We Force James Charles to Run a Military Obstacle Course
Unus Annus
James Charles joins us as we attempt to run a Military Obstacle Course!
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This channel, along with every video that has or will ever be uploaded on this channel, will be deleted after our year has ended. This is inevitable. Inescapable. Irreversible.
Do not archive or re-upload anything. This is our last wish. Our parting gift. Stay true to the purpose of our final year or we shall lay down wrath upon those that attempt to escape the end.
Memento Mori.
Unus Annus.

  • Unus Annus
    Unus Annus

    Sorry for the delay, the audio sync issue has been fixed. Fortunately, there's another error in the video for you guys to find! It's like an easter egg hunt! First to find it gets an hour shaved off their timer!

    • Brooke Ada
      Brooke Ada

      Unus Annus hola

    • Adam Glankler
      Adam Glankler

      I saw ittt

    • Ember D&T
      Ember D&T


    • Tannex gaming
      Tannex gaming

      found it! and by the way keep your motivation mark

    • T G
      T G

      Ethan: slays the course

  • Dakaichi Boy
    Dakaichi Boy


  • Zufrem

    when a bunch of dudes understand your struggles more than a third of the community you’re in..

  • Rannon Jett
    Rannon Jett

    Stop shipping Mark and James, Mark has a girlfriend

  • rin rin
    rin rin

    What’s better than this? Just guys bein doods.

  • Marshall Mayham
    Marshall Mayham

    okay but like james is doing this with nails

  • QuentinPie

    *"Oh, I'm excellent with D's"*

  • LK Prime
    LK Prime

    why is mark so supportive i love that

  • Ruby Martin
    Ruby Martin

    Mark: "oh gawd oh gaawwwdd! Here I die...hErE i DiE!!!" Mark - jumps- Mark: "oH i'M aLiVe🥴" Me: - dies of laughter--🤣🤣🤣

  • Crazzy Davey
    Crazzy Davey

    James: Im an expert with D's trust me Me: WOAH THERE SISTER

  • Spooks Rat
    Spooks Rat

    13:57 "I've never been more hideousd by someone"

  • Macca Does Gacha
    Macca Does Gacha

    There are some parts of this where I’m legit confused that James is a man 😆 No disrespect but he’s just so elegant and graceful

  • Josiah Saetern
    Josiah Saetern

    james comes back beating the course in like 50 sec

  • Inca the Fox
    Inca the Fox

    The rope thing is a silks climb

  • WolfGal :3
    WolfGal :3

    I thought Mark would be better than Ethan but when I saw Ethan, he got even cuter! I still think hes a marshmallow though. But hes gotten tough now..

  • kill me
    kill me

    James watching the dudes going over the obstacles "fuck I'm so gay"

  • Kaylin Jaquith
    Kaylin Jaquith

    Ethan is just a stepstoll to James

  • DuqunTv

    wait y is this not with the navy??

  • Sub if u are a Sexual Predator
    Sub if u are a Sexual Predator


  • Punk Christmas Party
    Punk Christmas Party

    James: I'm an expert with D's trust me. And I oop... 👀

  • Hiecrashgeek Studios
    Hiecrashgeek Studios

    No one: Unusannas: let’s put James Charles in a military test

  • D r e a m I c e y
    D r e a m I c e y

    omg i love this

  • offsage 70
    offsage 70

    Mark dont do that you are making him feel small

  • offsage 70
    offsage 70

    Ethan:do you wanna step on me

  • offsage 70
    offsage 70

    Mark you dont need to pretend to be bad to make him/her feel better, trust me he/she doesnt mind finishing last

  • Rag nara
    Rag nara

    2:08 - 2:13 is the funniest :D

  • Finley Corona
    Finley Corona

    Mark can you adopt James please?

  • Mariliis Lasting
    Mariliis Lasting

    When they get to the wall where they cant use feet Im like:Man i wish i could be there it is SOOO easy for me

  • ronja jensen
    ronja jensen

    Mark is so sweet to help James all the way through and not caring about winning , like though Ethan maybe would help him but it's was mark instead 🥰❤

  • Finn4 Th3Win
    Finn4 Th3Win

    Where’s piewdiepie?

  • Marina Ruiz
    Marina Ruiz


  • ImCroozy

    I'm surprised James Charles didn't force YOU

  • fundamentally adequate quintessential
    fundamentally adequate quintessential

    Austin looks like is stingy from lazytown face swapped with a bodybuilder

  • Redekit

    Every time Mark struggles it sounds like someone farting XD

  • Oh Sweet
    Oh Sweet

    I love this!!

  • Matt Pretorius.
    Matt Pretorius.

