitted she wasn’t going to win her parties nomination and that her goal was to get as many delegates as possible. Well usually a presidential candidate wants as many delegates as possible to win so she is saying she is going to use the delegates she wins for some other purpose. I’m guessing she will throw her delegates to Biden in return for a spot as Vice President or some other position in his cabinet.

  • Ella

    What’s the difference between Elizabeth Warren and Daryl Hannah? Even though Daryl Hannah is not 1/1000th Indigenous American like Warren is at least Daryl Hannah for many years lived in a teepee.

  • Michael Lambo
    Michael Lambo

    Do you think the President smiles everytime he watches the Dem debates?!?

  • David Cairns
    David Cairns

    This primary was so embarrassing. The fact that I backed these childish people blows my mind. Not only did they brought shame to the Democratic party and but they brought shame to the principle the Democratic party stands for. When did we allow such childish people run our country

  • Ludger Winter Fanboy
    Ludger Winter Fanboy

    0:11 Criiinge

  • Weed Library
    Weed Library

    “Let me scream about STUFF!!!!”

  • Weed Library
    Weed Library

    All the biggest losers in the same room hahahahahaahhahahahaahahahah

  • Gerard Vriend
    Gerard Vriend

    Pete 2020, the best choice

  • Maria Callous
    Maria Callous

    God's little destroyers. Obama set the world into a panic. If you want to go for the final blow Sanders or Buttigieg should do it. Warren and Klobachar are the woman as victim mentality.

  • phoenixphire74

    Biden: “...And if they don’t...” ***loses train of thought and BREAKS 4th WALL DEADPOOL STYLE*** “Wait why am i stopping? No one else stops” LMAO for days over this

    • Jesse R
      Jesse R

      just got to that part, really was such a surreal and weird moment

  • B61

    Please watch this before you vote this year:

  • joseph fernandes
    joseph fernandes

    Not tearing country apart, but surely trump will tear up democrats apart.


    Who needs SNL. The real thing is more ludicrous.

  • B61

  • gary devito
    gary devito

    it's like watching the geico commercial, only deference is there all Pinocchios

  • Kalvin N
    Kalvin N

    was there any policy in there?

  • linda from ga
    linda from ga

    Go Bernie