What the HELL is Stripperella? (Stan Lee's FAILED Adult Cartoon)
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Of course Stan Lee made this, that guy was wild lol
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  • Saberspark

    This was a biiiiig video. Btw, some of the visuals and bits of audio are garbled up in the video. Had trouble converting the footage for this video. Thanks Spike TV!

    • Booper Boops
      Booper Boops

      Hey Saberspark, would you ever consider reviewing the 2004 movie Home on the range? I was a big fan of it growing up. I would love to see your thoughts on it!

    • MrEggNog

      Have You Ever Talked About A 3D CG Adult Comedy Called Tripping The Rift? Cause I Have All But One More Season Which Is Quite Expensive For Some Reason. I Hope You Can Cover This I Think Obscure Adult 3D CG Comedy.

    • Sweetie the Wolf
      Sweetie the Wolf

      Do you think you will do a review for Gary the Rat one day 🤨👐

    • Aaron Nicholson
      Aaron Nicholson

      Sad to see Stan Lee go I hope marvel keep going up. Because D.C. is going down. as. The bad. Movie

    • Aaron McKenzie Powell
      Aaron McKenzie Powell

      Saberspark TBN

  • Leland March
    Leland March

    You sound gay as fuck

  • that one guy
    that one guy

    She's agent 69

  • vjollila96

    oh yes Stan Lee was a man of culture as well

  • Diego Thehunter
    Diego Thehunter

    Hay comment section my friend wants to know we’re he can watch this my friend doesn’t like typing so he told me to type it for him

  • Douglas McDade
    Douglas McDade

    They could reboot this show if the execution was done right and Disney sold the rights to another company...

  • spongebob fortnitepants
    spongebob fortnitepants

    You can see a mamarie gland for a short period of time between minute3:57 and minute 3:58.

  • C V
    C V

    How did you not get demonized

  • Jose De Leon
    Jose De Leon

    Another example of good idea, poor execution

  • cartoon man
    cartoon man

    I don't think the series failed.

  • Coral McNaughton
    Coral McNaughton

    Alright, say what you will, but I chuckled at the special agent 14 joke.

  • awesome_gamer

    Jesus this is one hour

  • Jessie James Tan
    Jessie James Tan

    She is also calld "Agent 69" lol

  • ً


  • Gerald Brooks III
    Gerald Brooks III

    17:14 If you look around this timestamp, the censor bar disappears

  • stapuft

    This was one of the first things I jerked it to, I loved that it was shown on tv uncensored.

  • Swagnic The HentaiHeaven God
    Swagnic The HentaiHeaven God

    Stan Lee was a fucking Chad

  • City Guard
    City Guard

    This shouldn’t have failed It was Stan lee! The man could sell us our own shoes and we would buy it up.

  • Jeffy Ng
    Jeffy Ng

    Imagine if Striperella was an Avenger 🤣

  • Elias Ottoman
    Elias Ottoman

    I am a blind fool that thinks everything Stan Lee made was perfect.

  • Jose Medina
    Jose Medina


  • D L
    D L

    When I first watched this, I was at a sleepover under my coat on a couch

  • Kawaii Universe
    Kawaii Universe

    The people who made this cartoon: *Make the main character so hot the men would want to pry their dirty hands all over them* Also them: *WE WANT MEN TO WATCH THIS!*

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    Just Out of Frame Movie Reviews

    Tubular Boobular Joy.

  • Alpharius omegon
    Alpharius omegon

    Hello saberspark could consider doing a review of (Akumi) since you seem to like weird lesser known possibly nswf animations/ animated movies or shows. Akumi is a sci-fi fanasty epic of shorts released by (channel fredator on their TR-my channel in 2006 )with other shorts to help promot lesser known animators and creators. Alumni’s creator (Milton pool later known as Alan Smithee) (a animator at Cartoon Network and a game dev at artifex entertainment) and was (blacklisted) from ever working with any animated studio in future after channel fredator ran a uncensored cut of his animation without reviewing if his animation was suitable or not and at the time it had levels of nswf (similar to castlvaina 2017). Currently Milton pool after changing his name to Alan smithee to retain his job at being a game developer well experimenting with nswf content has worked on trying make time for version of Akumi not nsfw in form of (Akumi extreme. Notes: 1 has art style similar to gorillaz 2 most of my info comes from new grounds 3 this very hard to find deep web searching needed 4 I would appreciate it if did do this for a fellow fan

  • Amy Rice
    Amy Rice

    New game: drink every time Saberspark forgets something 😂

  • Amy Rice
    Amy Rice

    Her hair has to be big, to make up for her lack of personality 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Banana Bird
    Banana Bird

    What the hell

  • paketti nalle
    paketti nalle

    17:16 boop

  • Dank Marston
    Dank Marston

    Died just like Stan Lee

  • Harris Syed
    Harris Syed

    If this cartoon was made today in the superhero movie/TV show boom it would be way more successful and have a slightly different cast.

  • striderbri1

    Let us not forget that the rival strip club owner is voiced by none other than Vincent K. McMahon of WWE fame.

  • YeeYeeRat

    Is 8:31 the coronel ? 🤨 🍗

  • Nieves Acevedo
    Nieves Acevedo

    Hey, excelsior is the motto of the state I live in, New York!

  • Nieves Acevedo
    Nieves Acevedo

    Born in 2011, how do you think I know who she is?!!

  • Nieves Acevedo
    Nieves Acevedo

    Stan Lee is the best.

