We Are Not The Same Person
Danny Gonzalez
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We are not the same person. We are in fact two different people. Danny and Drew. And also Kurtis.
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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on TR-my, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.

  • miami myka
    miami myka

    they even have the same initials

  • Magnus The Mann
    Magnus The Mann

    Jokes aside, I’d genuinely think they were related if I didn’t have vine

  • Olivia Tivia
    Olivia Tivia

    ok i get it the one in the yellow shirt is drew and the one in the plaid shirt is danny ;) ;) oop theres something in my eye

  • NightChildAngie

    Wow I never realized that Drew lived on a different planet don't know how I missed that though

  • Jay Worthen
    Jay Worthen

    look at our nasals

  • stOnks.s.

    kurtis's speach really moved me

  • Oceantail

    i love how the opening shot at 2:27 had a road work ahead sign

  • zoe lazarz
    zoe lazarz

    Let's not bring Jordan Tyler into this

  • Bigsis _emmie
    Bigsis _emmie

    Lol I don't rlly think they look alike but everything else is the same!🤣

  • Katsuki Bakugou & Gemma Soul
    Katsuki Bakugou & Gemma Soul


  • Cream egg ali
    Cream egg ali

    who else doesn’t really see the resemblance?

  • Just 1randomhooman
    Just 1randomhooman

    Pls tell me Im not the only person who doesn’t see any similarities between this and is only joining in into the joke

  • peter prinz
    peter prinz

    i feel like danny and drew are keeping kurtos captive

  • Katie Lovek9
    Katie Lovek9

    I can hear a LITTLE bit of autotune on drew idk maybe im going deaf or somthin

  • Benoitfan 123
    Benoitfan 123

    My favorite 4 1.cody ko 2.scott Cramer 3.danny Gonzalez 4.drew gooden

    • Benoitfan 123
      Benoitfan 123

      @I’m running out of ideas yeah.. 1.danny 2.scott 3.drew 4.cody

    • I’m running out of ideas
      I’m running out of ideas

      Drew deserves higher and danny

  • Jenny beans
    Jenny beans

    Danny's face when he squirted lemon juice in his mouth was priceless

  • James Fulginiti
    James Fulginiti

    Nice editing Danny it must have been hard two edit yourself in each frame

  • [Maria]

    Drew is like Sid from Ice Age

  • Boringfanhuman _alex
    Boringfanhuman _alex

    the like to dislike ratio is *through tears* truely greg

  • Boringfanhuman _alex
    Boringfanhuman _alex

    i love this song but... the AUTOTUNE XD

  • Tehya Trav
    Tehya Trav

    Who else doesn't think they look like eachother just me okay.

  • Adam Alhakeem
    Adam Alhakeem

    lol, who else is watching watching in quarantine and just scrolled threw and said “this vid looks good”

  • Kylie Brown
    Kylie Brown

    You guys literally don't look like each other lol I don't get why people be saying that

  • coldest frost
    coldest frost

    i like that even their wives look similar

  • Loreley Λορελεψ
    Loreley Λορελεψ

    I'm so excited to be going on tour- *that's enough Kurtis*

  • Naofumi Shield hero
    Naofumi Shield hero

    The power of auto tune

  • Naofumi Shield hero
    Naofumi Shield hero

    Anyone with 20/20 vision will see the green screen lines around them

  • FuriousDarkness

    Guys this is photoshoped

  • ThatMadCoconut

    their initials are also both D.G

  • Cozmin Ghenea
    Cozmin Ghenea

    Somehow this sounds like someone who looks the same but want people to think they doesn't hmmmm

  • Dantdm Dantdm
    Dantdm Dantdm

    Great vid drew.

  • /*Mystery

    Now I think their wife’s are the same person....(ALSO I never thought they were the same person)

  • Nora Malone
    Nora Malone

    Why do they look nothing alike to me... I don't see it.

