Why I Don't Like Reading
Jaiden Animations
does this make me dumb :(

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  • DanceDragon RL
    DanceDragon RL

    I LOVE the Molly Moon books... well... I have only read one ot them and it was quite good... I wad 8 and my friend had recommended it to me. Molly Moon's Incredible Book of Hypnotism I miss that book... now I am reminiscing sadly Dang it.

  • TemptedByArtJewelry

    why is this video reminding me of sonic the hedgehog? wut?

  • Jadel Labradoodle251
    Jadel Labradoodle251

    Don't even start reading a horror novel, it will make you scared for life !.

  • kevinluca's aura
    kevinluca's aura

    Try wimpy kid it is very easy and watch my pokemon vids and my code is SW-7545-5376-8206

  • Darcy Scollo
    Darcy Scollo

    I also liked reading I red maze runner, hunger games, five nights at Freddy’s series and then we had to read boring old books that me and none of my freinds liked and we r like bruh dis book makes no sense and is as boring as bricks

  • Switch Buddies
    Switch Buddies

    Ik that Keurig is a trademark but if you translate it from Dutch to English it means neat

  • Almond Milkッ
    Almond Milkッ

    I also don't like reading :)

  • The BoneShadows
    The BoneShadows

    4:22 He-Man is on the wall. Yippee! :)

  • Kira Tastic
    Kira Tastic

    Jaiden: I don’t like reading, and I have a cat allergy. Me, cuddling my cat: Same here.

  • Sabahat Fatima
    Sabahat Fatima

    I really like the famous five series (I am 10) but because of quarantine I literally can't read the rest of my books. Oh yeah I also read the whole harry potter series faster than a seventh grader

  • Abby Wolf
    Abby Wolf

    One school project they said you can pick whatever book you want and we were all SO EXCITED then they handed us a list of weird 1800’s books to choose from

  • Mia Pasallo
    Mia Pasallo

    The life of a person that likes reading is literally me-

  • Kim Yeontan
    Kim Yeontan

    Jaiden: *doesn’t like reading* Me: *reads the subtitles*

  • MEGA sonic Hedgehog
    MEGA sonic Hedgehog

    She is not the only one that does not like reading

  • deep Toxx
    deep Toxx

    i hate reading and everyone has to burn school and books

  • deep Toxx
    deep Toxx


  • deep Toxx
    deep Toxx


  • deep Toxx
    deep Toxx


  • deep Toxx
    deep Toxx


  • Elissa Bjurbo
    Elissa Bjurbo


  • Snøwy

    Literally, who in the world says “funky”? XD

  • Hansel Martinez
    Hansel Martinez


  • Phyllis Davis
    Phyllis Davis

    books are leaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam

  • Carrot Banshee
    Carrot Banshee

    Read Greek mythology comics there just called zues or Poseidon

  • Carrot Banshee
    Carrot Banshee

    I actually read molly moon in third grade I liked it

  • Dragon

    May 4 2018 is when Jadien became a furry- think I'm lying? Pause the video at 1:12 and look at the wall of text, somewhere above Jaidens elbow will be my PROOF.

  • Unhappy Person
    Unhappy Person

    I usually get into a book series and then the next book sucks

  • Sugar Blossom
    Sugar Blossom

    I mean this is so true I loved reading warrior cats and then my mother assigned a book called "call of the wild and I had to write a FULL essay I didn't finish and to this day my mother still doesn't know😂 also it was the same with Nancy drew I HATE that book

  • I'm a creepypasta Qween
    I'm a creepypasta Qween

    Would you play Roblox or do you already play Roblox just wondering and also if you were going to do a book suggestions I pray do Wings of Fire book 1 to 5

  • Alex Mckinstry
    Alex Mckinstry

    When people are in a middle of a book Yea its good I need to finish ie Now me Me : yea I love it I am at the end Friend : yea I loved the way they didn't end up together because they were a bad match Me : sleep with one eye open when you sleep 😠😠

  • Anonygames450

    i like books with pictures too :D

  • Anonygames450


  • Alpha Dimurea
    Alpha Dimurea

    Im an extrovert so I'm literally freaking out of boredom

  • yy bi
    yy bi

    I read for 5 hours straight in my bedroom, and it was super relaxing, and then we have this book report, and we are forced to read a boring book called bridge to Terabithia, and I never read again that week.

