We had to take Green back..
Joey Graceffa Vlogs
Green is back!?
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  • andrew wilkinson
    andrew wilkinson

    I am a TR-my person

  • Kidzya Rodriguez
    Kidzya Rodriguez

    Ok so who's the lady maria?

  • Heather Battiste
    Heather Battiste

    They can feel like they were abandoned, however Joey, you love them so much and give him so much love and happiness that it is impossible for him to feel that way. Plus he wasn’t with them long enough to get attached and feel abandoned. So he’s going to be fine!

  • Zaira Costa
    Zaira Costa

    R u keeping him?

  • Magali Rios cruz gacha life
    Magali Rios cruz gacha life

    Joey you can do 24 hours videos

  • Lucille Maderos
    Lucille Maderos

    You told Storm than go away from him if your just going to growl at him lol

  • jan schh
    jan schh


  • Victoria Castro
    Victoria Castro

    at 8:00 time, it sounder like a tiger or a lion

  • ScarlettWolfie Dragon
    ScarlettWolfie Dragon

    Your nails are gorgeous Joey!!!!!!

  • Bella Freeman
    Bella Freeman

    Joey: I feel so bad for green...😭 Green: MOMMY! I love you I'm just going to be away from home for a day 😊😁😊😁

  • Gacha Girl Dab
    Gacha Girl Dab

    Keep green if u still have him he’s my fav but I’m too young to buy him/her they are my fav make him a part of u family’s

  • nomoreinc nomoreinc
    nomoreinc nomoreinc

    Like what happened to green?????

  • Payton Isbell
    Payton Isbell

    I have 7 dogs

  • cringy corn
    cringy corn

    We got a puppy and i loved him so much until we had to give him away, i was heart broken and that was only 4 months ago (im still up set)

  • Lisa McMillan
    Lisa McMillan

    Poor wolfie

  • madi mackey
    madi mackey

    He would have lark, storm, wolf, baby lark, baby storm, and baby wolf

  • Ashanti Lesane
    Ashanti Lesane

    I'll take green because I need a new puppy

  • sophie louise
    sophie louise

    oml the puppies are so big! I love huskies so much!

  • Wolfie Chu
    Wolfie Chu

    Are you gonna keep Green

  • Haley Does Stuff
    Haley Does Stuff

    Did he ever get a home?

  • lori haspel
    lori haspel

    what kind of dog is Lark and her pups like to find out

    • JanielLove DanielPreda
      JanielLove DanielPreda

      xrealitu german shepherd husky mix

    • JanielLove DanielPreda
      JanielLove DanielPreda

      lori haspel lark is a german shepherd husky mix

    • lori haspel
      lori haspel

      thank you for telling me cuz that is wat i thot they were but huskys tails dont curl like that

    • xrealitu

      lori haspel husky

  • lori haspel
    lori haspel

    what kind of dog is Lark and her pups

  • Isabella Brown
    Isabella Brown

    Luv ur nails bb

  • Sophie Dood
    Sophie Dood

    omg your videos have soo many ads!!

  • Anja Valverde
    Anja Valverde

    Could I have green. I always wanted a puppy and my mom finally would let me get a puppy

  • Emma Deverson
    Emma Deverson

    My cat licks my ears

  • Katie Garcia
    Katie Garcia

    some people in this comment section are so rude. like who hurt you 💀

  • Emma Lorenzo
    Emma Lorenzo

    Focus gorgeous

  • Angie Animations
    Angie Animations

    You should name Green Forest!!

  • Sasha Pifer
    Sasha Pifer

    It made me so happy when lark was so excited to see green 💕

  • Anjali Godoy
    Anjali Godoy

    Green and blue are twins but green has a brown tint to his paws

  • Alison Langham
    Alison Langham

    KEEP HIMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  • Abby G
    Abby G


  • Melaina Angel Grant
    Melaina Angel Grant

    I love you guys

  • Cipher M
    Cipher M

    Joey and his Puppers are literally angels sent to live amonh hoomans. Luv u Joey.

  • Sky nice-try
    Sky nice-try

    No offense but those blue nails remind me of elsa..... They think so too. \/

    • Alison Langham
      Alison Langham

      I guess?

