Weekend Update Rewind: Pete Davidson (Part 1 of 2) - SNL
Saturday Night Live
Watch a compilation of Pete Davidson’s best moments on SNL’s Weekend Update.
See more of Pete on Weekend Update (Part 2 of 2): bit.ly/2Pl5KF2
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  • Adam Haidi
    Adam Haidi

    pete the realest everyone all fake fuck hollywood lmao pete if you see this hit me brother

  • Brett M
    Brett M

    Pete Davidson is so hot !!!

  • Uwu killer
    Uwu killer

    The only reason I watch SNL is because of Pete

  • PJlove


  • Qino this is the most important Qino
    Qino this is the most important Qino

    Y is Africa so small, please at least someone please make world map more like real to life

  • Qino this is the most important Qino
    Qino this is the most important Qino

    Lovely Pete, do you write your own jokes ? Cause there Good

  • Qino this is the most important Qino
    Qino this is the most important Qino

    Please watch important, you tube : The Health Organization, thank you

  • Karen Irena SLP
    Karen Irena SLP

    Pete is awesome!!!

  • Stella Turner
    Stella Turner


  • Wild Flower
    Wild Flower

    Pete! Please don't leave SNL!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Dandylion

    pete said trans rights & i love him for that

  • Delaney Myers
    Delaney Myers

    I love this man omg

  • hockeyd 12
    hockeyd 12

    I agree, Cecily does have a beautiful singing voice

  • lucy

    he’s actually really funny. i’m sad they don’t use him more

  • Ne'Zira Rusel
    Ne'Zira Rusel

    fire him so he can do better then y’all

  • Kevin Olson
    Kevin Olson

    Pete Davidson is Actually a TRUMP SUPPORTER!

  • Cynthia Lee
    Cynthia Lee

    I love Pete Davidson so much! He is hilarious. I honestly have the biggest crush on him.

  • Dwight Schrute
    Dwight Schrute

    To be fair, I understand both sides of this argument. Yes, there will be men who will take advantage of this. Yes, there will be women who will take advantage of this. But at the same time, same-sex assault happens as well. We have to teach our children that consent and appropriate behavior is important. In conclusion.... Colin Jost is freaking hot!

  • D. C.
    D. C.

    He makes this show unwatchable.

    • joey morvant
      joey morvant


  • lexiconlover

    Why do we care what he thinks?

  • Rose Gold
    Rose Gold

    Not a Fan of Pete.

  • jeaniebird

    Part 2 tr-my.net/watchvideo/video-RWYE1Ka11y0.html

  • jeaniebird

    "If anything, it's the only reason I wash my hands!" Appreciate your honesty, Pete.


    He's GOLD!!

  • Ehitsjocelyn

    His eyes slowly get darker

  • Ehitsjocelyn

    His eyes slowly get darker

  • Grace Pasco
    Grace Pasco


    • joey morvant
      joey morvant

      Scrolling through these comments, I find lots of girls share your feelings. Go, Pete! More power to ya!

  • AJ Sweeney
    AJ Sweeney

    Pete's talent is under-utilized on SNL but he isn't called a poser enough on the streets

  • TitanicMustSink

    Sometimes throwing yourself into work helps

  • Aurimas Venskus
    Aurimas Venskus

    4 me, he's a legend! More people with thinking like him ;-)

  • UltramindcontroL realzz
    UltramindcontroL realzz

    Pete is a fucking wigger

  • MistressNilah

    My quarantine time is mainly devoted to watching Pete Davidson clips and wishing there were more

  • Molly Shu
    Molly Shu

    why is no one talking about him talking out against slut shaming?

  • What’s New
    What’s New

    Chad is my favorite snl character

  • fortwynt

    all kidding aside though I know nothing at all about the cat as he exists in real life...I watch him totally slay comedically, and any honest person recognizes immediately hes the type with a gift for it and unique way about him even as young as he is... I mean truthfully its tough as fuck to over and over again make me laugh deeply and genuinely these days, yet he always does them without even telling a proper "joke"... however that being said, from the first time I listened to him it seemed to occur to me that he's got a serious issue with at the very least deep insecurity related to not just whether hes as funny as zillions of people tell him he is, but also his appearance imo... and honestly I feel like it goes way deeper than that.... just hearing him assert several times that everyone in SNL thought he sucked and were constantly making fun of him struck me as likely a serious deep seated issue.... and so the drug problem is no shocker and is rather a typical accompanying problem often hitched up to the other self-worth deficits in tens of thousands of other individuals out there. not to mention the sort of somewhat frequent usage self-depreciating humor... but just for a sec and in a sort-of "half-joking" way.....hilarious in timing and structure but also quite telling. anyway I love the guy, think we would have been best friends or some shit in some other universe Maybe... BUT really hope and pray he across and takes help seriously enough to prevent him from vanishing before he has a chance to grow up and see better balance. rant over!

  • Tareek bostick
    Tareek bostick

    He’s needs his own show

  • rollover36

    We love you Pete!

