Why Season 8 of Game of Thrones Doesn't Work
PSA Sitch
I know this aint my usual content but Season 8 Episode 3 of Game of Thrones the Battle of Winterfell really struck me in a bad way. I enjoyed it while I was watching it, until that ending. So inspiration struck and I made this. Hope you like it. PSA Sitch
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  • PSA Sitch
    PSA Sitch

    So my prediction of the everything works out ending was proven completely wrong. I assumed that would be the ending because nothing was being built or set up to go in a different direction. Silly me, it's my fault for being naive. I spent this whole video complaining about how D&D don't care about properly setting things up, I should have expected a completely out of nowhere left turn into crazy town. Part 2 now out! tr-my.net/watchvideo/video-wuiNRpeqg3A.html

    • Olivier Gelling
      Olivier Gelling

      @Doesn't Matter Yeah no that's not how that works. These guys were only forced by their motivation to fuck off away from GoT.

    • Doesn't Matter
      Doesn't Matter

      If the last couple seasons were great it might hurt the remaining book sales. If they're bad it might increase book sales for the good ending. Maybe this was deliberate or they were forced

    • Olivier Gelling
      Olivier Gelling

      They SUBVERTED your expectations. THAT MEANS ITS GOOD. DONT ARGUE.

    • Trixie T0xXx1k
      Trixie T0xXx1k

      @Bobby Bautista I should think so good sir! No one wants a spoon ,golden or otherwise shoved up the rear end. And 2-bit 'show-runners' deff wouldn't make an add spooning any better. If Emilio Clarke herself rode a dragon to me to deliver said golden ass spooning, I still would not be interested. I highly doubt any one else would think that was a positive alternative either. I mean 1) I think feeling violated was already the issue clearly a gold violation doesn't make it better 2) it makes me very curious how you came to this scenario to make your point. You could've said literally anything but you chose this 🤔

    • Osamathegamer

      I greatly disliked the way you pronounced Thanos..... Subscribed.

  • Roman Kalaj
    Roman Kalaj

    Editing here is great, undertale,dbs, invader zim, spongebob wtf 😂

  • 1st Michal
    1st Michal

    dont mock L.O.T.R you dipshit lowlife... that was a perfect franchise from begining to the end

  • Miranda Summerset
    Miranda Summerset

    Lol night king literally most useless character of all time What moronic writing

  • Doesn't Matter
    Doesn't Matter

    I think George Martin made them agree to not use his ending for the books so people will want to buy his books for a better ending. He had to agree to let them make the series and could've had those terms. After all Martin is the creator of all those smart cunning characters

  • MrDodo

    Completely retcon season 8, 7, 6, Restart at season 5. Grab George RR Martin and the best writers such as the ones who made lord of the rings etc and have them write seven more seasons. And also for gods sake give Daenerys purple eyes somehow! and also... a large pair of boobs perhaps? Cuz her boobs are tiny as fuck.

  • Matthew Wright
    Matthew Wright

    You could almost argue Bran isn't a main character lol

  • Sasw Bindari
    Sasw Bindari

    Why dragon of mother good for all the seasons... Making of the new world end the episode she became bad that's can not expecting

  • Mervat Salaama
    Mervat Salaama

    I loved the part of how the night king should have died and im gonna pretend that this is what actually happened lol

  • Nero 2x
    Nero 2x

    I honestly thought the way they set things up theon would've kimled the night king but this ending MAKES NO SENSE

  • ramzi karram
    ramzi karram

    Man you are wright at list if the episode was like haw you said it could made season 8 better even epic

  • Connor Iquada
    Connor Iquada

    “Thaneos” still hate it when people pronounce it like that

  • Petr Smolík
    Petr Smolík

    LOL, that team 4 star reference killed me xD gj

  • Dee Rush
    Dee Rush

    "That crazy bitch"? "That dumb black guy from BLACK PANTHER"? You're a regular little bigot, aren't you? Fuck you.

