Weekend Update Rewind: Pete Davidson (Part 1 of 2) - SNL
Saturday Night Live
Watch a compilation of Pete Davidson’s best moments on SNL’s Weekend Update.
See more of Pete on Weekend Update (Part 2 of 2): bit.ly/2Pl5KF2
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  • Diana B.
    Diana B.

    God this boy is so cute (Pete ofc)

  • Ohnoh

    What this video taught me more than anything else is that Pete really, really doesn't (or at least didn't?) like Che. Yikes. That "Thanks, Mike!" after his first intro was rough.

  • Julia Saulpaugh
    Julia Saulpaugh

    I love Pete so much

  • Just an Opinion
    Just an Opinion

    With all respect to SNL senior cast members but for me Pete is the best. I like comedians who look like they don't care that much.

  • Joao Ruiz
    Joao Ruiz

    Pete with the Brooklyn sweatshirts 👌🏽😈

  • aWebtoon reader
    aWebtoon reader

    0:53 This is such a good point. People against trans people have no idea how hard the life of a trans person is, and it's scientifically proven that they just have the wrong sex when their gender is what they really are, a trans man is a real man a trans woman is a real woman! So that bathroom argument is bull shit!

  • Joana Miranda
    Joana Miranda

    ahahah he's so funny! He's all expression makes me laugh! Thank you PETE!

  • curly haired Ashlynn
    curly haired Ashlynn

    4:45 thanks pete bc tea 13:06 can they make this happen? #Blm

  • Salted banana
    Salted banana

    I want to know Pete’s secret to not giving a fuck

  • Agent Bobcat
    Agent Bobcat

    Pete say trans rights. Good job Pete.

    • Audrey

      Agent Bobcat Pete say black lives matter. Good job Pete.

  • Tonya Isaacs
    Tonya Isaacs

    If SNL losePete Davison I think they will lose alot of viewers cause he is the best and best looking so funny and genuine leather be this man and he is so talented wish he knew how talented he really is beautiful

  • Stephen Daly
    Stephen Daly

    everyone was mentally making fun of pete. pete smashed ariana grande multiple times . did you get ariana grande to smash multiple times?

  • Ashley Tarango
    Ashley Tarango

    I think he’s funnier doing stand up. Him scripted is not as funny.

  • Shahab Poursafary
    Shahab Poursafary

    unsubscribed cuz of rejecting Pete's sketches, love Pete

  • Justin Miller
    Justin Miller

    go pete davidson

  • Surrey Aho
    Surrey Aho

    he's got my vote....Pete for President

  • AssassinGreek17

    13:12 “Black Lives Matter” after 3 years it’s back.

  • linda jones
    linda jones

    Does anyone know what his shirt says on the last skit?

  • Cameo Hollingshead
    Cameo Hollingshead

    He's so freaking funny!!

  • Kim Northrop
    Kim Northrop

    You know the best thing about this? Is how much the people who work with him love him.

  • Maura

    pUt ThE lOtIoN iN tHe BaSkEt

  • Vitamin Head
    Vitamin Head

    SNL wasn’t funny till Pete

  • Vitamin Head
    Vitamin Head

    Pete should be running this show

  • crazypplcck

    Where does he come up with this shit

  • andrew guerrero
    andrew guerrero

    you can tell everyone from snl is a dick or super fake with pete...... FTP

  • MrEndroid

    8:27 his watch had the stereotypical lens flare XD

  • Mia Bermudez
    Mia Bermudez

    Did you know watching this high you almost see the BROOKLYN float on Pete’s shirt cause it’s RED

  • Ruth Rodriguez
    Ruth Rodriguez

    That means the court thinks he lost $140,000,000 in future earnings. Because of the damage this caused to his reputation.

  • Terisa Nicole
    Terisa Nicole

    We love you, Pete! 🙌

  • Andres Ramirez
    Andres Ramirez

    Poor guy he is like Chandler comedy to cope

  • Hubert Tubbs
    Hubert Tubbs

    Pete is one of the funniest young talents of our times. And yes I've seen drunk chicks run into the men's room to use the bathroom. It looks like a man made out of toilet paper was murdered in there! Almost wet myself, almost.

  • Vivi G.
    Vivi G.

    I just love his smile....Pete is my current fave on SNL....

  • Manuel Delacruz
    Manuel Delacruz

    So funny

  • Sophia Kaprielian
    Sophia Kaprielian

    "It looks like a man made of toilet paper was murdered in there!" Ladys they're on to us!

  • KyleRayner12

    If there's one thing SNL at home taught us, it's that Pete's rap videos are, in fact, pretty good.