  • Brianna Jimmerson
    Brianna Jimmerson

    I almost choked when he said 'fight immigrants in his undies." 😂😂😂😭💀💀

  • HopesSimplistic

    Amazing for Pete, that everything recent is bringing in over a million views. Also, middle fingers up to anyone thats only interested in him bc of his ~controversial~ snl comments to charlemagne, or his recent press appearences promoting big time adolocence(thx hulu, for real)&/ his stand up gig brought to us by netfix, honestly, i love this guy, he has& is facing so much and the fact that he (pete) Chooses to keep on keeping on, despite social anxiety, crazy depression thats completely irradically onset, despite what the *hundreds, to Thousands* of on lookers see, say, believe as they judge, i truly believe Pete Davidson is a force to be wreckoned with especially considering the battles our goverment wAnts to try throwing down. #hoodshit #4life

  • Kevin Halsey
    Kevin Halsey

    Dear SNL, please stop inserting your political opinion's into your sketches, and then trying to pass it off as authentic humor.

  • Roland Clements
    Roland Clements

    Pete is by far the funniest person on snl

  • Manchester Is Blue
    Manchester Is Blue

    this clown is why i stopped watching snl

    • joey morvant
      joey morvant

      @Manchester Is Blue 😁

    • Manchester Is Blue
      Manchester Is Blue

      @joey morvant i'm only loyle to my capo

    • joey morvant
      joey morvant

      So much for loyalty...

  • Lexi Nicole
    Lexi Nicole

    Pete should react to the coronavirus 😂

  • danielle shinn
    danielle shinn

    No but any pedafiles or raests can use all these new body suits that make them look like women n makeup n wigs n do anything to us n our kids too u men don't care cuz a women dressed like a man wont bother u in your bathroom cuz it's not a threat but women n kids get sexually assaulted all the time it's sad but true n idc I'mma keep me n my daughter's safe n in no way would I feel comfortable with a man in the bathroom with me or my daughters... Which sucks for the real transgenders but that should also understand the danger that would put us n our kids in... I'm in no way homophobic or against transgenders or anything... Whatever makes u happy... Idc but I'm also not gonna want to endanger alot of women n children to make one group of people happy n they shouldn't ask for it either

  • Sophie Wood
    Sophie Wood


  • Dustin Franklin
    Dustin Franklin

    No I’m like depressed!

  • Jocom Firesin
    Jocom Firesin

    If pete davidson released a sex tap most men would at least check it out to make sure none of his rather attractive conquests don't make an appearances as we pray they do.

  • De Anna
    De Anna

    I really hope this dude doesn't end up dead. I get that vibe from him

  • Nameless

    I wonder if SNL realizes how many people watch it only for Pete Davidson

  • That Girl
    That Girl

    Pete is soooooo interesting and hilarious, I think he’s one of the best at his craft and doesn’t get enough credit. I think he should leave the show and go on a comedy tour he would do well without SNL💚

  • Brian Langford
    Brian Langford

    Is this to make pete feel better about being under appreciated?

  • Kathi

    More Pete💪🏻

  • Giovanni Rojo
    Giovanni Rojo


  • Moises Duarte
    Moises Duarte

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH !!!!! pause at 10:10

  • Teal MacFarlane
    Teal MacFarlane

    SNL don't got to remind us that we love Pete. We were never mad at him.

  • Mad Right Hand
    Mad Right Hand


  • Jaiyna Aaliyana
    Jaiyna Aaliyana

    Pete Davidson is so underrated I watched his Netflix special and laugh and smiled the entire time 💕💕💕💕

  • Valiente Kidd
    Valiente Kidd

    *Put the lotion in the basket!*

  • fortwynt

    if i were a millionaire, id totally pay Pete to just come chill out at my place while i do drugs lol or any other time!


    I love Pete Davidson! 💕 Great montage 👏 We need more PETE!

  • john nead
    john nead

    Please fire this guy he is not funny at all !!!!

  • Tiffchristina

    I thought I loved the new SNL but I realized I only really like Pete Davidson and Keenan. I don’t even really watch the show anymore now that Pete’s not consistently on.

  • Draven1895

    Steve Miller looks like Toby from the Office and the one brother from Arrested Development

  • Stargirl


  • La vie en rosé
    La vie en rosé


  • morgan fowler
    morgan fowler

    pete dating ariana really fucked him up. like the internet is so mean to people for no fucking reason. they’re sensitive as fuck. hes a comedian on snl so what were people expecting to get from him? a fucking shining rainbow? she didnt even care that her fans were actually crushing him :/ you could see his mental health going down hill in every clip. he used to be so happy smh

  • KoreaMojo

    BPD is literally a personality disorder not depression or a form. You could be both depressed and have BPD. I'm glad if that's real and he's getting help because he's adorable. BPD is highly treatable and goes into remission long-term for a large number of people with dialectical behavioral therapy.

  • Nobody Special
    Nobody Special

    Snl is gonna be fucked when pete leaves. Its been going downhill for awhile now, and they don't use pete nearly enough.

  • Emily Taylor
    Emily Taylor

    Pete brings in the younger generation to SNL. I think he’s naturally so funny I love him

  • nadege king
    nadege king

    Pete is freaking Awsome lmaoooooo he’s too funny 😆 😂 ❤️