  • Dee Rush
    Dee Rush

    I'm sorry, but the problem I have with Thanos' motivation in "Infinity War" is that NO ONE had really pointed out how lame his idea was. Or irrelevant. The only person who came close to doing so was Gamora, yet all she did was vaguely hinted how irrelevant his goal was. She had failed to go into details on how his plan would not work. No one did. I'm not saying that Thanos would have given up on his plan if someone had confronted him with the truth. I doubt it very much. But I would have been more impressed if someone had pointed out the futility of Thanos' goal working long term and he, in a bout of stubbornness, would have dismissed those arguments and continue with his goal. Although Marvel didn't fully make the mistake with Thanos like Benioff and Weiss did with the Night King, their handling of Thanos wasn't that impressive.

  • Powell Lucas
    Powell Lucas

    After reading the comments from all these "brilliant" critics all I can say is: get fucked! People who lack the skill, talent, or imagination of this show's producers are akin to pygmies throwing stones at giants.

  • Juan José Marín Londoño
    Juan José Marín Londoño

    I've never seen or cared for this show, half of the time I don't even the understand what the criticism is about in terms of story cause I've never watched it, yet watching people shit on GoT is pretty therapeutic

  • Crimson Fuse
    Crimson Fuse

    To be fair I think Ramsay fought Jon outside because he thinks the north is watching and it would make him look weak if he stayed behind castle walls

  • Chappy

    Did this guy really just call the fight between Anakin and Obi Wan boring?!?! Shame....

  • Godspeed

    I think Theon should've been run through then the Night King keeps walking on and as he's about to kill Bran Theon stabs him the back killing him and then dying

  • Ed Dunbar
    Ed Dunbar

    I thought Jon should have been killed by the night king while saving Bran. Thus giving an explanation for why he was brought back to life. Bran should have been absolutely necessary to defeat the night king.

  • s sagar
    s sagar

    I agree on most of the points but fighting with Kings Landing after fighting Night Kings was actually a good script..Night king may be the most hyped character but the series was all about Game of Thrones where all characters have had fights,betrayal,arrogance,etc..This all needed to be placed one final time but yeah in a good way..Ep5 was not good..KL soldiers just surrendered. It should have been an epic fight scene...may be more epic than that of episode 3.

  • Yasser

    Sitch you should do more content like this , best video you made yet

  • TheChaoscard

    Yeeeahhhh...D&D “Ran Out” of book material

  • Mi_Dou

    onee of the worse things is thee elit troops thee OG's (white walkers didn''t) do sht didn't even get a kill it's like 0/20 kd and they were worse theen the zombies

  • Aliya Hajizada
    Aliya Hajizada

    So should I read the books?

  • algogy

    Arya killing the KN is the worst scene in history of television, stupid on so many levels! First, Arya's arc has nothing to do with the NK; Jon, Sam, Theon, even Dany are far more logical choices. But ok, let her kill him - but not this laughable, ridiculous, retarded way - teleporting/jumping behind him (his entire army is behind him ffs, did she jump over all of them?), then screaming like an idiot just to warn him, then he stare at her, instead to kill her instantly, like Theon (same sh*t as that undead giant at Lyanna, exactly the same episode, exactly the same D&D retarded and lazy writing). And then her cheap little trick, where are his lighting reflexes now? Instead why she didn't jump from the tree or something? Hey why not throwing knife at him? Why not use bow and arrow?? Imagine this scene: Theon's sacrifice is actually useful, he attacks the NK, NK stabs him, but Theon stand up again attacking him again; NK is surprised, impressed, curious, whatever, but while he is busy with Theon, Arya (lurking in the shadows behind Bran) aims at his blue eye. He finally realize she is there, but is too late. Boom! He is dead. Remember the scene from episode 1, the first scene with Arya and Bran ever? With bow and arrow training? Full circle. Or, or how about this one: NK is aproaching Bran, then Theon stand up again; NK stabs him again but Bran jumps from his wheelchair and stab NK! Nk is shocked and then he dies. 'What'?! you say. Here is the explanation: It wasn't Bran it was Arya (show canon: faceless assassins can use any face). Yes, Bran was marked, he is behind the tree or something, he switched places with Arya immediately before the NK arrives.

