Which BEST FRIEND Goes MISSING First? (Worst GAME MASTER Disguise Wins) | Rebecca Zamolo
Rebecca Zamolo
Rebecca Zamolo along with her best friend Matt and Daniel go in disguise to attend a top secret meeting for the GMI.
Which BEST FRIEND Recreates the WORST Norris Nuts TIK TOK *Mystery TR-myr Judges* tr-my.net/watchvideo/video-r1ARdmVYiEc.html
Rebecca Zamolo went in disguise with her husband Matt and best friend Daniel for this top secret challenge. Rebecca and Matt are trying to trick the Game Master incorporated by sneaking into a top secret meeting to join the gmi. Today, Rebecca and her best friends must hurry to grab their diy diguises, They immediately notice the top secret meeting is the same building when they were spying on the game master for 24 hours. The first round of auditions is with girls and Rebecca asks them questions about the mysterious gmi. Lisa reveals her friend joined them a few months ago and then went missing. She wants to join the GMI so she can find the truth about her friend. Inside the audition Rebecca uses her spy gadget camera to record the mystery meeting. After each recruit shows their spy ninja skills and hacker skills the GMI agent pick who wins. Daniel and matt are able to hack into the GMI camera but lose quickly lose connection. Rebecca is the first winner and they lock her inside a hidden room. Matt and Daniel are the worst in their groups do not win their role. After realizing Rebecca is missing they must decide on a plan to rescue her. Do you think Rebecca’s disguise worked or will the GMI trap her? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!
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    24 hour

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    24 hours desis srade

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    I have a creepy mask and practice on my brother to fight them and he has the game master mask

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