Why Season 8 of Game of Thrones Doesn't Work
PSA Sitch
I know this aint my usual content but Season 8 Episode 3 of Game of Thrones the Battle of Winterfell really struck me in a bad way. I enjoyed it while I was watching it, until that ending. So inspiration struck and I made this. Hope you like it. PSA Sitch
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  • PSA Sitch
    PSA Sitch

    So my prediction of the everything works out ending was proven completely wrong. I assumed that would be the ending because nothing was being built or set up to go in a different direction. Silly me, it's my fault for being naive. I spent this whole video complaining about how D&D don't care about properly setting things up, I should have expected a completely out of nowhere left turn into crazy town. Part 2 now out! tr-my.net/watchvideo/video-wuiNRpeqg3A.html

    • Osamathegamer

      I greatly disliked the way you pronounced Thanos..... Subscribed.

    • Max Power
      Max Power

      Yeah they screwed up pretty bad. At least they still have the fanboys to support their crap.

    • Met3lAngel

      They destroyed the whole GoT franchise with the last couple of seasons. Season 8 is the nail in the coffin. Who'd want to even rewatch the show, buy any of the merchandise or anything related when we all know how poorly the final season ends?

    • Sonia Samy
      Sonia Samy

      Please send HBO your better-version of the last TWO seasons. It ended so fast with flat characters.

  • Aulvin Duergard
    Aulvin Duergard

    That ending makes me want to play _TMNT: Turtles In Time_ like when I was a kid.

  • Ale Fab
    Ale Fab

    The way the battle of Winterfell was set up (all the darkness and no shot of the white walkers spliced in)... I was expecting that the white walkers had actually bypassed Winterfell and marched south without engaging! At least that would have made the danger more real for the southerners.

  • MsToxicToaster

    All of it left a bad taste in my mouth. Sadness.

  • Brian o'rourke
    Brian o'rourke

    Arya Stark . . . . AKA Stewie Griffin conquers the world

  • Harrison Pointer
    Harrison Pointer

    When you called Arya "little zion" I died harder than the show

  • brontewcat

    Oh dear - a little girl doing what the male hero was meant to do. Arya rocks - deal with it.

  • ByE 724530
    ByE 724530

    You made it soooo much better!

  • Dead Shade
    Dead Shade

    It doesnt have to work. You motherfuckers just need to shut your pieholes and move on with your life.

  • Holy Doggo
    Holy Doggo

    i unironically want a got remake to have the brotherhood subtitle

  • Shapeless27

    Cersei wasn't the last boss, Danaeris was.

  • nick pezzolo
    nick pezzolo

    1 season killed 7 u can't even make that shit up. it literally can't watch any of the shows anymore ruined. Did it all wrong.

  • Jennifer Sasha
    Jennifer Sasha

    They never showed Dany once acknowledging Viserion or having any emotion about what’s he turned into. In fact, even after Bran told her what happened to him she still doesn’t react. WTF?!!! It could have had such emotional impact. Even after his defeat her walking up to his dead body would have meant something.

  • CaptJosmy

    15:55 I would have been WAY more satisfied if Theon had been the one to kill the Night King while he was strangling Arya. Heck, it could even potentially explain WHY she decided to scream when she was trying to do a sneak attack - it could have been her plan to distract him and give Theon an opening, if she had somehow noticed he was still alive and could do it. Heck, anything rather than her killing him in the name of fanservice. I still believe Dany and Jon should have been the ones involved with his death, but if you gotta keep Arya there, then do this.

  • blekfut

    I've just started to watch GoT and I don't understand why do you look for logic only in 8 season? This series is a nonsense from the beginning, it's a primitive story for the people who don't read and who go to the cinema to watch superhero movies.

  • Artem Shimanski
    Artem Shimanski

    I love how in season 8 they had D&D after the episode trying to justify terrible writing. Like if you have to say "she kind of forgot about the Iron Fleet", when the Iron Fleet was mentioned within the episode, you suck at writing. If you've got to explain why things make sense after the episode, you've kind of forgot how to write. Imagine watching a movie, and after the credits, the writers start telling you "no, it's not that this doesn't make any sense or doesn't adhere to who the character is, they just kind of forgot". The fact that they did this basically proves that they knew their writing was atrocious and they owed people an explanation of some sort lol.