  • Preds72

    what i would have wanted to see 1- Arya tries to kill Jamie using one of her faces, only to have Bran stop her. 2- Jamie asks Bran why Tommen committed suicide and to learn the bitter truth. This where Bran's reply of "the things I do for love." better comes into play. 3- A cruel and bitter death for Cersei 4- the Golden Company being more than just a handful of extras 5- have the Night King the final battle 6- have Jon Snow being Aegon Targaryen actually mean something and that's just to start

  • ShawsOwn

    Theon's back stabbing the Night King would have worked on a few foreshadowed levels. The famous fight of Ned Vs Ser Arthur Dane ended with a friend back stabbing Dane, yet Ned got all the credit. So John getting all the credit while Then gets the kill would have been an echo to the fight that Legless the Bird Warger witnessed. This also would have shown a true progression from Theon, as his pride is now completely behind him. Then John FINALLY learns to just STFU and let a lie unite the peoples.

  • Alireza Nikravesh
    Alireza Nikravesh

    game of thrones movie sucks👎👎👎

  • hyou zan ren
    hyou zan ren

    The NK suppose be the main Villain that unite 7 kingdom!... This end is BS!!!

  • Jodie Bickerstaff
    Jodie Bickerstaff

    Technically the north is now independant making arya a princess so the prophecy kinda got filled

  • Piotr Dudała
    Piotr Dudała

    First of all: LotR had COMPLETE and GOOD book foundation before movie was made, and movie was for what.... 2 years in PREPRODUCTION ?

  • Kasino80

    Why did you have to propose the elite force of Arya, Tormund, Dondarion and the Hound?? Holy frick I would have LOVED that!!

  • Elsa Frost
    Elsa Frost

    bruh, i started watching in season 2 and my graduation papers were about the first three books. I graduated when season 3 was running, and I didn't watch it until AFTER my finals because I didn't want to get confused about details. My nerdy ass English teacher and my nerdy ass self were both big fans of the books and show, and how bad the final season(s) was I'm almost embarrassed about choosing the story. Hard to explain, but I feel like it was all a huge waste of time, especially if the books are going to be finished in the year 3000.

  • Heavenlyevl 1
    Heavenlyevl 1

    who knows what a razzie is? razzies.com & nominate your least favorite 'writers' for next years Golden Raspberry award for being shit and proud of it!

  • antigen4

    i think the commentator is COMPLETELY missing the point - it was meant as an allegory about America

  • AirsoftTim92

    Damn it, your idea about Jon and Theon tag-killing the Night King sounds so much better than what we got that I'm actually angry now. Except I'm imagining it more like Aragorn and Boromir's final scene in Fellowship.

  • rom guttman
    rom guttman

    Man this is so sad and frustrating, i hope they will watch it and cry


    Thats what We call in India - a Bollywood Movie, i e , everything great except without have a decent story . P.s - Fma - Brotherhood reference was epic

  • ilovewhisperers

    Fantastic analysis!!!!

  • TheShanicpower

    ”That dumb bad guy in the Black Panther movie” You should probably have chosen one of the villains that wasn’t actually fantastic.

  • Violet Broregarde
    Violet Broregarde

    2:28 who is that?

    • Scarlet29 Rose
      Scarlet29 Rose

      Rhian Johnson (ruined Star Wars)

  • Nike reck
    Nike reck

    How about Little Sam kills the Nightking or Gilly like he killed all their brother/nephew/cousin/uncle/whatevers

  • WillWin2407

    Dumb character from black Panther? You miss pronounced layered

  • Brainwash

    it did work. wonderfully. ur just not smart.