  • Parker Stephens
    Parker Stephens

    Joey is one of my favorite TR-my people

  • Anika Meredith
    Anika Meredith

    Aww man I dont live in LA

  • Moon Light_Gacha
    Moon Light_Gacha

    I think green is pissed that you tried to get rid of him

  • 99 Red Balloons 🎈
    99 Red Balloons 🎈

    if i were the owner i would never be able to give them to anyone in other words separate them

  • life as bailey
    life as bailey

    I wish i could have green he id so precious and sweet

  • Aliyah Reczeuk
    Aliyah Reczeuk

    Can I get him

  • PeachyBee Gacha
    PeachyBee Gacha

    I’m so happy haha

  • Gatcha Kay
    Gatcha Kay

    You have a mini Storm 💙💙💙💙 Teal You have a mini Wolfie ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Red YOU NEED A MINI LARK AND ONE IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU Hint 1: GET 💚💚💚💚 🐶 Hint 2: GET GREEN

  • S&S Gamers
    S&S Gamers

    I have some really good puppy names!!!!!!! Everest Pine And last of all, Big Chungus! (Just kidding) or Rex

  • S&S Gamers
    S&S Gamers

    "Hey, you can't come back here! No return policy!" -Red 2019

  • S&S Gamers
    S&S Gamers

    Who else watched the video and it reminded them of when Wolfy said "Bring in the yellow one, he makes me feel skinny."

  • Addy Beaulieu
    Addy Beaulieu

    OMG #PuppyAttack

  • Lily Paul-Morris
    Lily Paul-Morris

    I think one of the puppy’s name should be Damian like idk I just like that name XD

  • Devon Gilkerson
    Devon Gilkerson

    you should name red Strawberry or Cherry and teal Lapis or Pixel and green ether Apple or Alpha

  • Hannah Louise
    Hannah Louise


  • Sarita Playfairx
    Sarita Playfairx

    well ill have him yeahhhhhh

  • *_!Broken_ _Bones!_*
    *_!Broken_ _Bones!_*

    5:16 Poor Wolf/Wolfie XD (I haven’t seen wolfie/Wolf in a long time so I forgot which one XD)

  • *_!Broken_ _Bones!_*
    *_!Broken_ _Bones!_*

    -like for Teal and comment for red- WAIT you really thought I would do that!?!? No they should be loved equally like or comment if you Agree!

  • *_!Broken_ _Bones!_*
    *_!Broken_ _Bones!_*

    Poor green no one is taking him ;( I wish I could adopt him but I can’t

  • Brynn Reinhardt
    Brynn Reinhardt

    What about the name Zeus for one of them like red

  • Brynn Reinhardt
    Brynn Reinhardt

    Teal looks so much like lavender I just have a gut feeling that it’s not teal like if you look Closely at the features and how he acts it’s like lavender

  • Puppyqween 101
    Puppyqween 101

    You can keep green but if you don’t want to you can give them to us because my family has been wanting a husky for a long time But you have to reply to my comment so I know how much it cost

  • Dino 20132014
    Dino 20132014

    Just keep Green

  • Awsome Farren
    Awsome Farren

    So cute

  • Kia Lee
    Kia Lee

    “Go say hi” 😂😂

  • Kitty Gamer
    Kitty Gamer


  • Alexia O'Dell
    Alexia O'Dell

    I want green so bad!! I would name him Clark since he looks like his mama it would kinda be the same ☺

  • Alexia O'Dell
    Alexia O'Dell

    Lark just wants to play

  • Jacqueline See-Tho
    Jacqueline See-Tho


  • Nicole Kayes
    Nicole Kayes

    i really wish he kept blue along with teal, they were both so adorable and fun :(

  • Hailee Clark
    Hailee Clark

    At least keep one of the puppies please

  • Hailee Clark
    Hailee Clark

    I don’t understand why you’d give all your puppies away. Disgrace

  • Briana Decker
    Briana Decker

    Omgosh keep him!!!

  • Anne Winter
    Anne Winter

    teal=wolf red=storm green=lark