    Never knew i was a military insturctor thingy, Damn. The more you know

  • Dark Platinum
    Dark Platinum

    does anyone know what happened to Matt's channel link? when i click it it shows 404 not found

  • Asemas 14
    Asemas 14

    5:30 There was a cat picture with googly eyes dropping down with James


    I cant run jump or do sports at all but if james Charles was chasing me I would be on the other side of the world

  • SheLuxLit :3
    SheLuxLit :3

    I dont dislike James but seeing him struggle puts a smile on my face :3

  • Annabelle Duncan
    Annabelle Duncan

    Mark is such a genuinely nice human being - look at how supportive he is of James on the last race

  • Tyto tenebricosa
    Tyto tenebricosa

    Basically this video: "You wanna step on Ethan?" "Step on me" "Step on him" "Come on, step on me" "I'll let you step on Ethan again" "You wanna step on me?" "Yeah, step on him" "Step on it" Me: hmm...

  • Ditsy Pixie
    Ditsy Pixie

    How is Mark me when I'm mad at myself "YOU'RE GARBAGE" And then also me when I need that self-encouragement "You are actually doing good and I do believe in you"

  • Charley Robson
    Charley Robson

    I mean im not gay but imma simp for james

  • ItsSammy

    Idk why but when markiplier is trying real hard it sounds like farts xd!!!

  • Micah Gonzales
    Micah Gonzales

    matt tho 🤧😍

  • Xx Shadow Qween xX
    Xx Shadow Qween xX

    Dose Ethan and Mark know that their editor put in words like aunusly.

  • Fashion Fun
    Fashion Fun

    Look at 4:49 in the back

  • Moeka _iinatz
    Moeka _iinatz

    Honestly, I didn’t think I’d ever see a video with mark and James in the same video😂

  • Pheonixa_fire 225
    Pheonixa_fire 225

    mark is honestly so sweet

  • Harrison Giffin
    Harrison Giffin

    sombody should tell james to not be a little girly bi##

  • ricardo llano
    ricardo llano

    R.I.P James

  • Nightshade

    o_o ethan has a great chance in the apocalypse like dang

  • Katie Van Schoyck
    Katie Van Schoyck

    Can we just acknowledge how good Ethan looks in this video, like I’m sitting here like omg

  • Gabe Sanderes
    Gabe Sanderes

    I like how the thumbnail is James and mark pulling Ethan up even though he was a literal god at this course taking into consideration that he had never done it before.

  • Jade Akech
    Jade Akech

    I can smell them from a continent away

  • Annashin Ramen
    Annashin Ramen

    13:08 - 13:40 Mark was paying attention to Matt, then Ethan started to fall behind, 13:43. Mark paid attention to his friend. Mark may have sounded like he was discouraging him, but it was after Mark was doing that that Ethen got over the wall, through the obstacles. When Ethan slowed down, Mark told him he was doing bad. Mark is a great friend

  • Nemisis 007
    Nemisis 007

    The synchronisation was almost perfect 3:45.

  • Annashin Ramen
    Annashin Ramen

    Just dont trap ur neck in there because ur head will come off~Quote of 2020

  • Keely Rain
    Keely Rain

    I'm just impressed that James Charles could do this at all with a full set of nails.

  • Abigail Rangel
    Abigail Rangel

    Unnus annus: WASH DEM HANS Me:that's cute cause I'm overprotective This a joke I'm scared of the virus this is for fun sorry if don't want comments like this it's a joke plz don't take this seriously it's just fun I hope you understand I have bad grammar so I spelled them right

  • Marissa Cullen
    Marissa Cullen

    Who else thinks mark and james would be a really cute couple

  • choi san is my daddy ;D
    choi san is my daddy ;D

    Mark : Ds get diplomas and i think you're on the way James : Oh im an expert with Ds *I- 😳*

    • Caiden Alsbach
      Caiden Alsbach

      choi san is my daddy ;D ayyy I’m not the only one who noticed that😂

  • Ruth Elizabeth
    Ruth Elizabeth

    “Mark why did you invite him?!”

  • Aiden Wolfe
    Aiden Wolfe

    mark flirting with James lol

  • Musette Steger
    Musette Steger

    I am an aerialist. I would be up and down that rope and then doing a fancy drop on my way down.

  • SherryGaming

    I low key want to try this, even though I’m weak as heck

  • Liam Hoult
    Liam Hoult

    I relate so much to James. Working out with my straight guy friends then there’s me the feminine gay guy. My friends are super supportive but I’m there like ‘can we get food now’

  • Stace C
    Stace C

    13:43 Oh my god I was dying. My heart was hurting and he tortured my ears lol. But I know he was just joking. Great job guys!!! XD

  • BanterAndFun

    Mark's strength comes from helping others. It is like his life motto, purpose.