  • Gaia Elkington
    Gaia Elkington

    They should have lost the battle at Winterfell and taken the whole thing back to King's Landing and Cersei.

  • The Deuce
    The Deuce

    jon knows that if you kill the head white walker the zombies die because when he killed one in season 7 during the episode of their horrible plan to capture a white walker. it was right before they were surrounded by the horde, jon killed the main white walker of the little group and the rest just died

  • neocomp92

    Of course they have to remake GoTB. Once the books are complete, this is essentially the West's answer to FMAB

  • Ben Miller
    Ben Miller

    Now I agree with everything you said n I would have much rather watched any version of that episode that you came up with but the title of the video said fixing all of season 8. Not just one episode. Now I admit having the undead march south would have changed the rest of the season n for the better I think. Either way dealing with cersei was garbage n I woulda liked to see where you would have went with it. Maybe they should have just had you write all of seasons 7 n 8

  • karen Boone
    karen Boone

    Season 8 was stupid

  • ruby scott
    ruby scott

    Great analysis. You hit the nail directly on the head but you were too nice about it. The writers could not do what you suggested because a critical error was made. The focus of the story (book & show) was a song of ice and fire, the night king and the mother of dragons. Problem, most of the scenes on the show were about kings landing, winterfell and to a lesser extent the night watch sans the night king. There was too much focus on the individual lives of characters in Westeros that were unrelated to the ‘the great war’. Endless episodes of stories that went nowhere, Jamie and Brienne, walking, talking doing nothing of importance, the hound and Arya, walking,talking, doing nothing of importance. Interminable hours of whorehouse antics that meant nothing to the overall storyline. Gut wrenching scenes of torture, intrigue, murders, betrayals and perversions that went nowhere neither character or story wise. We are left with static characters with little or no development or growth. They ended where they began. The problem lie not just in season 8 but from the second season onward. The actor who played Stannis Baratheon said it best, my character lacks a logical foundation for his actions. I would venture to say that about the whole series , (season 1, exempted).

  • mark cooper
    mark cooper

    Why did Jaime travel to King's Landing to help Cersei when he knew she sent Bronn North to kill him. Piece of nonsense

    • William Trotman
      William Trotman

      Well you see Jaime just kind of forgot Cersei sent Bronn to kill him in the last episode.

  • AngeIIer

    Game of Thrones: Brotherhood. Made my day

  • Nameless Noyb
    Nameless Noyb

    5:03 well they sort of do explain it when they kill a White-walker and all of the wights he had died(again?) as well, they assume from that if you kill the Night King then you'll down all of his followers. And 11:30 you don't think that's a note Martin gave them? lol

  • Khan Osama
    Khan Osama

    i knew this season suks so bad... but i didn't realize how much plot content they had... and how they massacred such amazing show

  • Dracarys412

    D&D turned into that Lannister cousin that smashed beetles with a rock.

  • Ava Ludwig
    Ava Ludwig

    lmao this is dumb. Theres reasons for all of your points. Rewatch the show, dude.

  • Ravyne Hawke
    Ravyne Hawke

    I think killing the Night King should have taken much longer, harder and with many characters to do the deed. For instance, Jon with a valyrian sword, Dany with her dragon and Bran using supernatural control of the entire zombie army, the ravens and yes even wolves attacking the Night King. It would have been epic to see all 3 forces dueling against the Night King to finally bring him down with Jon striking the final blow - stabing the Night King in the heart - or even have the Children of the Forest come back to kill the Night King whom they created. Anything would have been better than Arya (whom I loved as a character) doing the deed and so quickly. It was completely anticlimatic.

    • Anjelica Snorcket
      Anjelica Snorcket

      Some magical Red Priests(esses) would have been great too. And I wanted ice spiders.

  • obsessive fangirl
    obsessive fangirl

    This is like the hundredth video I've watched of people explaining how they would've resolved the conflict with the NK, with Cersei and Dany, etc and all of them are way more SENSIBLE AND LOGICAL THAN WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENS.

