Why The U.S. Probably Won’t Run Out Of Food During Coronavirus
While the American public stays home to slow the spread of the coronavirus, they are eating more meals in personal kitchens and less in restaurants. Supermarkets around the country are struggling to maintain stocked shelves and to keep up with the increase demand for groceries. Food items like fresh meats, pasta and beans have doubled, tripled, or quadrupled in sales. However, industry experts say there is no concern about the U.S. running out of food.
CORRECTION (March 31, 2020): At 1:08, the text on the screen misrepresented the total production of agricultural products in the United States in 2019. The total is $388,522,695,000, not $388,522,695, as shown on screen.
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Why The U.S. Probably Won’t Run Out Of Food During Coronavirus

  • 姥姥王

    One month later, meat shortages due to the meat processing facilities shutdown; produce prices are up; baking goods are hard to get; and in my area (Santa Clara County, CA) still no toilet paper in Safeway not CVS... I now know what I want for Christmas!

  • Leigh Rivera
    Leigh Rivera

    Our farmers and our truck drivers dahlias be in that Hero category

  • Def Shoff
    Def Shoff

    Its funny all this food shortage talk and when i went to the grocery store i saw fully stocked shelves of food people need to relax

  • zac mac
    zac mac

    Corrupt media and government and do not forget those sitting at the table of distribution of the estate. They take advantage of everything, they make wars, then they trade with it, and today this disease is traded, and the victim is the people of the world.

  • Kanak 9895
    Kanak 9895

    Where is your food now......... Lol...... Proud American

  • 665HP

    CNBC: The U.S. won't run out of food Trump and his Administrations: let's prove these "fake media" outlets wrong...


    It's bc we are trying to go long term wo having to leave. Duh

  • FortyLoveStyle

    I'd love to see a follow up video on this...

  • meuswe


  • MsLacy707

    Yeah....now it's April 28th and wuddah gotta say?

  • th3azscorpio

    They're trying to quell fears of what's about to happen.

  • Angelo Da conceicao
    Angelo Da conceicao

    Ends of time

  • Leesey R
    Leesey R

    Utter BS... This is based on everything running properly... Don't see that happening anyway around the globe... FOOD is going and going fast... Whatever these clowns tell you it's the opposite!

  • Russ Burdelski
    Russ Burdelski

    Chicken pork and beef processors are closed. Farmers are being ordered to dump milk. Fields are still flooded from heavy rains in the breadbasket of the United States. Garden centers of big box stores are not selling gardening supplies or seeds. Nurseries are closed for purchase of garden plants. But don't worry. I'm sure this leak in the Titanic is just fine. Besides, the captain just ordered a mop

  • D. Dios
    D. Dios


  • Patrick Carroll
    Patrick Carroll

    Probably, they want to keep you confused. We are going to have food shortages, they are dumping and plowing under huge amounts of food because of $$$. If you care for your family, you'll stock up while you still can.

  • Daniel Brockman
    Daniel Brockman

    People are IDIOTS!!!! It will if people keep going nuts!!!!!

  • Coco Drilo
    Coco Drilo

    Every time I go to the store there is less there

  • Javier Puerto
    Javier Puerto

    YES we are eating more! A school provides food to students much more efficiently than the hundreds of households making richer meals daily. There'll be labor shortages and those will bring along food shortages.

    • I’m Not Lucky; I’m Loved
      I’m Not Lucky; I’m Loved

      Javier Puerto I said the same thing. I was like, I’m pretty sure people are eating more..3 meals a day and dessert and maybe even snacks? People are stressed out so yeah, the country is eating more.lol

  • shyvixx100

    They also told us that we do not need to wear masks

  • X Y
    X Y

    Probably? So the U.S. probably WILL run out of food?

  • Juju Rellama
    Juju Rellama

    Blame democrats if there is no food. March on congress

    • ConstructiveMinds100

      are you man or a woman?

  • Juju Rellama
    Juju Rellama

    No food in dem states. Late dem voters rot

  • Danielle H
    Danielle H

    Well, what if the food workers become ill because of the virus and there aren’t enough people to work? Will new people continue to be hired?

  • Henry Coats
    Henry Coats

    There’s going to be so much food waste from over buying.

