We Snuck Into FaZe Rug's House On His Birthday & SURPRISED HIM WITH THIS...
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Hi! I’m Brandon Awadis and I like to make dope vlogs, pranks, reactions, challenges and basketball videos. Don’t forget to subscribe and come be a part of the BrawadSquad!

  • cesar martinez
    cesar martinez


  • Nina Espino
    Nina Espino

    Going to play Basketball

  • Maynor Jaimes Flores
    Maynor Jaimes Flores


  • M204D

    gimme that 1million dollars cz i quested that or just a ps4 pro with monitor and iphone 11

  • Carlos Correa
    Carlos Correa

    Basketbal game

  • Sally Miller
    Sally Miller


  • Esmeralda Zaragoza
    Esmeralda Zaragoza

    I wish I was your sister because you are so nice

  • Nathaniel Jimenez
    Nathaniel Jimenez

    Play basketball

  • Nbd Bdbffb
    Nbd Bdbffb

    Go to gym

  • Adam Harling
    Adam Harling

    I now up you were going to the basketball court where is my money lol

  • Prince Lingco
    Prince Lingco

    Chill your undies bro

  • Skulls Coloring
    Skulls Coloring

    Ayo where my money

  • julie marie
    julie marie

    I’m can’t with Anthony asking the lady doing the cake “do you have to go to school for that?” I freaking died 😂😂😂😂

  • Toni-Anne Williams
    Toni-Anne Williams

    You went to go play basketball

  • Miley Noriega
    Miley Noriega

    Basketball cort

  • Helen Duran
    Helen Duran

    you have potential to be so much more but your content is too repetitive still love u tho xoxo

  • Tiger Plays
    Tiger Plays


  • Carson Anderson
    Carson Anderson

    Your going to your gym

  • Yara Mariche
    Yara Mariche

    That what you love

  • Yara Mariche
    Yara Mariche

    Play basketball

  • dalia_10 10
    dalia_10 10

    I was shushing my sister watching this cause I was scared Brian would wake up

  • Mobile Legends Bang bang
    Mobile Legends Bang bang

    End allready looks like you guys are drank

  • Hawa Sanon
    Hawa Sanon

    Are the basketball place

  • Jaylis Arcentales
    Jaylis Arcentales

    Lets go I’m Hispanic

  • Zahraa Mezher
    Zahraa Mezher

    At the basket ball game

  • Zahraa Mezher
    Zahraa Mezher

    Happy birthday BRIAN!!!!🇻🇺


    At basketball court no way 😱😱😱😱

  • Zabair Iqbal
    Zabair Iqbal

    A late Happy birthday wish you and your brother. Happy birthday

  • Zabair Iqbal
    Zabair Iqbal

    Could you wait till tomorrow in the morning he is going to get proper annoyed but on the other hand he will be happy you’re getting some gift probably

  • Zabair Iqbal
    Zabair Iqbal

    The second picture butter wouldn’t melt you look cute

  • Kimmy’s domain
    Kimmy’s domain

    Maaan right when he came out is when an ad played

  • Destiny Anderson
    Destiny Anderson


  • Meeka


  • Riley Jock
    Riley Jock

    Go play basketball

  • Karina Gonzalez
    Karina Gonzalez

    Hola mi nombre es karina ojala y leas mis textos que te e dejado porque mi sueno es poderle dar a mi hijo esta navidad los audifonos B vi tu video donde davas cosas por 1 dls afuera del bestbuy ojala y pueda comprarte unos para mi hijo

  • Nerissa Garcia
    Nerissa Garcia

    Play basketball

  • Alexandra Philemonoff
    Alexandra Philemonoff

    17:34 thats me befor school in the morning😂

  • Sydney Allen
    Sydney Allen


  • Edith Hernandez
    Edith Hernandez

    Basketball court

  • Dadh Daddy
    Dadh Daddy


  • Dadh Daddy
    Dadh Daddy

    Happy b day faze rug

  • Adan Torres
    Adan Torres


  • Carter Newell
    Carter Newell

    you will play basketball for 2 hours

  • Elizabeth Mejia
    Elizabeth Mejia

    Noah doesn’t scream once going through a haunted house, yells when he steps on water 😂😂

  • Andreea Erbey
    Andreea Erbey

    Happy birthday

  • Jackson 032
    Jackson 032

    Anthony-your missing the suns game! Brandon-“I NEVER miss a suns game”

  • Charlotte Cooke
    Charlotte Cooke

    Play basketball ball?

  • Charlotte Cooke
    Charlotte Cooke

    Car shop?

  • Alex Dales
    Alex Dales


  • Alex Dales
    Alex Dales

    I like naked👀👀

  • pitaz06 and arleyboy530
    pitaz06 and arleyboy530

    i think for 1 million dollars you might be going to the gym specific basketball gym

  • Clarissa Cantu
    Clarissa Cantu

    get Anthony some chapstick pls 😌😂

  • NsD Lawless57
    NsD Lawless57

    Going to the dealership

  • jackie dejesus
    jackie dejesus

    Your going to go to Brian's house we'll sneak in

  • jackie dejesus
    jackie dejesus

    Tell Brian happy birthday

  • power 69
    power 69


  • Kya’s Daily
    Kya’s Daily

    20:45😂I’m dead

  • Mohamed Tarig
    Mohamed Tarig

    Did i hear انا the arabic word

  • Lea_MaCy482 Gaga
    Lea_MaCy482 Gaga

    Today my B day

  • Candice Brannen
    Candice Brannen

    Play basketball

  • Iccy Conamus
    Iccy Conamus

    You are going to the gym

  • Natalie Cruz
    Natalie Cruz

    Your going to play basketball

  • Tanya Monteguado
    Tanya Monteguado

    Where is my money i got it right? 💰💰💸💸💸

  • Lexy's Kitchen
    Lexy's Kitchen

    your about to go to the gym and play ball and i didn't even skip that part its just that you play ball all day everyday

  • Axel Gaona
    Axel Gaona

    Where is ratatouille? He looks like the chef 👨‍🍳 Linguini 😂

  • Aiman Hanash
    Aiman Hanash

    Hi thanks for the help for the next few months thanks again

  • XxEnes_Xx

    I guessed where you were going i swear. NO JOKE GIVE ME MY 1mil

  • Genesis Guzman
    Genesis Guzman

    I guessed right and even with Romel

  • Mason Deal
    Mason Deal


  • maria tampa
    maria tampa