  • gabby cha
    gabby cha

    Even sam killing the night king would have been better

  • Dave Ellerton
    Dave Ellerton

    omg i know that music from turtles on the snes?

  • Wesley Hall
    Wesley Hall

    Im BEGGING millenials to look up the word "literally" before using it incorrectly. Literally doesnt mean "really". Or "alot". It means the LITERAL book version of word. So "erasing" would mean the LITERAL form of erasing = say....an "eraser" from a pencil actually...PHYSICALLY BEING ERASED. NOT "metaphorically" being erased the way he means it here. Almost EVERY time you kids say "literally" you're ACTUALLY meaning "metaphorically". But you've gotten used to hearing/using the word literally. Before you make a video proclaiming how dumb others are...at MINIMUM try to understand the basic words you plan to use. Perhaps spend the time you spent watching movies/TV picking up a book. Or dictionary. Or go to college like we did. #ughhhmillenials

  • Olivier Gelling
    Olivier Gelling

    You keep saying "Eragon". C'monnnn dude, Aragorn fought so hard for our Frodo and this is how you thank him?

  • Peregrination

    Love the 20 years from now jokes at the end.

  • Peregrination

    Always appreciate DBZAbridged references.

  • LuckyStarLord

    Dumb bad guy from Black Panther? You mean one of the best villains we've gotten from the MCU, Erik Killmonger? No problem bro, we all make mistakes.

    • Robert Baird
      Robert Baird

      LOL. No.

  • Patrick NEZ
    Patrick NEZ

    Omg! Hunter x Hunter actually reaching the dark continent! Lol! Ikr!

  • Patrick NEZ
    Patrick NEZ

    Great vid! I agree completely on the Dothraki scene. It only happened to provide a cool visual. AND was completely contradicted in a later scene. This is the type of great writing we can expect for SW? 🤮😵

  • AngelicusImmortus

    Let’s just jump to something - Dany as Evil Queen was set up from season two. It’s foretold, on tv, Arya will kill the Night King. Big summation at the end. Bran tells you the only reason he’s there to become King. He made Hodor a brainless slave, so why not fiddle events so he gets to be King. FYI. The events of Lord of the Rings in the books are over years, the film suggests weeks. Note: in the book Sam eventually goes to the grey havens as he did carry the ring and for a lot longer.

  • MotherTouching-Ninjas

    Jon came back from the dead for nothing he should of stayed dead

  • Matthew Cooper
    Matthew Cooper

    Wow. Less than a minute and a half and you proved that you have no idea what you're talking about. Not only is it clear that you don't actually understand military tactics just like almost everyone else who watched the show, but you clearly don't understand the prophecy if you say this decision shat on the prophecy.

    • Robert Baird
      Robert Baird

      You're an idiot.

  • BUckENbooz

    How many videos of "season 8 being shit" are we gonna get. I mean no disrespect, your simply voicing your unique opinion on it. At this points its just like "we get it. It was shit".

