Who is the Strongest FaZe Member? - Challenge
FaZe Clan
We're back at the FaZe House today to see which FaZe member is the strongest...enjoy!
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    15:25 look at the dog

  • Nick Lucido
    Nick Lucido

    It’s not 225

  • Theo Laws
    Theo Laws

    clearly it shows when jarvis dropped out of school, he could,nt do PE

  • Pohakea Wilson
    Pohakea Wilson

    Alex kid don’t even know how to do pull ups

  • Ima PhaQ
    Ima PhaQ

    jarvis didn’t even bench that🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Aubrey M
    Aubrey M

    Sit on there laps lol haha😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Óli Vang
    Óli Vang


  • Óli Vang
    Óli Vang


  • Floodz

    Cheo was the only one touching chest

  • Diego Zuniga
    Diego Zuniga

    Look at the dog at 15:25 😂

  • Jacob Chapman
    Jacob Chapman

    ain’t even do a real rep😭

  • Leonardo Banuelos
    Leonardo Banuelos

    FaZe Kay is going to win I know that Love you Kay❤️❤️❤️

    • Leonardo Banuelos
      Leonardo Banuelos

      I Love Kay

  • Nadeem H
    Nadeem H

    Tf are these pull-ups if they’re doing full range of motion no one would do more then 8 if they did 8 😂

  • Andre Mendoza
    Andre Mendoza

    When apex did the pull ups and the 16th that he did the scream LOL 😂 😭

  • tyla highgye
    tyla highgye

    i think jarvis and tequo

  • André Persson
    André Persson

    Wtf are those pullups not even one rep😂

  • Visight

    Adapt was using leg momentum

  • Visight

    Cheo was the only one who benched properly

  • yungfilayyy 2K
    yungfilayyy 2K

    there is no way that was 225

  • Chance

    "Were going to start at 225" Im sorry what?

  • FreeCandyAndy

    "Clean Reps"

  • Thegamingreaper

    My future is gonna be a bodybuilder

  • Armaan Harbans
    Armaan Harbans

    Hit your fucking chest and tell Nikon to learn how to spot😂😂

  • Joevanni Lopez
    Joevanni Lopez

    What the fuck are you guys doing counting half reps as full reps

  • ATLA lover Yt
    ATLA lover Yt

    whos watching afterjarvis is perma banned

  • Augustinas

    Its shit reps pull ups are so fucking bad :D

  • Ryan Townhill
    Ryan Townhill

    i mean i don’t rlly thing those count as reps but ight

  • Andy Pandy
    Andy Pandy

    16:10 what in the fuck was that

  • Al Capone
    Al Capone

    How the hell do this guys have a gym with that form, what are they doing

  • Ethan Aranda
    Ethan Aranda

    Chest Press!

  • FlyItsJunior 1
    FlyItsJunior 1

    Who else thought at 0:19 kay and nikan were holding hands

  • Bryan Ramos
    Bryan Ramos

    Trash video bring rain back

  • Highlight Mix
    Highlight Mix

    Ur all going half a rep

  • roy cheung
    roy cheung

    8:33 that guy with phone doesnt even has his legs 90 degrees...

  • Ивайло Димов
    Ивайло Димов

    i was looking around to find the reps

  • Asta Rulez
    Asta Rulez

    I couldn’t imagine buying all this gym equipment but not even being able to do the workouts correctly

  • Leven 727
    Leven 727

    Go all the way down and up on pull ups & curls. Gotta Touch the chest when you bench, you guys would get less weight but more respect because of proper form

  • Kyle Gallagher
    Kyle Gallagher

    Most those pull ups weren’t even pull ups

  • Marcus Ortega
    Marcus Ortega

    Who films a

  • ZONE Vway_YT
    ZONE Vway_YT

    I like how am watching them exercising than me watching them eating a lot of tac bell😂

  • Boogie_Brad

    Those bicep curls hurt me

  • YaBoiCC

    I got 1:13 on the wall thing xF

  • 24hours

    whenever bench pressing, you gotta go down to your chest. 😖

  • Puff LeStuff
    Puff LeStuff


  • Andrew Coleman
    Andrew Coleman

    You said 4 months

  • Andrew Coleman
    Andrew Coleman

    That punch stand that apex punched it probably weighs more than him and taller

  • Ryan Rowe
    Ryan Rowe

    Jarvis didn’t even go half way down on bench😭😭nobody touched there chest lmao

  • Nightmare Strike
    Nightmare Strike

    yall are trash at lifting this hurt my eyes watching

  • Yaser Ahmed
    Yaser Ahmed

    The only one that rlly did the pull-ups good were teaquo or whatever his name is lmao and temperr

  • Tommy Klemesrud
    Tommy Klemesrud

    Idk if that was 225

  • The European Fisherman
    The European Fisherman

    No full extension on pull ups

  • tupac shakeer
    tupac shakeer

    Terrible bench press by jarvis

  • Mmm Hmm
    Mmm Hmm

    15:33 when skinny fat guys think they’re strong and healthy

  • JuSt_Nise

    adapts chin did not even go over the bar one of the times

  • Jay Szy
    Jay Szy

    Not even any full reps

  • RTS Clan
    RTS Clan

    I’m betting on teeqo he’s been working out consistently for so long and he’s making great progress

  • Droidz Designs
    Droidz Designs

    A lot of half reps lmao

  • Jay Zbieszkowski
    Jay Zbieszkowski

    Teeqo and Apex actually did good pull ups I respect it

  • Jay Zbieszkowski
    Jay Zbieszkowski

    *Bad form has entered the chat

  • Maddox G
    Maddox G

    Only one that did pullups right were frazier

  • liam thorpe
    liam thorpe

    Lol pull ups they wernt doing it right

  • SETH

    How can people who don't even work out bench 225

  • Hamzeh Yousef
    Hamzeh Yousef

    Where tf is faze rain

  • Chrontard

    zero, zero, zero, zero.....

  • Daniel Garcia
    Daniel Garcia

    Weak ass boiiis thay form is dog shit

  • Nick Ankeny
    Nick Ankeny

    Elbows on the knees too for the wall sits and some of them went for 30 sec which is nothin

  • Nick Ankeny
    Nick Ankeny

    That was the worst form I have ever seen, halfway down or not all the way up. Oh my that was bad. But I could still beat most of them with GOOD form

  • Gabriel Longsoldier
    Gabriel Longsoldier

    it irks me how that dude was spotting their bench 🤝

  • Let's Talk Financial Freedom
    Let's Talk Financial Freedom

    First time I have watched a faze video since the MW2 days. I am beyond disappointed in what this has turned into. Faze housecat would not be pleased

    • Chok0 lowks
      Chok0 lowks


  • DaPochongo

    0,0,0,0, saludos yerai xd