What did I do Wrong?
GingerPale is a good wholesome boy, what could he possibly do wrong?
This video was originally inspired by a bunch of weird laws that i kept finding that had interesting backstories- i found some information on it being illegal to set a fire to a peg-legged man which was pretty odd. I kept writing a bunch of the ones i found interesting down and BOOM now you have this weird song/rap/poem.
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Bepis (Helped with Voicing and Writing):

  • GingerPale

    Hey guys i know i took a break but i just want to thank you for all the positive support. This started off as a little funny running scene away from the cops- and then i started researching into weird laws and then just ended up with this. A lot of my videos tend to fly off-course from their original plan but i'm glad you still enjoy. I APPRECIATE THE KIND WORDS. I could always make a follow-up on this video and do more of the video-essay gingerpale-style on some weird laws around the world if that's something you'd be interested in :)

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      GingerPale Creators: GingerPale is a good wholesome boy, what could he possibly do wrong? These are all the things he did that is wrong. 1. Jaywalked down the street 2. Got A Movie for free online (that's illegal) 3. Left a store and didn't pay 4. Started a Fire 5. Hit's some kids 6. Beat up someone 7. Did Graffiti 8. Did something bad in public 9. Went to a bar 10. Rearrange the Dairy Queen Sign 11. Stole candy from a baby 12. Practiced witchcraft 13. Vehicular Manslaughter 14. Robbed somewhere 15. Stole a pup 16. Gave a child a gun 17. Punched a clown 18. Murdered somebody 19. Wallet Stealing 20. Identity Theft 21. Didn't pay tax Let me know if I missed something that was actually wrong.

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