We had to take Green back..
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Green is back!?
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  • Bella's World
    Bella's World

    dont bullly me !!! - WOLFIE 2019

  • John Graver
    John Graver

    Green is such a nice puppy he's so cute💜💙💚💛❤💗

    • John Graver
      John Graver


    • John Graver
      John Graver


  • wei lum wu
    wei lum wu

    whats gonna happen to green though , will he find another home or what.

  • Kalere Shade
    Kalere Shade

    In the back 845

  • Kalere Shade
    Kalere Shade

    My home is up North apartments 1015

  • Kalere Shade
    Kalere Shade

    Hi I will love to have a puppy I what green

  • Anil Kumar Raja
    Anil Kumar Raja

    He is very caring of puppies

  • Teagan Collett
    Teagan Collett

    Green is probably my favourite xx

  • Sophie Acosta
    Sophie Acosta


  • Nathan Samuels
    Nathan Samuels


  • Sibongile Makhapela
    Sibongile Makhapela

    I don't get it... who is the baby daddy? and how did Lark/Lurk got pregnant?

  • trs rajagopalachari
    trs rajagopalachari

    Keep green with u

  • Marie W
    Marie W

    Those nails are on FIRE!!!!!!!!!

  • lps milk
    lps milk

    Please keep green

    • • Moonlight •
      • Moonlight •

      This was 6 months ago...

  • Judy Holland
    Judy Holland

    Great nail art!!! I like the blue/teal best too.

  • Cc Cool gang
    Cc Cool gang

    Hi hello hi hi hello hello love love hello love you guys so much I hope you guys have a wonderful day😃😃😃

  • Helineth Reynoso
    Helineth Reynoso

    I love your dogs 🐕

  • Michael Cruz
    Michael Cruz

    Why did u have to take Green back?

  • Isla Valentini
    Isla Valentini

    Who remembers lark as a baby herself when Joey first got her

  • Christina Hitchcock
    Christina Hitchcock

    Who’s here in 2020 before he has to give the kitchens have to go to new homes

    • • Moonlight •
      • Moonlight •


  • Lacey Flugga
    Lacey Flugga

    I would love to have green

  • Sara Santos
    Sara Santos

    Who els thinks that storm could have bean named Marshmello (I still love the name storm it’s verry cute)

  • Natalie Woods
    Natalie Woods

    joey: heres my new nales!! me: are you a girl?

  • Hannah Edmonds
    Hannah Edmonds

    its not called house or dog house for them its prob called roof/bark OR den XD

  • Hannah Edmonds
    Hannah Edmonds

    are u keeping red and teal

  • Yaman Haj-Obeid
    Yaman Haj-Obeid

    Were are the other pupyis I love your videos so oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo mach 🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕♥❤❤♥❤❤❤🐕

  • ssunflower

    I feel so bad for green, he wasn’t getting noticed before when he was younger, then he finally had the chance to get more attention, but now they had to take him back, and the dogs and his brothers think that he’s a stranger because they haven’t seen him in days and he’s different. Awe, I wish I could get green, but I can’t, but if I could, I would have to travel so far. Lots of love for green🙁💚

  • Lightning Dragon ;-;
    Lightning Dragon ;-;

    My dad got us a dog last year from his mate and we had to give her away BUT we still see her here and there she's at my pops we don't have room right now

  • Milagros Guerrero
    Milagros Guerrero

    Hi Joey

  • Nadia Nazeer
    Nadia Nazeer

    lol who else is watching this during corona ...just me..? Ok...

  • Jennifer Arbour
    Jennifer Arbour

    There names are rainbow colours wow so cute

  • Charlie Goose
    Charlie Goose

    Is Joey becoming a werewolf ?

  • marilyn flores
    marilyn flores

    I want green

  • marilyn flores
    marilyn flores

    Green is so cute

  • Colour Explosion
    Colour Explosion

    My new dog looks like green but much more smaller

  • jacqueline hayden
    jacqueline hayden

    You have a pack of dogs

  • Imogen willes
    Imogen willes

    anyone else think its funny that he still calls them red and teal lol XD

  • Nithya's art & Crafts
    Nithya's art & Crafts

    I Love your puppy 😍😍

  • Rachel Follweiler
    Rachel Follweiler

    umm my grandma is 50 and has 12 border collies and one is huge

  • XxDire WolfiexX
    XxDire WolfiexX

    It's the duck tales TRIO

  • XxDire WolfiexX
    XxDire WolfiexX

    Poor Wolf 🤣🤣🤣

  • Joss Wyss
    Joss Wyss

    i hope green gets a grate new home

  • Baby’s World
    Baby’s World

    I have two puppies

  • jk savage
    jk savage

    U have 5 dogs I have 7 cats and i want a dog so bad

  • Laken Tegrmeier
    Laken Tegrmeier

    It's so annoying when he won't let the mother discipline her kids I know to us humans it doesn't look like the puppies doing anything but it's the body language how dogs communicate look up videos on TR-my of good mom dogs teaching their puppies manners like seriously let her be a mother she is going to be the only one that can truly train those puppies into having manners

  • Isabelle Ballard
    Isabelle Ballard

    I’ll take green please he will sleep wt me I’ll give him bathes I’ll feed and water him I’ll give him a lot of attention please give him to me 🥺🥺🥺

  • Jessica Somerville
    Jessica Somerville

    Red green and teal lol were there others also named colours and did the people who took them keep the names as colours?

  • Jessica Somerville
    Jessica Somerville

    Red green and teal lol interesting

  • Jessica Somerville
    Jessica Somerville

    Red green and teal lol we’re there others also named colours and did the people who took them keep the names as colours?

  • coraline the kittypet
    coraline the kittypet

    Lark needs a chill pill lol

  • Aileen Standring
    Aileen Standring

    Joey Graceffa:6 dogs.np.

  • Emily Stylinson
    Emily Stylinson

    Obviously, wolf is the omega of your dogs' pack lol

  • Evelyn Alexander
    Evelyn Alexander

    Omg Joey! I literally love you, Danial and the puppy's SO Much! You are so so awesome!

  • Daisy Gibson
    Daisy Gibson

    You should keep green

  • Shreehan Reddy Bhimireddy
    Shreehan Reddy Bhimireddy

    where rthe othres

  • Elvia Cruz
    Elvia Cruz

    Why do you give them anyway 🤔And get them back.

  • Therese Flynn
    Therese Flynn

    Awwww so cute

  • Annie Richards
    Annie Richards

    Keep poor green pls!

  • Annie Richards
    Annie Richards

    What!? BLUE where is he😭😭😭

  • Braelyn Thombleson
    Braelyn Thombleson

    You should of kept a girl puppy bc then lark would have a little friend that is a girl

    • Braelyn Thombleson
      Braelyn Thombleson


  • Nova wolfie
    Nova wolfie

    My gay children

  • Hailey Botha
    Hailey Botha

    What hapind to the tuner puppys...

  • John Johnson
    John Johnson

    #Green is Back

  • John Johnson
    John Johnson


  • Kmph D
    Kmph D

    You do your job so well

  • _wol fie_
    _wol fie_

    You should have kept red and pink there the best puppies in my opinion

  • Marissa Fiorella
    Marissa Fiorella

    Who is the dad of the pups?

  • Aaron Claire
    Aaron Claire

    I love dogs so much and you’re videos too

  • Alyssa Burke
    Alyssa Burke

    Can I have green

  • Emely Pena
    Emely Pena

    You will have to put green nails too