What is the LOUDEST Sound Ever Heard?
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  • BHoll21 Savage
    BHoll21 Savage

    3:04 🤦‍♂️

  • Indo European
    Indo European

    No 1 : Chinese Tourists

  • Coaster Maniac
    Coaster Maniac

    Loudest sound: THX sound in a cinema

  • Jojo_456

    The loudest sound? You must mean when I drop a spoon at 2 am

  • content deal eated
    content deal eated

    putting a dish in the sink when your family is sleeping: *1019101918562047301737 Decibels*

  • max b
    max b

    i can’t handle the way he pronounces decibels


    Dropping a metal cup at 2 am

  • caesargeezer

    Normal conversation: 50 dB Jackhammer: 100 dB Dick and Dom playing bogies: 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 dB

  • xX FoxyThe1 Xx
    xX FoxyThe1 Xx

    Talking: 50 decibels Opening a bag of chips trying not to wake ur mom up :959593827482938588385937584957395837484758384 decibels

  • xX FoxyThe1 Xx
    xX FoxyThe1 Xx

    Tryna sneak past ur moms room tens get som chips 999999 decibels

  • Slammed

    black girls in a group

  • Sandro R
    Sandro R

    Wait, I need to add 89263919479374824584928371037722901682019283380-7463736362710128743802728386362742729185282863817272917363839173022892739201283783838846373636336363636363647737810192847257908643212690066543586476467809765434432136800765444444456789086522213567646863433709 decibels

  • Exantius E
    Exantius E

    He starts getting the relative loudness wrong after 70dB, he says 80dB is TWICE as loud as 70, when it's actually 10 times as loud. He got it right in the beginning, why did he switch and start getting it wrong midway through lol

  • Sandro R
    Sandro R

    My mom when I spill my drink:2564737568084126004737654771707469783919452837392957390167302873918391749273027305480621180053168975730218539193682919197639299181626283092914783011946738492010101737374563729101037373656656373281910102848573219272947738319103738103802626171714030819172635516 decibels.

  • pikachuu O
    pikachuu O

    The loudest sound is Albert screaming

    • sheep fr0st
      sheep fr0st

      Y e s

  • Michel Léon
    Michel Léon

    Pretty insane to think that the world record for the loudest shout by a human in the world is mesured in at 121,7 decibels

  • Michael Ziemer
    Michael Ziemer

    Any dad sneezing: 999,999 decibels.

  • Michael Barrientos
    Michael Barrientos

    Really? The loudest sound I have heard is flushing the toilet at 3AM

  • Flinx

    I found this video searching up THX logo *Seems about right*

  • ευηιςε Ιαζαяσ
    ευηιςε Ιαζαяσ

    The loudest sound ive heard when my mom yell at me and spanked me with chancla

  • The Bart Simpsonxz
    The Bart Simpsonxz

    Baby crying at 3 am

  • Daniel Rojas
    Daniel Rojas

    The loudest sound is any sound at 3:00 am

  • Frank Da Tank
    Frank Da Tank

    Isn't ten times more loud than 0 decibels still 0 decibels

  • Noé Mtz
    Noé Mtz

    Me: Reads Resources Resources: Wikipedia Teachers: wait that’s illegal

  • Bobby Singh R
    Bobby Singh R

    Loudest sound is the noise of microwave beeping at 2 am

  • Heyim CrayCray
    Heyim CrayCray

    My scream!!! Lol just kidding

  • JustMe

    I have a really bad fear of loud noises

  • Daich

    im hearing a jet everyday cause i live in switzerland


    What a stupid video with advertisement

  • Ray Yanma
    Ray Yanma

    Let's not forget earrape

  • GalaxyOverLordStrikes

    Tv on full volume: 60 Tv on lowest volume at 3am: 1234567890987654321 decibels

  • Imakpopfan

    Me screaming is the loudest

  • Fortnite

    My alarm

  • Huzunde

    Krakatoa: Is the loudest sound man has ever experienced JoJo siwa intro: Are you challenging me?!

  • IScream X
    IScream X

    Did you said loudest sound? *My moms scream when I don’t do my homework.*

  • Pranay Garg
    Pranay Garg

    Ain't 80 decibels 20 times powerful than 70 decibels instead of 2 times?