  • Deborah LePage
    Deborah LePage

    The Niight King made his specific "lieutenants" by taking infants and "infecting" them allowing those infected infants to become adults Didn't we see that if a lieutenant died, everyone that they specifically turned or that one of his walker zombies or wraiths or whatever they're called all drop when that Lieutenant drops When that happened there was a moment of feeling you'd made great progress until that moment John looked out over all the dead he'd hoed to save from the Night King, and John sees that there are however many lieutenants that rode with the Night King, specific types of White Walkers that were immune to most attacks Those Lieutenants kind of meant that the Night King could send his army south and the various confrontations people thought were at least making progress against the dead heading against all humanity. Killing that one Lieutenant immediately dropped all the dead that that Lieutenant had a hand or influence I'm raising right? I know I was dismayed at how many walkers on horses - and therefor Lieutenants the Night King had. And then seeing John, a human who had just destroyed a bunch of the walkers, and shattered ONE of the Blue Eyes walkers and Lieutenants of theNight King's... And there's a moment of fear when we - and John- SEE just how many of those Lieutenants are on horseback. Ifbeach Lieutenant can raise so many of those zombie things simply by having the time to - maybe drawnthose damn "Snow Circles" or whatever the hell those spirals that have been a scary foreshadowing in the cave paintings, in the spirals other humans have come across and In bewilderment have wondered what the hell they mean.... So many dead in this cursed hope to save the Wildlings from joining the Night King's arm and this the Dead walking South to kill ALL of humanity. John sees the Night King on the cliff and feels sickened By how many innocent lives have been slaughtered. He counts haw many Riders there are so he can worn the others how many dead could be coming and Night's Watch need, because the short sighted greed or men have only sent unwanted boys and criminals due to he executed North to join the Brothers of the Nights Watch. At least there might now be a moment for John and The Wildlings to run - sail south to the protection of The Wall. John got ready to head for the boat/ship himself, pausing to look at the Night King again before he turned to go. The Night King seems smile a cruel and mocking smile which chills John, but that fear and determination se Seems to reinforce his determination to get his Duty done, to save humanity, this is a reminder that the murdered deaths of his father and brothers, all the family members at Winterfell, even Katelyn, who had always hated him, and hated that her various offspring also children of Eddard Stark, who had considered him their brother, regardless of their mother's pressures if not demands that they too hate their father's bastards, proof that Eddard Stark was not so noble and honorable man Eddard Stark had pretended to be. Just as John takes a bracing breath to go the Night King moves, extending his arms and raised ALL of the dead in a single moment raising all who had died while trying to runaway and at least die ELSE Where in order to at the very least, not become a part of the killing of all life, and in that space between one breath and the next a gasping sickening horror of the Night King raising all of the dead, regardless of what those once living people had tried so hard to fight against, and the the very least die away from the White Walker's horrific reach. In a nightmarish moment of people fleeing the terrifying creature pursuing them, John Sees. The Night King raising every dead that had died here, the Night King added so many more to his army, the impending death that waited ALL of humanity, unless they get help from the south. When Aryya slammed a Balurian dagger into the Night King's gut, shattering all those who had fallen. beneath his baleful visage. Arya struck and seems to have killed the Night's King's terrible visage, and that White Walker's defeat, saving all of humanity. Except not ALL of them fall. The Night Ling has fallen and humanity is now just against Cersei and all of the remaining Lannister's, and gold they they desired, in order to Not feel sickened by the number o Deaths and the Oaths they have broken while serving the Lannister's. When the Night Kingnis struck down by Arya, and many of not all of the marching army drop at their Leander's destruction but not ALL, we and the characters in the show could SEE that' it's not over. The Night King that Bran has focused what little direct help he's indifferently offered, they have been wrong. The White Walker they have been watching and thinking is their King or whatever because he's gore and Ice crown, or maybe glass crown. Would a First Man , descended From the First Men who helped destroy the Children of the Forest's sacred trees, would that man ever wear a crown? And maybe in distance, but in full view or Wjnterfell should they be looking.... John and the audience, see The the Night King or Knight King to a gesture and the Dothrake who died because of poor planning, now belong to the Real Night's King, now. Winter has come, and The "crowned White Walker', which Bran the Broken has been following so arduously is yintact himself a Lieutenant to the REAL NiIGHT'S KING. Bran made this error in judgement because his training was incomplete due to this Lieutenant and his forces tracking Bran down to kill him or make his treating imperfect. Mission accomplished. The Broken will need to keep having visions of the past to get the training he needs from either the previous Three-Eyed Crow before he died beneath that Weyr-wood tree, or try to fin another previous Three Eyed Crow to train him. The WhitenWalkers should still be headed south.

