What is happening?! Jeffree Star wants to keep the deleted beauty drama in Shane Dawson series
Jeffree Star speaks out about the missing Dramageddon episodes on the Beautiful World of Jeffree Star.
In Jeffree Star's newest video, “What Shane Dawson DELETED From The Series.. Conspiracy Palette Tutorial” he finally spoke out on the unreleased drama videos from the series. He confessed, “Me and Shane were kind of like, ‘is that stuff irrelevant?’ I know that it’s in the trailer but it’s been so long now. Half the people want to know, half the people are like, 'shane are you click baiting everyone?’ And we are just really on the fence and I think it’s time to address it all in the series”. But it looks like we’ll only be getting one more episode and it will likely be about the launch. Shane tweeted a couple of days ago, “working on the last episode of the jeffree series now. i don’t wanna give a day cause i don’t wanna disappoint anyone if it’s not ready in time but just know me and andrew are working our hardest to make it good and to end it right.”
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  • Vlad Potekhin
    Vlad Potekhin

    I actually quit watching the new series after the episode 2. It was supposed to be "The •••• world of Jeffree Star" about, obviously, Jeffree and the drama we were promised. Sorry, I'm not watching "Shane Dawson overreacting and being gross for six episodes straight"

  • pharcyde110573


  • Bethenie

    How about jeffree blocking people on Twitter? Why was I blocked after I said I wanted my money back?

  • Querida Gonzalez
    Querida Gonzalez

    All that drama isn't necessary, the documentary was amazing and showed how the beauty business works, an the process. But to make his fans happy Shane will most likely put that part of the series up. Kinda sad because it will cause drama all over again it seems. But it's not your life right?

  • BeeBunny

    Kelsey's blue eyes are so beautiful!!! She is super pretty.

  • Cluttered Like My Head
    Cluttered Like My Head

    This is only scratching the surface regarding all the problems surrounding this launch. I Hope You Will Also Cover- The Conspiracy Collection shipping issues, broken pallets, hairs being found in the eyeshadow pallets, deceptive marketing tactics & customers' funds were withdrawn and never receiving the product. Most of the larger DC's have stayed silent & a lot of people are wondering is Jeffree Star paying drama channels to stay silent because of all the issues with this launch?

  • Anna K
    Anna K

    Why dont you talk about hair in Shane's pallette?

    • lil snowflake
      lil snowflake

      Bcuz thats not hair, it's fiber from brush...they use brush to glue the shade on the box template. Also, how many proof it has fiber?

  • Jessica White
    Jessica White

    I’m not even mad let the man rest. The drama is old, and although his videos on it would be amazing but I see why he just wants to leave it where it’s at. Shane and Jeffree are BOSS’S they obviously know what they are doing. I say let them give us whatever they feel. They are creators for a reason...

  • Mr MakeShft
    Mr MakeShft

    6+2 isn’t 9 is the 1 the future to come?

  • eclecticontent

    This Jeffrey guy looks like he died 2 thousand yrs ago and had a bad reincarnetion

  • Missy L.
    Missy L.

    So tired of hearing about this mess. I’m just going to temporarily unsubscribe until this blows over

  • amari Esper
    amari Esper

    This is actually hilarious please listen to her voice the cuts to her side comments is pure gold 00:57 , 2:35

  • MyName Is
    MyName Is

    Sorry, but I expect to see what I was promised. You can’t show a movie trailer and then cut out 75% of what was shown in the trailer. As if Jeffree and Shane are going to be exempt from the drama because of this palette? If anybody knows how evil the beautubers are, it’s Jeffree. The drama will come back somehow, at some point, so why not cover their side before it’s taken out of context? Shane’s gonna be a target in the beauty community now. He started this whole collab LESS than a year ago. It hasn’t been a whole year yet. Everyone gets hit with some sort of drama, because that’s what the beauty community does. I say show the truth and ALL of what they went through making this palette. Trying to make peace amongst a group of people with only ill intentions, will just get you screwed over. James Charles is FAR from drama free, and I don’t think he’s changed at all. He just revamped how he does his videos and inner circle. I just want the full story and not a fake sugar coated video where everyone is so sweet and nice. That’s not reality. This series cut out crucial points in beauty history, not just their palette making. If the issues with James never happened, would they have had the same release date? Would Tati have had her line launch sooner or to a smaller audience? Would the ShanexJeffree palette have been as big if we all knew we weren’t going to see a huge chunk of the beauty community at its realist? If the James and Tati drama never happened wouldn’t James have had a much bigger launch this 2nd time around? Wouldn’t Tati have been out at least 3 million new subscribers she got because of the disagreement? Would James have ever changed his ways regarding dating and men? (Nope he wouldn’t have)

    • Jennifer Torres
      Jennifer Torres

      @Anna K agreed

    • Melissa Spanbauer
      Melissa Spanbauer

      @Ella Grace His fans are the reason he's doing so well. If it wasn't for us, he wouldn't have sold out. I expect him to spill the tea but will support him anyway if he doesn't.

    • Anna K
      Anna K

      They should talk about hair in Shane's pallette.

    • Ella Grace
      Ella Grace

      But why are you owed anything from Shane? You aren’t.

  • Erica Alonso
    Erica Alonso

    It wasn't irrivelant even when they used it in the trailer.. so this is just dumb. Just drop it if not stop stringing everyone along about it

    • Susan P. Davis
      Susan P. Davis

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    Wish the drama episodes would be released

  • Suru J
    Suru J

    Wow I'm early

  • Maria Cruz
    Maria Cruz


  • Slicks Gaming
    Slicks Gaming

    Call me while I’m suspended from school 6162563614

  • Nyomi Yeet
    Nyomi Yeet

    Me: *has a phobia to clowns* Me: *looks in the mirror* Me: AHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    • muskaan Kaur
      muskaan Kaur

      Nyomi Yeet what??😂😂😂😂 I love this

    • Betsy Holcombe
      Betsy Holcombe


    • Nyomi Yeet
      Nyomi Yeet

      @1DxWDW what can i say im crackhead 😌 might even start a channel 1 day lol 😂 naw might be even lazy to do that

    • 1DxWDW


  • Mia Vazquez
    Mia Vazquez

    ayo who else is early 🤪

  • UniquelyMade

    Ya’ll did him dirty in that thumbnail

    • Shannon Bell
      Shannon Bell

      UniquelyMade sure did 😒

  • Gabriela Aguirre
    Gabriela Aguirre


  • colorful


  • Arabella Hammond
    Arabella Hammond

    Hey! I love your channel so much! Thank you for everything!

  • Nicole DeLeon
    Nicole DeLeon

    ah tea

  • Ines Prester
    Ines Prester

    Spill the tea!! 🔝

  • Lola dowse wallis
    Lola dowse wallis


  • Jenny's Mundo
    Jenny's Mundo

    why is the drama necessary? I see we can see what’s going on behind the scenes, but Shane isn’t about problems and Jeffree is so I hope he isn’t being pressured

    • andioop

      Shane is about drama too, otherwise he never would've made the Tanacon series and other videos he's made before

  • T'kahmai Robinson
    T'kahmai Robinson


  • Marlee


  • Peyton Garcia
    Peyton Garcia