  • egoist920

    I'm starting to think that _a certain author_ is waiting for all these discussions about what would have been the best possible plot and then just picks the parts that he likes best and then writes them down. At least that'd mean he'd continue within this century.

  • TheKaliman333

    Clegane Bowl... the biggest waste of bringing 2 characters back from the dead since John Snow. Imagine this: Sendor meets his brother, everything turns out as it was and Sendor gets his ass kicked. Then in a final moment of desperate rage he holds his sword up and it lights up with the power of the God of Light who redeems Sendor of his past and Sendor, now not afraid of fire but stroken with resolve, smites down Gregor who catches fire and rolls down the stairs. Then the hound spits on the ground in the general direction of his evil deadbeat brother and says: "whose the juicy mutton chop now eh brother!?" Just kidding but you get what I mean.

  • P N
    P N

    there are things in movies need not to be explicitly told. viewers use their intelligence to predict or explain what had happened.

  • P N
    P N

    So, are we suggesting that after 7 seasons of telling that the Night King couldn't be killed, we should have another 7 seasons building up how Arya could find a way to kill him? Hello! It has been built up since the beginning, and not until she met the witch again....

    • Anjelica Snorcket
      Anjelica Snorcket

      P N Arya was not meant to kill him. Ever. Her story is about her list. They just did it to be shocking. It makes no thematic sense. None.

  • Scott Fitzpatrick
    Scott Fitzpatrick

    This is similar to when Roddenberry died and Rick Berman took over star trek. A dramatic decline in content

  • dirt man
    dirt man

    i hope D&D know they are hated but knowing hollywood, they are insulated in some bubble where they think they are geniuses... the world must let dumb and dumber know we hate them!

  • Cloe Gemmel
    Cloe Gemmel

    Fuckin' hell Megalovania, gtf outta here

  • Richard Marise
    Richard Marise

    They should have made nine seasons. Have the conflict against the night king take place in season 8 tell a deeper story about his history, the children of the forest, and the three eyed raven. Give us a more epic ending and have Jon Snow finish him off. Also give bran a better role in this conflict. Then move into the final conflict for the iron throne in season 9. Expand Dany's descent into darkness making it make a lil more sense rather than jus having her snap and kill innocent people totally throwing everything she's ever believed out the window just to end the series. Now halfway through season nine the viewers would start to notice in subtle ways that something strange and sinister was happening behind the scenes which at the climax near the end it I s revealed that the night king did not perish and instead has been replenishing his forces preparing to finish what he started. He would then raise the dead who were slain during the conflict between Danyeares and cerse. The final battle between the living and dead would then take place. In the end Dany realized the dark path she's been headed down and sacrifices herself in some heroic way, arya then ends up being the one to finish the night king ending the final battle with the living on tatters wondering what happens next. Jon is given the throne but abdicates in favor of Tyrion lannister so he can go north (Or possibly in favor of Gendry who married Arya bc she's not a lady, but a Queen possibly. Fulfilling the culmination of bloodlines Robert spoke of in season one.) Tyrions small council looks the same as brans did in the final episode except Varys stays with him. Sansa still becomes Queen in the north with Bran as her hand. It would hint at Jon becoming King beyond the wall with the nights watch and free folk joining him. Tyrion then allows cerse and Jamie to return to Castille Rock to live out there days as Lord and Lady. I'm not saying it shoulda been exactly like that, there's a lot of details that would need filled in, and my predictions knowing season 8 was the end were a bit different but what they put out was possibly the most rushed and screwed up ending to a great story I've ever seen.

  • David Idiart
    David Idiart

    Alternate way this could have gone? The Night King throws away a couple ten thousand undead to take Winterfel...while he marches south to take everything else. Why assault an entrenched and prepared enemy when you can devour the entire rest of the kingdoms who are unaware and not armed with weapons that can hurt you?

  • David Idiart
    David Idiart

    5:06 Umm....I know this show fucked us all...but they did explain this. Jon SAW it happen during last season when he and his merry band killed one of the walkers and their zombies collapsed en masse.