  • Joy Myers
    Joy Myers

    I m not worried about country running out of food: im worried about affording food wityh no job and no unemployment

  • Scott

    No, food shortages??!!! April 17th, less than 3 weeks later 12% of us meat producers have shuttered and it looks like more to come! I wouldn't be surprised if other packaging plants shutter. It's not that farmers can't produce food it's that we can't refine and package the food and I think it's going to get worse. We will see what another month.

    • I’m Not Lucky; I’m Loved
      I’m Not Lucky; I’m Loved

      Scott that’s what I was thinking. I was scratching my head until I saw the date this was posted. Things change very fast.

  • t0n0k0

    No, it won't.

  • Duran

    ‪Farmers are destroying huge amount of vegetables, milk & eggs while hungry people waiting in long lines at food banks 🤭🥴

    • ConstructiveMinds100

      Go figure it is called american dream.

  • king james488
    king james488

    pretty sure most first world countries have sufficient food stockpiled to feed people for a good while even in the event that all food production stopped completely... which it hasn't.

  • patty sizer
    patty sizer

    You say nearly $400 BILLION of products, but your graphics show $388 MILLION. Poor editing.

  • Roland Vazquez
    Roland Vazquez


  • Esraa Al-Hassani
    Esraa Al-Hassani


  • Todd Miller
    Todd Miller

    The commentator said, " retailers generally store a 26 day supply in their warehouses". That is very deceiving. Your local store only has a 2-3 day supply of food in the store.

  • TrainerAQ

    Get creative people. We got pets too if it comes down to that. Point being we are a long way from starving to death. ;3

  • TrainerAQ

    If you know how to fish, you never run out of food ;3

  • TrainerAQ

    If you know how to hunt, you never run out of food ;3

  • TrainerAQ

    If you're a farmer, you never run out of food ;3

    • palmshoot

      You should watch the film "The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind," which is based on a true story.

  • Z V
    Z V

    There many countries in the world which you could invest. Don't depend too much on one country .

  • Pauly Lasania
    Pauly Lasania

    Media Driven Panic........

  • The One
    The One

    Lying to avert mass panic.... 1) shelter 2) food 3) water 4) 🔫 5) stock up on bullets Stay safe😷

  • Jessie XD
    Jessie XD

    Probably lol

  • The Last
    The Last

    Probably? Like when you guys said it just a mild cold? THE FOOLS IN THE MEDIA HAVE BEEN WRONG ABOUT EVERYTHING!

  • From the dust you came
    From the dust you came

    I’m just going to start eating all the neighbourhood pets. Have you seen my little precious? No, but she was such a yummy, er, beautiful cat!

    • th3azscorpio


  • Michael J McCurdy
    Michael J McCurdy

    Watch "Ice Age Farmer" for much better coverage than this. We are in real danger of running out of food within a couple of months.

    • Abram Carroll
      Abram Carroll

      @The One There are going to be lots of shortages, but so long as more people do gardens, preserve and freeze those veggies, then we will be fine.

    • The One
      The One

      Hmmm i will because these shills are lying... I'm also a prepper and gardener but I need to know when the famine will begin..thx

  • Elijah Dewalt
    Elijah Dewalt

    Just cause you bought the food doesn’t mean I won’t come to you’re house and take it when there isn’t any left;)

  • Lars Larsen
    Lars Larsen


  • AffordableREI

    They're lying

  • Dawna

    americans can live off their body fat for a good amount of time....

  • Tony Lee
    Tony Lee

    The U.S. government made decision without any planning. They told every one to stay home for 14 days or more. All of a sudden the family had to buy enough food for the whole family for 2 weeks including the children who stayed away from school who might have breakfast and lunch from school. A family of 4 may have husband and wife buying lunch at work, children ate in school 5 days a week. and they went to shopping every week. Now you have every family who went to the market and bought up to 10 times what they normally bought, including toilet tissue. Therefore the market ran out of the in store inventory for every one.

    • I’m Not Lucky; I’m Loved
      I’m Not Lucky; I’m Loved

      Tony Lee thank you! Finally someone said it! We are at home ALL DAY and we are eating at home every day. Many families eating those 3 meals plus snacks and other supplies. The point is to stay home, right? Why wouldn’t I stock up on my only trip to the store in 2-3 weeks? It’s mixed messaging.

  • Sharolynn10

    I would love to see the government break up the Amazon monopoly

  • Sunny Lunasoul
    Sunny Lunasoul

    Aztec Prophecy

  • RealityCheck101

    Good old news! Scare tactics and always trying to make a new story.

