What the HELL is Fish Police?
I can't believe that this show was actually a thing
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---Art of the Week---

  • Saberspark

    FISH bewbs

    • •/ Victor \•
      •/ Victor \•

      Tiddie fish A fish with tits

    • Dumb Mcsuck
      Dumb Mcsuck

      T H I C C fish

    • HTF Shifty TV
      HTF Shifty TV

      @Splendit HTF hI Splendid!

    • juicy juice
      juicy juice

      Bewbs ew

    • Six

      "Aqua mans little fishy"

  • Shadow 1233's Corner
    Shadow 1233's Corner

    Tourette Guy: Damn these fish are hard as TITS.

  • Katie Whittier
    Katie Whittier


  • Major Luz
    Major Luz

    Angel and Pearl have a very homoerotic rival vibe and idk whether i love it or hate it

  • CSGraves

    Family Dog was actually a spinoff of an episode of Amazing Stories.

  • A Rock.
    A Rock.

    Admit it, you only clicked to see the titty fish.

  • tray pendland
    tray pendland

    Fish Police: #FishTits Paheal: "😎It's free real estate"


    Fish tit make me horny

  • Drew Bell Pictures
    Drew Bell Pictures

    You had me at Tim Curry!

    • Sydney Hamilton
      Sydney Hamilton

      I Was Swooned By Sharkster (Tim Curry's Character) www.deviantart.com/sydneypie/art/Sharkster-820572482

  • Abigail

    Tittie fishie

  • woofdispenser

    t i t t y f i s h

  • Kurt Wagner
    Kurt Wagner

    I just remembered that I watched Family dog and Capitol critters as kid! But I never heard of Fish Police?

  • Ichijopaniponi

    I think I remember watching this when I was a kid, but I had no idea it was an adult cartoon.

  • Sydney Hamilton
    Sydney Hamilton

    5:38 I Was Swooned By Sharkster (Tim Curry's Character) www.deviantart.com/sydneypie/art/Sharkster-820572482

  • Star Stuff
    Star Stuff

    this movie looks like shark tale and jessica rabbit had a fish baby.

    • Sydney Hamilton
      Sydney Hamilton

      More Like Shark Tale Meets Bioshock. I Picture Calamari Teaming Up With Andrew Ryan

  • V. M.
    V. M.

    I remember watching this and capitol critters. I have no idea why my brain decided to keep that as a memory instead of calculus but it did

  • Panzor of the lake
    Panzor of the lake

    The intierty of the water population wanted me to tell you this: what is wrong with you

  • Sydney Hamilton
    Sydney Hamilton

    Fish Police Is Like Shark Tale

  • Natasha

    all I could think about for this show is "Are these the same people who made Ozzy and Drix???"

  • Super Colgate Nibba
    Super Colgate Nibba

    Shark tales 2

  • Shade That Demon Cat
    Shade That Demon Cat

    “In the comic-“ *bitch when was there a fucking comic and where did it come from*

  • Tagisha

    The show gave me heavy Shark Tales vibe lmao

    • Sydney Hamilton
      Sydney Hamilton

      More Like Shark Tale Meets Bioshock. I Picture Calamari Teaming Up With Andrew Ryan

  • MonstrousPegasister

    Where did that opening song come from?

  • Goku

    this is one of these videos when i need bleach

  • dog dog
    dog dog

    the dog from family dog looks like the dog from Frankie dog, I don't know the name

    • Star Stuff
      Star Stuff

      frankiweenie? he reminded me of him too.

  • House of leaves
    House of leaves

    God I havent heard murderface sing titty fish in the loooongest child!

  • Stephen Doyle
    Stephen Doyle

    Fish Police made for kids would just be Sharky and George tr-my.net/watchvideo/video-HwqQclvmC68.html

  • Blood Snow
    Blood Snow

    Damn yous a sexy FISH

  • David Gonzalez
    David Gonzalez

    Family dog "pilot" was a one shot on the weekly show "Amazing Stories"

  • Trenton Fowler
    Trenton Fowler

    Nice Metalocalypse clip, William Murderface writes the best acoustic songs...

  • flo4real_

    Oh god, Saber isn’t only a Furry, he’s a Scaly as well

  • MengaPlay

    Anyone remember that show "the oblongs"?

  • MengaPlay

    Lol William murderface in the beginning had me laughing 😂

  • Noey Jaee
    Noey Jaee

    This kinda reminds me of sonic underground, which only ran for one season. You should check it out.