    • Lucas Santos
      Lucas Santos


  • Martin Horowitz
    Martin Horowitz

    Arya Killing the Night King makes sense. The Setup in the show was a little to subtle. If the Night has abilities like Bran where he can see the future, he needs to be misdirected. The same way Bran was surprised to find out John was Legitimate. Bran didn't look for the info because he didn't think he needed to look. The 3 Eyed raven played the game by setting up false prophecies and making the Night King think it would be John or Dany to take him down. You needed someone who was trained as assassin , where he couldn't see (Essos) and had no obvious reason to be suspected of killing him. The Night King Under estimated Arya and her weapon, and paid the price.

    • Anjelica Snorcket
      Anjelica Snorcket

      Martin Horowitz It doesn't make sense and D&D admitted they came up with the idea while filming S7. So whatever you've decided to see as foreshadowing is just wishful thinking. They just pulled the idea out of their asses and threw it into the story.

  • No Name
    No Name

    Sometimes it doesn't just work

  • hoeky442

    The real reason Arya was chosen in spite of it being a retarded idea is that Hollywood thinks only little girls can EVER be the hero anymore. It's very rare they choose anyone other than a little girl to be the savior - or at least be a huge help - to the final solution in any story anymore. If they HAD to have Arya do it, why didn't she use her faceless man abilities to draw in the King - that ain't Bran in the chair...!

  • CAdEN K.
    CAdEN K.

    Yeah, i am not surprised that the series was going south, way south. Your focus was too much on the episodes verses understanding logic and pragmatism behind it. There is nothing more to show for this series. DnD proclaimed they were not going to meet expectations or accept offers by HBO or fans, period. Leaave it at that. Forgot the spinoffs. I take the liberty of handing this series' blame on GRRM. I had read all the books except the latest and completely irrevelant to the current series.

  • peep X
    peep X

    Agree up until 17:52

  • zeddex81

    I really like your content & have just subbed to you but.. for fucks sake, please stop saying Thay-noss.

  • Gamer Space
    Gamer Space

    The show started and was about characters and season 8 was about a character everyone else were sub characters and had no point. The Ariya show ended and its was terrible.

  • Smokey Robinson
    Smokey Robinson

    The dead making it past the North and coming to King's Landing is the absolute most important key to fixing the ending. That story was too big to be completely resolved in one fucking battle. It had been building since literally the first scene in the first episode. It's the oldest storyline in the show. The entire season 8 needed to be about that. The dead make it south to King's Landing, ravage the city, and kill everyone, which is the ultimate poetic ending for Cersei since she was the only one who didn't heed the call to put differences aside and fight them. Furthermore with the dead and the snow having come to King's Landing we will finally see winter actually come to King's Landing and Cersei experiences the full might of the Stark house words. You know to give them meaning again? Another problem with the show, winter never came during it's entire run despite that being a famous fucking tagline of the show. But anyways, after that, you can have the heroes, who have fled and are regrouping somewhere stage the ambush using Bran as bait, just like in the show, except that makes a lot more sense out of the context of a giant battle. The plan of trying to ambush someone during a battle they will be leading is insane. That will mean they will have thousands of their fighters along side them. How would you ambush someone in the middle of a battle?? They are ready to fight! In the process of fighting even! Ambush is all about catching someone unaware and not ready to fight! So it makes a lot more sense in this way, when it's after the battle, you can lure the Night King away from King's Landing and away from his hordes of undead to somewhere he will be alone, or just with his group of White Walkers. And Bran needs a better reason to be the bait of course. And it really should be either Jon or Bran that kills him. They're the ones that have been fighting this conflict since the first season. Arya has been halfway across the world for basically the entire show. Yes, you can justify her being the one to kill the NK because of her whole battle with death arc but that doesn't mean it's the right choice. She feels too disconnected for it mean anything for her. Meanwhile Jon has literally battled the NK and his armies multiple times, lost friends and family members to him, was killed and resurrected by the Lord of Light to play some part in destroying him. And Bran trained for years to become the 3 Eyed Raven to learn how to defeat him.. Yet neither of them really have any part in the resolution. The ninja girl who was training halfway across the world for the entire conflict just sneaks up and ends it. Lame.