  • Tabitha Ferengul
    Tabitha Ferengul


  • Money

    Pete is great. He’s hilarious and rarely gets used for political sketches. I think the politics are funny sometimes but the people who do politics should be the people who only do politics and keep it separated.

  • Just Me
    Just Me

    Why those politicians have no lips?!?

  • Madalein Veale
    Madalein Veale

    As a fellow "Crohnie", I can attest to the bathroom thing b/c I spend a significant time in there.😏😁😉😐😜🍣🍜🍰🍫🍡🍭🧁🎂🍩🍪🍧!

    • Madalein Veale
      Madalein Veale

      The wi-fi thing especially as a 16 yo!🤣

  • Alex Colley
    Alex Colley

    I lost it at the Silence of the lambs reference😭

  • Alex De la Luna
    Alex De la Luna

    Pete, excellent comments on Fox personalities!

  • Derick spawn
    Derick spawn

    Pete Davidson🤣🤣🤣💯

  • Lady Lioness
    Lady Lioness

    We love you Pete Davidson!!!

  • Jan

    Mike you have great cheek bones!

  • TigerLily

    Pete deserves so much more screen time

  • Eleni 1979
    Eleni 1979

    Well, Stephen Miller has shown that even icky guys can get hot ass wives, as long as those wives don't give a fuck about moral Integrity or anything.

  • vennie Spetsieris
    vennie Spetsieris

    Pete should do a sketch with tekashi69

  • Y G
    Y G

    He is fucking ugly

  • Stephanie Craun
    Stephanie Craun

    I find Pete to be totally genuine and I happen to think his butthole eyes are sexy. I love Pete he's great!

  • Gabriella Suri
    Gabriella Suri

    Pete's the best.

  • Annabelle Brown
    Annabelle Brown

    Pete laughing at his own jokes kills me!!

  • Samuel Johnson
    Samuel Johnson

    Pete is 👍

  • K. D. R.
    K. D. R.

    How he can keep a straight face on some of his lines has to be hard, cause their so funny! And sometimes he can't hold back the laughter. A good mix. I'm a big fan!

  • crystal heart
    crystal heart

    I need more Pete Davidson stand-up in my life! and more of him on SNL! I heart you Pete!!

  • Liz

    I can not wait to see his second movie!!!! Pete Davidson is one of my favorite actor/comedians !!!

  • Brenda R. Souza
    Brenda R. Souza

    his rap videos are very good, he wasn't lying

  • Orange you glad I’m live
    Orange you glad I’m live

    He’s amazing. Naturally funny and doesn’t get nearly enough air time. His first stand up was hilarious, Netflix standup was amazing, Big Time Adolescence was soooo good and I can’t wait to see King Of Staten Island.

  • Jakob Holm Bisgaard
    Jakob Holm Bisgaard

    I like to smoke weed, and blow Pete!

  • Catherine Colwell
    Catherine Colwell

    Fuckin funny how he was asking for more rap videos on the show then and he only got to do them recently on the at home versions


    can we please address the fact that he's blinking with only one eye.

  • Cassidy

    Knowing what we know now, they should have used more of his rap videos.

  • Unique Phoenix 8633
    Unique Phoenix 8633

    At least I've got dreams now and I wake up with boners again! Lmao! I wish my ex would have taken a page out of the Pete Davidson handbook and got sober so maybe we could have worked out. For real tho I'm glad Pete Davidson is pretty open about his mental health diagnosis to help fight the negative stigma associated with mental health disorders. A little understanding can be a good thing and using a comedy platform that a lot of people already love is a pretty great way to get a message out there without it being too heavy of a topic. I like it. Keep up the good work.

  • Benjamin Rigdeway
    Benjamin Rigdeway

    I’m a republican but this shit is funny

  • dont_worry about_it
    dont_worry about_it

    Why are ppl such a bish about Pete, like y'all are entitled to your opinions. But damn, some of you are just rude.😤

  • L o o p y
    L o o p y


  • Notos the King
    Notos the King

    pete for trans rights

  • Maksim Mironov
    Maksim Mironov

    I rearely find comedians funny and laugh out loud even more seldom, but almost all of it cracked me up, fucking loving it

  • Joana L M
    Joana L M

    He is so naturally funny. Effortless. They should keep him in the show for good

  • Mr Hyde
    Mr Hyde

    As an ftm ik he seems so offensive to some but bruh he's hilarious he does the comedic shit that most are too scared or worried to say/ point out the fucked up shit in society I love this dude and his strange sense of humor I can relate to his comedy.

  • Mia Toles
    Mia Toles

    "That was my favorite line" -pete 2020