  • JBR Steel
    JBR Steel

    SaberSpark: I found Fish Police by accident Also SaberSpark: searches Fish cosplay as police on pornhub

  • Traumaqueenamy

    An overly sexual anthropomorphic cartoon character named Angel. Now why is that so familiar? I believe there "hazbin" a character like that in another picture show. 😏

  • You fell for it
    You fell for it

    Why was '80s animation so fucking dark?

  • Eve Death4
    Eve Death4

    17:47 omg someone PLEASE tell me what cartoon is that, the design looks cool, PLEASE

  • crash 147
    crash 147

    you have convinced me to walk down the road Road 34

  • TrashPanda06

    Love that la noire music you put in during the comic book section.

  • Dr. Alto Clef
    Dr. Alto Clef

    Tits. A fish. Fish with tits. Titty fish.

  • Ortspoon 127
    Ortspoon 127

    *Fish cheeks*

  • Maniac Sztrekson
    Maniac Sztrekson

    The great thing about this is I've watch this as a kid :P and I loved it. It was broadcasted on a local network at first and then on Cartoon Network, when it finally appeard in my country. And, yes it was thought to be a kids show, and yes the sex jokes were translated. But I could've sworn there were more episodes then three. Maybe my memory is not that good anymore :P Nevertheless- great show, would like to see a reboot or somthing.

  • vynat draco
    vynat draco

    So... you're a scaly?

  • Nick Hall
    Nick Hall

    No troy McClure jokes?where are they?

  • Matt St. Marie
    Matt St. Marie


  • Matt St. Marie
    Matt St. Marie

    Remember Duckman.

  • Outlawed Outlaw
    Outlawed Outlaw

    I see where Tim burton got his inspiration for frankenweenie

  • Bobbie Pink
    Bobbie Pink

    Fish Police aired on CBS

  • Jefrma

    I really liked this show when I was lil. Sue me lol

  • Not Your Everyday Timelord
    Not Your Everyday Timelord

    Your fanart is always fucking hilarious

  • Miss Alice
    Miss Alice

    Haha! Joke's on you! I saw this show on Cartoon Network when I was 9 and the sex jokes completely flew over my head!

  • fαllєиχαиgєl

    A f i s h w i t h t i t s T I T T Y F I S H

  • oblivexx

    Who currently owns the rights, then send this review to the studio.

  • oblivexx

    As a kid I would have just seen a fish cut a girls dress and wouldn't bat an eye. As an adult I would see the sexuality. Yes some kids are smart enough to see that but I fall in the percentages that would probably would have missed that.

  • oblivexx

    I don't even hear Tim currey as the shark, and I'm going off his natural voice from scary movie 2 and home alone 2, even Muppets: treasure island.

  • Erkko

    Heh, kinda feels like a show you put on for a backround noise and then give it a glance once in a while

  • Jolly Production
    Jolly Production


  • Arishia Koneko
    Arishia Koneko

    It failed so hard because the people who were interested in it were fans of the comic... and it was nothing like the comic. The main character in the comic was, apparently, not good enough for the show. In the comic, Gil is a rather incompetent detective who was actually a human who woke up one day as a fish. There's several panels of him trying to figure out why fish have stairs... and how to use them. He spends a lot of time trying to figure out how to get back to being human. Instead of using him, they swapped him with a dumb pretty-boy cop named Bass and renamed the real Gil to... you guessed it, Detective Catfish. John Ritter's voice was perfect for the comic version of Gil, it just doesn't sound right at all on Bass. I had such high hopes when this show aired... and came away completely offended. Swapping Gil for Bass alone was a deal breaker... and then there was the rest.

  • Raven Valentine
    Raven Valentine

    i was thinking its a Shark Tale ripoff bu holly shit it came BEFORE THAT ?

    • Sydney Hamilton
      Sydney Hamilton

      More Like Shark Tale Meets Bioshock. I Picture Calamari Teaming Up With Andrew Ryan

  • Black_hour 124
    Black_hour 124

    The most impressive part of this video is how many clips involving fish titties he managed to find outside the context of this show

  • Chloe Kara
    Chloe Kara

    were like an old married couple. my final message. goodbye

  • Gacha_ Cat
    Gacha_ Cat

    Fish, a fish with tits *titty fish*

  • Avon V.
    Avon V.

    Fish wit tits

  • Spencer Decker
    Spencer Decker

    4:45 don’t you mean- JOE FIGURE?!

  • Hernan Romero
    Hernan Romero


  • Six

    10:53 yep they knew what they were doing if they add jiggle

  • Six

    10:45 wait does he actually say that wow

  • Six


  • Six

    Never thaught i'd say this but. Fish tits?