  • diangelo terrana
    diangelo terrana

    I feel you're pain but, not the allergy

  • big boi
    big boi

    Through out all of my school year, i was forced to stare at words which is not epik

  • Autumn Harden
    Autumn Harden


  • Jillian Bruner
    Jillian Bruner

    I like how you color your hair and brain only but its fine I'm not judgeing

  • Dellena Ender dragon
    Dellena Ender dragon

    What’s the go with saying I might use that parenting technique or is that for your bird 😂🤣😅😂🤣 sorry is just I’m imagining your bird dancing on the book then pooping on it and the bird rips it up🤣😂😅🤣😂😅😅😂😂🤣🤣😅😅😂😂😅😂😂😅🤣😂😅😂🤣😅😂🤣😅😂😅😂😅🤣😂

  • shabnomnom

    this. this speaks to me. forced reading (though my parents never "made" me - it was alllll english class) ruined reading for me and i hardly ever read for fun anymore. my seventh(?) grade english teacher forcing us to read the hobbit one chapter at a time while taking ludicrously detailed notes was probably the final nail in that coffin.

  • Swede that Bleed
    Swede that Bleed

    Yee yee!

  • Archie Nicholas
    Archie Nicholas

    Reading sucks butt hole

  • Meadow Settembrino
    Meadow Settembrino

    i love reading especially the serries by the authers the erins like survivors and warrior cats

  • backedpuma king_of_fire
    backedpuma king_of_fire

    I've been reading 300-page books in one day since 2nd grade I'm not trying to brag I just feel like I have to.

  • Wattler Meowzers
    Wattler Meowzers

    Geronimo Stilton!!! Those were my favourite novels I still own the first kingdom of fantasy with scribble hopper!!

  • Tomminator

    I started the Warriors book series some like a year ago. In like 6 months i read like 60 or 70 books of it (It has a main series line of like 35 or something and alot of side stories) And now i have nothing to read

  • Angela Drost
    Angela Drost

    Read where the red fern grows cry

  • Talha Tariq
    Talha Tariq

    this is pretty hilarious XD stared at the book, instead of reading

  • CrimeRBLX

    “Also, SUBSCRIBE TO PEWDIEPIE! There, i did my part. Not that everyone will read this but still” yay i found the text in the longest paragraph part

  • haista hitto
    haista hitto

    I'm now realizing how great finnish schools are damn

  • Luc Bastien
    Luc Bastien

    I think the reason kids don't like reading is because schools give you question packets bigger than the actual book

  • Joshua Playz
    Joshua Playz

    Who else started reading at 1:05 lol

  • Talon Playz
    Talon Playz

    I agree with most of this... BUT ANIMAL FARM IS A REALLY GOOD BOOK.

  • Pavle Ivanović
    Pavle Ivanović

    *A W O M A N*

  • TPL

    1:13 SUBSCRIBE TO PEWDIEPIE! (Above her head)

  • abra

    uhhh... why was jaiden talking about furries lol

  • Carmen Pas
    Carmen Pas

    Your right school should die

  • Tamar Weiss
    Tamar Weiss

    You detailed exactly why I LOATHED literature classes - I don't mind the stories (as long as they are not TOO boring), but being forced to analyze EVERY SINGLE GODDAMN DETAIL is annoying. And detailing it all into a test paper is a chore DX.

  • White 101
    White 101

    She showed the book of warrior cats

  • {Píňķ Đîâmøńđ}
    {Píňķ Đîâmøńđ}

    {I feel like making you Read makes you hate it}

  • Rachel Studios
    Rachel Studios

    Wait wait wait a damn second Is that... A WARRIORS BOOK IN THE INTO??? *happy waca fan noises*

  • flaming dragon
    flaming dragon

    1:08 uhh did anyone else read the whole thing.. cuz i did

  • T- Pose
    T- Pose

    I agree I really hate books I always get away by lying I act like I’m reading

    • T- Pose
      T- Pose

      And I don’t mind if you do read books it’s completely fine

    • T- Pose
      T- Pose

      It’s very of rare to see me actually read

  • Isay Marte
    Isay Marte

    This is literally my brother. I find it funny😅

  • Milka Nedelkovska
    Milka Nedelkovska

    I hate to read books too I do the same thing to the book I will take to read the hole book and then when I have to read it for school and I say to my mom and dad that I forgot everything in the book

  • Ri Yun
    Ri Yun

    Thats me

  • Antonio Emanuele Addis-Pilo
    Antonio Emanuele Addis-Pilo

    6:50 That is exactly what I did...

  • TitanicTNT

    Jaiden: Books. I don't like books. They're boring, causing of paper cuts, a school thing, and they are everywhere.

  • Noni 2004
    Noni 2004

    My therapist showed me a illustrated ledger of a indigenous person who went to one of those boarding schools

  • The silent gamer
    The silent gamer

    Read The Series of Unfortunate Events Jk don’t if you don’t wanna