  • Max Aval
    Max Aval

    Writers get away from Robert Kirkmans writing: walking dead gets deeply screwed. Writers get away from George a Martin: Game of thrones gets deeply screwed too. Simple but they dont seem to get it...


    is this not some Indian tutorial ?

  • Private Press of Flint
    Private Press of Flint

    TEAM 4 STAR!!!!!

  • VideeoJunkee

    6:20 #TFS FTW 😂🤣🙌🏻👏

  • Drogon Dracarys
    Drogon Dracarys

    HBO should made You write 8 sezon 👏 not fuking D&D....good job 👏

  • Sid Phillips
    Sid Phillips

    Jon and his group saw a bunch of weights crumble to after just one dies. This is how John figured out that killing the Night King would kill all of them. His deduction could have been wrong, but it’s false to say the show doesn’t show us how Jon got that information.

  • Philipp Berger
    Philipp Berger

    GOT S8: Well I went down very fast. Voltron Legendary Defenders S8: Hold my beer.

  • hollowmajinbuu2

    I've watched dozens of these videos, everyone else's idea is always 10x better than what happened.

  • Bob Spencer
    Bob Spencer

    Perfect ending to a perfect series.

  • VoidKeeper

    Tbh. Fuck the azhor ahai peophecy, I bet old RR will make it into something that just doesn't happen. But he'll do a better job at writing an alternative instead of just KOBE Arya

  • VoidKeeper


  • Naledi The Storyteller
    Naledi The Storyteller

    I was with you until you called Erik Killmonger the dumb bad guy. If we're talking character motivations, his is pretty up there and left me feeling conflicted about disliking him.

  • ghz24

    The audience does know how Jon knows that killing a white walker kills the wights created by it. He knows from season 7 episode 6 when he kills his second white walker and all the wights attacking his group disintegrate, except( conveniently ) the one they need to take to the south.

  • 923crono

    How ironic that D&D will be teaming up with Rian Johnson for Star Wars. Totally subverting expectations!

  • Dan Watt
    Dan Watt


  • xxDrain

    The way things DID happen, the south can just keep on denying that the night king ever existed >.

  • Иван Левин
    Иван Левин

    Most popular question in the world: George, where is the damn book???

  • mørkz

    Jon knew killing night king would kill all the walkers because he killed a general while trying to catch a wite for Cersei and all the wites resurrected by him died.

  • Pak Man
    Pak Man

    Everyone I have ever suggested this to agrees: When sitting down for a re-run of the LotR trilogy, we skip everything of frodo/sam/gollum after Fellowship because of how awful it is to watch. I'm not saying you're wrong, I'm just saying it's funny you mention that.

    • Wollestar

      Than god, looks like I am not the only one who skips the Frodo scenes after the Fellowship when rewatching the movies

  • Veritas Invictus
    Veritas Invictus

    If they knew it was Arya for three years why set it up to be Jon and the Night King by filming the end of Hardhome they way did.

    • Anjelica Snorcket
      Anjelica Snorcket

      Veritas Invictus I think three years was when they were filming S7. There was the long break between 7&8.

  • Veritas Invictus
    Veritas Invictus

    They butchered Stannis and Barristan Selmy and that is where they really began to separate from the books. both of them are leading an army in two of the four battles in the upcoming TWOW.

  • Adilton Azure
    Adilton Azure

    Can't wait for game of thrones brotherhood

  • Logan L
    Logan L

    Dude. It wasn’t even that bad.??? I Mean Jon snow got a pretty shitty ending. But like over all not even bad

  • DarthSironos

    I agree with everything you said, very sharp and precise. I really hope he finishes the books before his time is up.

    • Sonny Ali
      Sonny Ali

      GRRM won't finish the books, IMO. Why would he? He knows nobody likes Bran the Broken being King, so why would he write such detailed books to get to the ending nobody wants? With that said, GRRM is a helluva a lot more talented than D&D, and I'm certain GRRM's storyline would have been better, with proper character arcs, but there really is no point in him finishing what HBO and D&D fuct up beyond any redemption.