  • Interscalane Block
    Interscalane Block

    smart guy, but if i remember correctly... he’s been shorting AAPL for at least a couple years now.

  • AthenaSaints

    Did these people take into account workers getting sick on the food supply chain? If 20% of the food supply workers get sick/dead, we are not going to have food shortage?

  • No So
    No So

    As a trucker this is fake news. I’ve seen inside some distribution centers and let’s just say it’s buckling faster than you think. The system cannot sustain this type of supply and demand.

    • rock Onmyboi
      rock Onmyboi

      @Whitney W. spread over time. They bought food early.

    • Whitney W.
      Whitney W.

      Isn't the demand the same? Since there's still the same amount of people in the USA that need to eat as there was before?

  • Pedro

    Stupid people pannic, these stupid people are making markets very very rich.

  • Medical Interest
    Medical Interest

    This is a wake up call for those who have a backyard they can grow things in.

  • TonTon

    It's higher in New York than 15% infection rate of the population. Most likely much higher. Vulnerable groups should be isolated. Other people should get on with life. After initial lock downs whenever there are large outbreaks. Allow most to work from home if possible.

  • Live Happy
    Live Happy

    We cannot even trust the media because they told us Masks are USELESS for this virus,so I did not buy any when I thought about buying before the outbreak. Now, government makes it mandatory for everyone to wear one and there is none I can buy. I cannot blame people for hoarding because we cannot predict what will come next now because even government seems like they dont know what they are doing and what is coming next

    • The One
      The One

      Correct, they don't want mass panic, but your on the right road... Start prepping....

  • Live Happy
    Live Happy

    Government and any of the politicians DID NOT PREPARE US FOR THIS OUTBREAK WHEN OTHER NEIGHBOR COUNTRIES GOING THROUGH DISASTER BEFORE US GAVE US SIGNS AND WARNING ALREADY. Panic buying is result of government not adequately preparing us for the upcoming disaster with people losing their loved ones. We cannot blame anyone who is hoarding because of this

  • Brian Cameron
    Brian Cameron

    🇺🇸😂🇺🇸😂🇺🇸🇺🇸😂🇺🇸🇺🇸😂 Watch this video in about 4 weeks. Its going to be comical. With the food riots raging all over the US. LIBERALS ARE MORONS!!!!

  • elramoty

    Please US don't invade Mexico seeking for food, you guys already eat most of what mother nature produce on Earth. You guys will be forced to stop waisting so much.

  • outbackeddie

    This video points out the beauty of being a long time prepper. No rush to the store, no concern about going hungry, no panic, and I sleep like a baby. I don't want to say "I told you so" but ....(wait for it)..... I told you so.

    • The One
      The One

      Fellow prepper here:)

    • King Beowulf
      King Beowulf

      Same. 😎

  • Rick Cooke
    Rick Cooke

    With THOUSANDS of acres of produce being left to rot in Florida, And big meat plants closing, you might want to start growing your own vegetables and buy some chickens, rabbits, goats or cows...

  • john doe
    john doe

    "Were looking at mass liquidation on farmers." "There will be no food shortage." Pick one, liars.

    • th3azscorpio

      Lol They constantly contradict themselves.

  • callak _
    callak _

    The only real "problem" with food distribution across North America, it's only the variety of available produce will be lower. Also a good reason to buy and eat locally produced food.

  • Evey S
    Evey S


  • anony moose
    anony moose

    CNBC is the worst financial network ever they have absolutely z e r o comprehension of economics. They will be the first company that goes bankrupt when the federal reserve stops buying their junk corporate debt afterall what's the use of a so called financial news network that just tells the public to buy a stock market bubble when the bubble has popped? Peter Schiff was warning about the bubble for years and CNBC banned him for at least the last 3 years. Information Peter shared could have saved millions of investors their money when the market crashed recently. By censoring alternative opinions they have betrayed their own audience. Highly unethical & immoral.

  • Michael Christenbury
    Michael Christenbury

    The new normal for me is not just having hurricane season food and water. We will now keep a minimum of 1 month of paper products, cleaning supplies and coffee! We will also keep extra respirator masks, not just for a pandemic! The ring of fire has had too many earthquakes and volcanic eruptions over the last year!