  • Kharisma Amisha
    Kharisma Amisha

    not as loud as entitled kid

  • KPOPisMyLife

    Loudest sound ever Starting CSGO FOR THE FIRST TIME 1800000000 decibles

  • CriticalXonic

    Decibelle Delphine

  • Alessandra Forman
    Alessandra Forman

    100 decibels: jackhammer 110 decibels: rock concert 120 decibels: chainsaw 500 000 decibels: dropping a spoon in the kitchen at 2am

  • 50 subscribers with no CONTENT
    50 subscribers with no CONTENT

    Me: READ THE TITLE Also Me: Unplugged the earphone

  • DonutsRYummy

    Decibel- Deh-See-bull

  • Ben BJMT
    Ben BJMT

    100 decibels: jack hammer 120 decibels: chainsaw 150 decibels: Passenger plane My dog randomly barking for no reason at 3 AM: 1000000 decibels

  • DukkulanMarshal

    "d e s s i b e l l s"

  • Mauro De Bock
    Mauro De Bock

    The Big Bang was the loudest sound ever and scientists can stil hear it!

  • Just Zel
    Just Zel

    *Spraying hairspray into your ear..*

  • Shadow Emperor
    Shadow Emperor

    I would assume it's one explody boi in Indonesia edit: heckin knnew it

  • Kamilah Smith
    Kamilah Smith

    5 decibels: my baby sister crying 250 decibels: chain saw 1000 decibels: jet 10000000000 decibels: me flushing the toilet in the middle of the night

  • Zibin Wang
    Zibin Wang

    Nah, accidentally dropping the toilet seat at night is louder.

  • Minecraft Charmander
    Minecraft Charmander

    These are just estimatians dont tell these to the teacher or ill eat u alive Sports car 68 db Motercycle 108 db The sun 298 db Vela pulsar 312 db Black holes coliding 1002 db My rabbit when she/he sees a creeper in minecraft 900002022229922282726617175226 db

  • Levi Woodley
    Levi Woodley

    Loudest sound: PS2 startup

  • mybeatyful Young
    mybeatyful Young

    When Hold To Hearing iPhone While Moving Close 185 Diesibles In My Ear So Yeah Number 1. Anosia A Windstorm Scary 9 Diesibles Number 2. 384738474847494738477,000,000,000 Diesibles Blaster Lenkra JITAM Gun

  • Xidphel

    Motorcycle: 110 db Jet engine: 140 db Shotgun blast: 165 db *Ryuji talking about phantom thieves business: 5000db*

  • TheBigBadRook

    Whisper: 30 decibels Normal conversation: 60 decibels Motorcycle: 90 decibels School Fire Alarm: 999999999 decibels

  • Sir Cyan4
    Sir Cyan4

    Big explozion 310 decibels Person beside you while your talking to someone else 727626226272728828282939303993938388448488474747464646734646466474474884489392929292929398384844746464664747484839393992829291919191919191928383739999999299119191919919191919191.111111111188191991919191919199 decibels

  • ᴄᴢᴏʀᴄʜ.8083

    *teachers goes out of class* class: 8372824927194737463927394729726161636450020171638266464637293726273617 decibels *hears our teachers footsteps* class: 🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫

  • Elite Edits
    Elite Edits

    Redness have the best measurement system Glazed donuts per bald eagle

  • Just Janessa
    Just Janessa

    Oh? The loudest sound? Come in my classroom. Good luck.

  • Jankic 123
    Jankic 123

    The Loudest Noise is When Mom Slaps You Because You Went to School Without Homework. Thats what I Call Loud. Decibels: Atleast 99999999999999999999999999999999999999992 decibels.

  • Pink Unicorn Boy Thingy
    Pink Unicorn Boy Thingy

    A normal conversation: 50 decibels Garbage disposal: 80 decibels Passenger plane: 150 decibels This ain’t a corny joke, I’m just saying facts from the video

  • dramaface recordings
    dramaface recordings


  • Sparkly Peppr
    Sparkly Peppr

    100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Decibels: A bottle of shampoo dropping in the shower.

  • Java

    How can you do this? There is no way to measure sound in Toyota corrola

  • Sammuel McCall
    Sammuel McCall

    the math in this video makes me feel like that special need kids are smarter than u

  • 69,000 subscribers without any friends
    69,000 subscribers without any friends

    If the volcano erupts again, rip headphone users

  • Arthur, Protector of Waifus.
    Arthur, Protector of Waifus.

    **clicks on video** **Immediately puts sound on 1**

  • Hamish Laverty
    Hamish Laverty

    Standing next to a nether portal 6749673892848746930683967486737219501 decibels

  • ProbablyAnnoyingLlama

    Huh? Oh, sorry, I lost you at decibels. What was it?

  • Satisfying Central
    Satisfying Central

    Turns the volume down before video

  • Lost soul Gaming
    Lost soul Gaming

    The most loudest sound is when a goat screams in a microphone