  • Kriegtime101

    Why did it fail? Because 50% of the so called "fans" were too retarded to understand it and then had to complain about coffee cups that they didnt even notice the first time. A bunch of shite people you haters. Go suck on a goat's balls.

  • Mdrnsamurai

    Beric tells Jon when they are trapped on the island catching the wight. "Kill Him. He turned them all."

  • the.mighty.kyuss

    That's because LotR is based on beautifully written novels. GoT books are entertaining at best. The show was never going to be as good as people expected it to be.

  • Dobre Ion
    Dobre Ion

    Wait... but what if bran got killed? Then all humans would instantly die? And why the night king just put viserion to burn that fuck alive

  • narutofmx

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      Samurai Jack

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  • PeteScrivMusic

    'Like' immediately instigated on seeing bran starring in 'Back to The Future' lol ;)

  • Cobravenom

    Great video, but you made a small mistake around 4:00. We see John get this information(killing a head walker kills all it's followers) when he and the group are fighting the walkers directly before getting on the ice lake.

  • House of Bamboo
    House of Bamboo

    worst fucking thing in the world - it's like they hired the writers for Star trek Discovery to dumpster-pump all over the show..

  • Bernard Martins
    Bernard Martins

    God tier video dude.

  • Andrew Sadek
    Andrew Sadek

    Game of thrones brotherhood 😂😂😂 I wanna watch that

  • susie red
    susie red

    Ah, now we see the violence inherent in the system.

  • guitargamery

    20:41 " noo noo noo" you found a way of getting Consuela in this video ....lmao

  • guitargamery

    im going to play skyrim to fix this end

  • Stephen Cantarero
    Stephen Cantarero

    More like tormund giants-bang amiright?

  • Nesseight

    It would have been better if Arya was wearing Snoke's face when she iced the Night King.

  • Phizzy

    Stopped the video when you complained about 'that dumb bad guy in the black panther movie', okay then. Your previous criticisms were just milquetoast facsimiles of other people's too. What a waste of time

  • Concerned Citizen
    Concerned Citizen

    2:50 ~ *Team Aragorn

  • Armando Morales
    Armando Morales

    At least disguise her as white walker not have Arya jump out of the sky🤦🏻‍♂️

    • Armando Morales
      Armando Morales


    • TheStapleGunKid

      How could she disguise herself as one? Don't they shatter when they die?

  • Matt Hill
    Matt Hill

    I agree with everything accept for calling killmonger a dumb black guy. Seems..in accurate

  • Panterlo Art
    Panterlo Art

    I actually like that Arya was the one, but I agree with everything else

  • Fay James
    Fay James

    Spectacle vs Story? What you choose is what type the writer you are. Choose wisely, because each path had a cost

  • SwedishZeldaFan

    They rushed the show cuz they were tired of it, they finally stopped caring about the show so they could move on to other stuff

  • James Chen
    James Chen

    not bad actually. I would have liked this ending better

  • Raymond Davis
    Raymond Davis

    Let's hope the Mueller report postings has a better , logical ( and hopefully happier) ending. Where can I get a dragon and directions to Mara-Lago ??

  • Raymond Davis
    Raymond Davis

    Would you mind sending a resume' to HBO ( albiet 8 years too late )? You are the ONLY reasonings too justify Danenyris burning Kings Landings.

  • Raymond Davis
    Raymond Davis

    D&D on why Daenyris burned down King's Landing : " Abba Dabba deedley boo waka waka POO.." In mental health circles this is generally known as verbage salad . I guess they think fans were so stupid and common they could piss on their heads and they would just gush thanks!

  • T

    MCU dumb black guy??? I will hold my tongue. 👎

  • Lord Irish
    Lord Irish

    It is ARAGORN, not Aragon. That's in Spain.

    • Trunkello

      Plot twist: the protagonist of the lord of the ringa triology was actually already a king: the king of aragon. So as the ruler of Aragon he embodied the whole of the country in one person. Thats why he is just called Aragon througout the whole triology.