  • Tyquira DT
    Tyquira DT

    Just hearing you say that Theon could've done it makes me feel much more satisfied

  • Akalanka Edirisinghe
    Akalanka Edirisinghe

    Game of Thrones Brotherhood..... Like, Full-metal Alchemist Brotherhood?

  • al McDonald
    al McDonald

    How about if the ice king was a future bran, transformed by staring too long into the abyss or some shit and it sets up a circle whereby the night kings existence depends on turning bran into himself like Kyle Reece being Jon connors father..... I dunno. It would have been better than the shit we got served up anyways

  • First of their Name GoT
    First of their Name GoT

    TY for your review. I felt bad for the entire crew. it is not on them. Once showrunners cut GRRM source material down to certain storylines/arcs, they had no idea how to continue those characters once original book material ran out. I truly believe they knew they were out of their element (no original writing skill set) so time to wrap up the show and move on. Then the consequence, the S1-S4 great dialogue ( almost word from word from the books) turned into battle scenes/CGI effects (fan service) and script word count became less and less. Smart characters turned into idiots and went against everything we knew about them. After Hold the door episode, the magical/fantasy feel of the story peaked then disappeared. What was the point of the prophecies, wight walkers, children of the forest, and three eye raven? The story turned into subverting expectations which was, in the end, a ridiculous excuse for "we cannot write meaningful, cohesive dialogue" to continue good character arcs and great storytelling. Lord of the Rings rip-offs, the Mockingjay S8E6 CGI wingspan effect. I don't think D&D really cared about the show, fans, actors, any of it. The word Hubris comes to mind. Oh, yeah and D&D have submitted S8E6 for Emmy consideration for best writing and directing, LMFAO.

  • gamepoison85

    I was so sure before the season started we were going to get a three sided war based on the episode count and all that I thought the season would be the witerfell battle with the night kings army on one side and then Cersei attacking surprisingly from the other side with the golden company thought that would have been epic

  • Facundo Gonza
    Facundo Gonza

    You kow? Bullshit aside seeing Jon and Daenerys in the books as King And Queen would be pretty surprising

    • Facundo Gonza
      Facundo Gonza

      @Gustavo Valladares His emotions, yes. His memories, yes. But it is not quiet like that he will loose the more he resurrects. It willbe interesting read it though. Also Jon is kind of the Hero of the story and having him die in Dance it is kind of a great let down. And George is not second class writter

    • Gustavo Valladares
      Gustavo Valladares

      From all what I've read in the Internet, and without having read any of the books, the most likely outcome will be that Tyrion will encourage Daenerys to destroy everything in Westeros, and Jon either is irremediably dead, or is resurrected but by losing all his emotions and memories (since the consequences of the resurrections in the books are more impactful than here) and dies fighting the Others, so I wouldn't be sure of anything tbh.

  • nuadize

    Wait a minute, you said, we have no idea how Jon came to the conclusion, that they would all die when the Night King is killed, but we actually do. We learned that last season when they went to get that ice zombie for Cersei

  • BennyTheSquidd

    never let invader zim die

  • Matt Dawson
    Matt Dawson

    I can't understand why people would be upset at Game of Thrones Super Saiyan legend/"chosen one"/whatever didn't come true It's.... Game of Thrones. The entire story is throwing you curve balls from start to finish. It's hard to imagine anything more cliche than a messiah story.

    • Matt Dawson
      Matt Dawson

      @Ajoa gm Cliches are predictable, one reason Game of Thrones is so great is because so many unexpected things happen.

    • Ajoa gm
      Ajoa gm

      What's wrong with a cliche?

  • chris mcmorran
    chris mcmorran

    Ideas I would have preferred they had Explored - a Literal Ice vs Fire Battle - Dragon Fight between Jon and Dany - Undead vs the Resurrected - Dany actually going full Anarchist and Burning All the Lords of the House of Westeros