  • TheJadeFist

    I never watched this show, but from this review a few things. Did she parachute with her hair? Special Agent 14 actually kinda made me laugh. I expected a Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back reference with that queen character, who why for the love of god did they make her so hideous, that completely kills the sex pun by being revolting? Imagine if James Bond was chasing deformed 1/10's with sex pun names, it just wouldn't work lol.

  • Lampost Samurai
    Lampost Samurai

    It's called a domino mask.

  • satireknight

    I can only imagine the howling screeching OUTRAGE!!!!!!! if today a channel said it was intended for men, and included shows about strippers. Honestly, this series feels kind of like it COULD have been really clever and subversive and maybe even meta, and it just... wasn't quite there. It was just kinda gross and tacky and sometimes offensive, but it was close to being more. Someone could have done this right, especially with a good lead voice actress. Especially since they had some good ideas for villains, like Cheapo! Also, I want to see Stripperella join the Avengers. Re: the lawsuit, I think it is possible that "stripper who's a secret agent" might have been said to Stan Lee, but unless the stripper mentioning the idea oh-so-casually also included stuff like outlines and character profiles or other stuff that's more specific than a five-word summary, I don't think it's valid to say he ripped her off.

  • Presi Gomez
    Presi Gomez

    30:08 N I C E

  • Usernames don’t exist
    Usernames don’t exist

    She’s agent 69 Nice

  • Young Prunejuice
    Young Prunejuice

    Agent 14 is a mood

  • Inventor Luis
    Inventor Luis

    14:33 mr. potato head!!! 😂😂😂

  • Jay Pee
    Jay Pee

    Yes! I’m so glad you brought up the link between Cheapo and the Monarch - I saw it right off the bat. Hell, 1 even looks like Gary when he’s still still Henchman 21, fat and a bit ditzy. Hell, come to think of it, in some instances Striperella even looks a bit like Dr. Girlfriend (albeit with blonde hair).

  • Avocado11

    First half animation: American superhero look Second half animation: Anime hero look, like Angel Blade but not nearly as well animated.

  • Kotik Lap
    Kotik Lap

    The clitoris jokes are actually solid gold tho

  • phantom_phanatic

    Cheapo looks like John C. Reilly as Larten Crepsley in Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant. Just sayin-

  • Nikki Smith
    Nikki Smith

    So, are we just going to ignore the fact that Colonel Sanders was in the show at 8:21 and 8:31

  • Windows Vista
    Windows Vista


  • Queennar Mambi
    Queennar Mambi

    8:31 omg is the guy from KFC ! !!!!😂

  • Ghost Betrayed
    Ghost Betrayed

    Stripper Ella is just Tinkerbell as an adult

  • Kanekoya

    Ahhh the Spanish & Asian Bible channels are iconic.

  • Sunzu49

    LOL, I've always been aware of this show, but never about the Backstreet Boys as superheroes!

  • alan Nolan
    alan Nolan

    he wanted to make and american hentai with out all the XXX scenes bad move its not an adult anime nor kids anime no body likes it

  • alan Nolan
    alan Nolan

    not enough nudes and adult scenes


    The fact Deadpool was not in this show is a crime against humanity

  • Nicholas Knudson
    Nicholas Knudson

    I swear, Cheapo actually seems like a Venture Bros character.

  • I am Fluffeh
    I am Fluffeh

    2:32 saber throwin in that penis music

  • Phoenix Whiler
    Phoenix Whiler

    Why was the black guy censored

  • Robyn Mazzurco
    Robyn Mazzurco

    I haven’t seen stripperella in fucking YEARS

  • Beefaroni Bert
    Beefaroni Bert

    stripperella went from batman the animated series style to "grandma got run over by a reindeer", in the worst possible way. also erotica jones and Veronica jones possibly living in the same universe is just mind boggling.

  • Beefaroni Bert
    Beefaroni Bert

    0:43 *MEL*

  • BrightestNight

    God Said Your Good At Creating Universes to kid except that 1 cartoon yeah u kinda messed up with that

  • Dominique Catron
    Dominique Catron

    Stripperella walked so Black Widow could run.

  • Timothy Morgan
    Timothy Morgan

    22:58 im crying 😂😂😂


    yeah there's like 4 or episodes that I watch from it and that's it. the main issue that it failed was because it was a 2000's cartoon. as you pointed out most of it was creative clashing, honestly I would have kicked pamila off and got actual talent to help the crew but the other thing was that it was being done in a fresh studio branch. what I would have changed up would to go back to the red head design, play up the fact she's a stripper when the spy stuff isn't happening and insert a heavy dose of smart into the dirty lowbrow humor while parodying the genres its based on. I keep the boss the same though. still those are my two cents and I'm not even sure who actually owns the rights to Stripperella but for what its worth it at lease has moments of worth

  • Chunelle Maria Victoria Espanol
    Chunelle Maria Victoria Espanol

    9:21 =It sounds disgusting... Like Pedo-sounding!!!

  • Chunelle Maria Victoria Espanol
    Chunelle Maria Victoria Espanol

    8:34 = I SEE KFC!!!!

  • Ryna Kagamine-chxn
    Ryna Kagamine-chxn

    She looks like Harley Quinn tbh

    • Ryna Kagamine-chxn
      Ryna Kagamine-chxn

      or maybe even Barbie

  • DonnaTheHag *
    DonnaTheHag *

    8:32 why the hell is Colonel Sanders here?