FaZe Blaze - Highlights of 2019
FaZe Blaze
A recap of FaZe Blaze & FaZe in 2019. If you like video's like this let me know!
Also thanks for all the love on the music! :)

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    maybe everyone should start a petition so that fortnite will un ban jarvis

  • Dean Johaanson
    Dean Johaanson

    Remember when faze youtubers used to actually play call of duty

  • Gregory Lodato
    Gregory Lodato

    Liking this Blaze

  • CJ Memmer
    CJ Memmer

    Just gonna say Jarvis had it coming I'm telling you if someone with no clout hacked you and other faze members would not defend him still love the content and channels but you know it's true

  • 10K Subs without a video
    10K Subs without a video

    Forgot about Tfue ?!

  • Taya

    FaZe Clan will forever be surpreme

  • Alex Robertson
    Alex Robertson

    Please make another music album

  • Steven Newton
    Steven Newton

    It's always a decent video till he brings up his girlfriend then it gets stupid cringe

  • Zojax

    Difference between hacking and getting kills fed to you.

  • tacobob61

    What camera do you use to vlog and take pictures?

  • angelina serna
    angelina serna

    Y’all should get a girl in the group

  • SVZE Gaming
    SVZE Gaming

    Faze rug used faze blazes song on one video

  • Susana Torres
    Susana Torres

    You gay

  • Pomee onetwoonethree
    Pomee onetwoonethree

    jarvis hat und wird immer pech haben tja aus fehlern lernt man halt. Ich versteh aber nicht wieso er unbanned werden soll es gibt doch duzent andere spiele in denen er seine kleinen eier beweisen kann ofc without cheats dawg and if he still wants to cheat maybe he shouldnt do it on stream just sayin

  • Nancy Stalcup
    Nancy Stalcup

    Who's watching in 20477447756

    • Mustafa Jawad123
      Mustafa Jawad123

      Nancy Stalcup 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Mikka

    The demise of FaZe Blaziken is the biggest tragedy related to FaZe ever. «How to kiss» ???? Really

  • Very Rare Quad
    Very Rare Quad

    What happened in 2019? And 2018.. smh. You threw your fucking channel away. Good job you guys ruined what we loved

  • Ruzzer Hxa
    Ruzzer Hxa

    I’ve been watching since all of your cod vids I really can’t remember the last time I came back here you’ve grown on TR-my keep going with singing and gaming

  • E19 SlaiTz
    E19 SlaiTz

    Hey FaZe Blaze (Lukas) Hi whats porppin Im From Team E19 (EPL) Fortnite Clan

  • chill_skater999

    You.... you a very different person now. R.I.P blaziken 🙏

  • Zohaib Khan
    Zohaib Khan

    Why is this dude saying cap all the time. So annoying

  • Chris Farley
    Chris Farley

    Bruh what is the song in the intro... I can’t watch this clown just want the song

  • David quito
    David quito

    We’re not boys were good

  • Rekzy FNC
    Rekzy FNC

    I made get loose montage can you look at it. My channel is FD_Extreme YT

  • Huy Bình Ngô
    Huy Bình Ngô

    You suck at fortnite blaze u just like my ass

  • devdxh

    you should promote whats love more cos its easily your best song, keep it up

  • Ye


  • Brendan Donigian
    Brendan Donigian

    Yikes big cringe

  • carlos is a qt
    carlos is a qt

    Why’d you upload how to kiss vid 🤢🤮

  • Alix Liebt maxi
    Alix Liebt maxi

    Immer noch der beste Faze member

  • Miney CodM
    Miney CodM

    Ayo that song kinda fire

  • Carter Lenihan
    Carter Lenihan

    carter lenihan

  • Salvador

    Aye stream those league of legends games

  • XxQueen-15xX

    he literally mentioned every thing that happened to Faze clan in 2019 but didn't mansion Faze Ewok joining the Faze clan WTF.


    Lucas: And Apex got shorter me: LOL

  • Xalo

    “I was skinny and scrawny”-MrFazeBlaze “U were still buffer than me”-Who ever I am

  • Norma Rivas
    Norma Rivas

    Awesome video 🔥😍❤

  • Dr Doofenshmirtzシ
    Dr Doofenshmirtzシ

    Just heard What’s love on Spotify the beat is FIRE

  • Mr Inferno
    Mr Inferno

    You know with the big change on TR-my he still uses the stay slothy outro

  • Javier Royer
    Javier Royer


  • Jay Fxndi
    Jay Fxndi

    Replays is he best faze member

  • Jay Fxndi
    Jay Fxndi

    See I messed with the vlogs but u guys just don’t upload

  • NRGy Official
    NRGy Official

    It’s almost 2020, when are the sloths taking over?

  • YesOrDie

    Where is the song u said??

  • Ryan Davis
    Ryan Davis

    Great vid miss you blaze ! Would love to see more content, and especially an album 💚

  • cs noobs
    cs noobs


  • A N
    A N


  • BennyWinZ

    Bring the damn Sloths back!!!! #StaySlothy

  • Crab

    Where's the album though?

  • Stitchiot

    Make a hoodie that says “I’ll push you”

  • hehnny

    Blaze please shower your face is so greasy and your pours are getting filled with muck and breaking out. CLEAN YOUR FACE MY DUDE. Youd think this man would learn after having achne for years

  • 72bpm

    i fucking hate blaze now he thinks he is a legitimate musician with talent. He ACTUALLY thinks he can sing when he literally doesn’t even go in a scale and “talk sings” and used immense amount of pitch correction. And for u idiots that are gonna comment defending this TERRIBLE artist, yes he did lower the terrible autotune, but pitch correction and autotune are VERY diff and he uses A LOT of pitch correction it’s fucking sad.

  • Kaleb H
    Kaleb H

    Truly happy for u man 🔥🙏🏽

  • Abdur Rafay
    Abdur Rafay

    Can I get an f in the chat for this man. F

  • Riley Stull
    Riley Stull

    Like if in 2020 faze clan should all move back in together

  • Divinewolf745


  • Fonzo

    Eat more PROTEIN and CARBS. Then you’ll get big. Literally stuff yourself with those for a while and then do a bunch of cardio and eat loads of protein and cut the carbs when you’re bigger and you’ll lose the excess fat and reveal your newly found muscles.

  • jackie urbieta
    jackie urbieta

    Stop dating Jarvis is ex girlfriend

  • LazzyButt1234

    Fuck all the haters blaze get back on your grind hommie

  • Josh-_-

    I remember waiting until 5:00 Pacific time to see the new blaze video

  • Mr Golden9062
    Mr Golden9062

    Blaze prank carnigton

  • Drago mokeymanman
    Drago mokeymanman

    Can I plase try out for faze

  • Hidden in plain Sight
    Hidden in plain Sight

    Why does this video have like an xcodeh vibe to it😂

  • Michael Bush
    Michael Bush

    Are u Christian

  • Nulu

    Yo good shit rolling Steve’s woods

  • phenomenological paradox
    phenomenological paradox

    please come back...

  • klarbrunn can
    klarbrunn can

    the most disappointing faze member everyone els turned out ok but fuck this guy

  • Fancy

    Everyone like this comment so Blaze will know to put down the mic and pick up the controller

  • iamcolejensen

    Stream league blaziken!!!

  • BuffaloMeat

    Yo make some league vids lmfao