    • Rishabh Masuria
      Rishabh Masuria

      Maybe cuz u are SPONGEBOB

  • Trey Yeager
    Trey Yeager

    They must have used a lot of mirrors in this

  • Derlumpenhund

    The beginning has some oldschool Jontron Apples n Grape vibes

  • InvalidZ

    This must have taken Danny a lot of time to keep changing his clothes and hairstyles

  • Johan

    this is photoshopped

  • Will Hay
    Will Hay

    Imagine seeing two people running around in a park filming a video about them being different people.

    • Rishabh Masuria
      Rishabh Masuria


  • Rowan Day
    Rowan Day

    I.... These people seem very different to me. Like the vibe is very different. Danny has this wholesome innocent kind of feeling, while Drew is incredibly creepy to me (I cant quite put my finger on why).

  • Mina _
    Mina _

    When Danny was chugging the lemon juice

  • Qiyuen Kong
    Qiyuen Kong

    Good green screen

  • LX1_ Stream
    LX1_ Stream

    Why did Danny clone hi self for this video

  • Waffle

    You got the wrong guy, it's Drew and his landlord that are the same person.

  • David McCoul
    David McCoul

    “demonetize all videos”

  • Eliyah Poppen
    Eliyah Poppen

    I have figured out the one thing that makes them different, get this, Danny has brown hair, and Drew has... oh wait wrong one. Ok, so the difference is that Danny has blue eyes and Drew has... oh wait the wrong one again. Hmmm... I GOT IT, Drew is insane, and Danny is... wow I am really not making my point here. Drew or Danny, I don't really know what to call you, if you are reading this thank you for making such good content, I love it :)

  • Soph Rain Gacha
    Soph Rain Gacha

    Man This dude really did a good job on making us think he’s really 2 people

  • Toy Chica
    Toy Chica

    Drew kinda sounded like Pewdiepie at the end

  • JaydenYuko

    Anyone notice in 5:50 when Drew says “I am Drew”, it’s Danny’s voice?

  • Chilldoraroblox YT
    Chilldoraroblox YT

    OMGGGGGG I HEARD THIS BEFORE I SUBSCRIBED what the actual what tic tok

  • Berger Queen26
    Berger Queen26

    Drew straight up has a square head while danny has a more oval shaped head. Boom found the one difference

  • kenjiiii

    You, drew, Jarvis and cody Ko should all have a collab to thrash a topic

  • a person
    a person

    I’m not buying it... I don’t think they’re different.

  • Avery Hixson
    Avery Hixson

    Drew looks like Gob from arrested development

  • Luke Lanides
    Luke Lanides

    Notifications on! I am truly Amanda!

  • Lineo Gundersen
    Lineo Gundersen

    I really wonder what their wives think of them...

  • Brenda Caballero
    Brenda Caballero

    Im such of fan of danny that drew doesn't look like danny

  • LeBirbo

    did danny clone himself wtf?????????

  • Sydney Matterson
    Sydney Matterson

    My eyes are blue. My eyes are different shade of baby blue 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • ThePianoPal

    White people: All Asians look the same Also white people:

  • Lindsay Clemons
    Lindsay Clemons

    I love how neither them or their wives look remotely alike.

  • KreamPeaz

    Drew Gooden and Danny are they same and the same wife and do the same thing and say the same thing think the same way

  • Captain Capsicle
    Captain Capsicle

    copp on you guys even gave the same initials danny gonzalez drew godden

  • Th33

    I think their the same person

  • bruh hurb
    bruh hurb

    Danny's hands 😳😳😳😳

  • Parrot

    Wait, this wasn’t uploaded on April 1st...

  • Cheesey Pickle
    Cheesey Pickle

    The captions said at 0:47 DEMON NUTCRACKER 🤣🤣

    • Nidron 10
      Nidron 10


  • Aoi Mayfield
    Aoi Mayfield

    This is me and my mirror. YOUR NOT ME WE ARE DIFFERENT PEOPLE!

  • Kleines Etwas
    Kleines Etwas

    They don't even look the same, especially in the face, the eyebrows and face structures lol

  • Le_ frogey
    Le_ frogey

    1.1 mill likes? 0.o

  • IceWolfie :P
    IceWolfie :P

    0:35 new TR-my comment view *_d e m o n e t i z e a l l v i d e o s_*