• SunshineIsBanned

    We wanna see more Stevie!!

  • Richard Gillispie
    Richard Gillispie


  • justfocus outsidethebox
    justfocus outsidethebox

    should have grilled the snickers one

  • Tricia Cardone
    Tricia Cardone

    I dry heaved when they bit into the butter sandwich 🤢🤢

  • Checkers Furry
    Checkers Furry

    the more you eat something you don't like the ore you like it.....so make a video specifically with everything link hates.

  • Darien Rosa
    Darien Rosa

    Stevie's laugh 😍😍😍

  • shamoiel hasan
    shamoiel hasan

    Don't allow the chefs to make things for will it , they make them kinda good and that's not fun .😂😂

  • Siren

    They’re going to meet god one way or another with those flintstones gummies

  • mythical mad hatters and toms music covers
    mythical mad hatters and toms music covers

    I haven’t watched gmm in like two years and the nostalgia is real

  • Olivia

    Marshmallow yuck.

  • ChristiIna Willis
    ChristiIna Willis

    12:54 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Evan Rodriguez
    Evan Rodriguez

    Links 42 WTF

  • Josie Wortley
    Josie Wortley

    Link, you put ketchup on a hamburger 🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦

  • Talia Slayton
    Talia Slayton

    The butter might be a bit overboard but butter and onion sandwiches are good. Nice raw onions and a thick nice butter.

  • Brodie Beckett
    Brodie Beckett

    The coffee shop I work at in Texas sells tacos from a place called taco deli

  • Benjamin Sodos
    Benjamin Sodos

    Perfect example of entitlement, and a complete disregard for safety. Law says shelter in place. Law says must be 6 feet apart with masks. Rhett and Link - we can film cause were the same person, and let's all just forget about the fact our families and anyone they come into contact with will spread this even more. Let's also forget the fact we're operating this studio from the county with the most Covid-19 cases and deaths in California.

  • R T
    R T

    42 and you still actively avoid tomatoes though? No judgments it's just really strange, and I think it speaks to deeper issues.

  • Julian Torres
    Julian Torres

    Happy Birthday Link !!!

  • Sienna Teegardin
    Sienna Teegardin

    i miss cotton candy randy

  • Valor 11
    Valor 11

    Stevie has a great laugh!! Has she ever been seem on camera

  • Kaili Doeden
    Kaili Doeden

    Rhett looks like the man version of Aslan

  • Jordan Meyers
    Jordan Meyers

    Happy birthday link

  • M. Smith
    M. Smith

    That Ciabatta sandwich is definitely Chilean 😭

  • thesnakeman8006

    Is it just me or is rhett starting to look like a renaissance painting? The way his hair curves everywhere and all that (even his beard, too. LOL 😜😜😜😜)

  • Chloe Hsy
    Chloe Hsy

    Fisherman's life would love that butter sandwich

  • Brady Evan Kinsella
    Brady Evan Kinsella

    I dip grilled cheese in ketchup I like it more than tomato soup

  • Dennis Skinner
    Dennis Skinner

    Toast that bread and melt that snickers in the microwave.

  • Kasyap Bendapudi
    Kasyap Bendapudi

    I really need to try that snickerwich

  • Viivi B
    Viivi B

    I really love Rhetts look! Curly hair should always be left to go crazy and I think it just really suits him!

  • Mura Casardis
    Mura Casardis

    It's fun to see the classic way coming back too. Both styles have their charm haha


    Hit me up I got a new batch in rhett

  • Joe Blow
    Joe Blow

    "The rice is to the bread as the bowl is to the head" Um... wha???

  • DetourGaming

    This is great. I like it better than the old style of video!

  • Teck Kimball
    Teck Kimball

    I'm going through a break-up and these videos are the only thing holding me together

    • Michelle Elizabeth
      Michelle Elizabeth

      i hope you start to feel better soon 💜

  • Skystalker

    "I ONLY put 3 sticks of butter on it"..... Oh is that all?

  • Miranda Alvarado
    Miranda Alvarado

    11:20 *Damien Haas has entered the chat*

  • TreeTheEnderHyena

    6:28 that'snotpoboybread

  • Ronan Burdette
    Ronan Burdette


  • Leelee Thuqqin
    Leelee Thuqqin

    try will it milkshake, first the french toast milkshake, then the strawberry pop tart milkshake

  • It’ll be okay TT
    It’ll be okay TT

    Rhett looks like a lion and I’m kinda diggin it lol

  • Kibby Witz
    Kibby Witz

    Kinda awkward how Link was stressing Rhett about apologizing to his mom.

  • S Mina
    S Mina

    I ate many ketchup and butter when I younger. Lol. Happy birthday Link

  • Jenny Lewis
    Jenny Lewis

    Threw it back to the pre josh days. Hope this makes you guys appreciate him lolssss

  • WhatDidEzraDoToday? _
    WhatDidEzraDoToday? _

    4:30 omg lol yes that is so very tru

  • Michael Scoot
    Michael Scoot

    Boy! I love watching these taste tests while eating :P

  • Devon Carter
    Devon Carter

    Respectfully... Rhett please dp mot eva say new orleans like that again

  • Suzanne Tapia
    Suzanne Tapia

    I am so happy that are back and not pre-recorded it makes me so happy

  • Bigdawg08

    I ligit went and ate a butter sandwich right after this video

  • Bigdawg08


  • Thom Reynolds
    Thom Reynolds

    No offense but I wish u guys did something better than the vitamin sandwich. Obviously that wouldn't taste well... have something that has a better chance of approval

    • tragiala

      they said in the beginning that the mythical kitcheneers are not around to fancify any food for them. so i would probably agree with you, but i won't blame on them about the foods.


    Is Stevie running the whole show? She is amazing!

  • Juan Camilo Gil Granados
    Juan Camilo Gil Granados

    did we just witness the first will it in which Link doesn't gag?

  • Bradley Ainley
    Bradley Ainley

    First mistake Why didn't you guys use a chicken quesadilla for the bread. That beautiful creamy jalapeno sauce!!! Love watching you guys

  • Hunter Hagen
    Hunter Hagen

    You know, as weird as I find links inability to eat several things to the point of full on uncontrollable gagging, I really have to applaud him and give him respect for still trying things. He still puts in the effort of giving them a try.

  • Ned Green
    Ned Green

    My culture(Vietnam), or at least my family, has butter and sugar sandwiches/banh mi. But we also use butter and sugar as a French fried dip, in restaurants.


    Am I the only one who spreads butter on a slice of bread for a midnight snack

  • Hyerrr

    That ain’t French bread my friends. But great episode. :)

  • J.W.

    Seems like the snickwich should have been toasted like a grilled cheese.

  • Trapper50cal

    Fire Sauce is MANDATORY for the Taco Deli Sandwich...

  • Rachel Shopiro
    Rachel Shopiro

    I feel like toasting the bread would make it work better in many cases.

  • Dr. Legendary
    Dr. Legendary

    I’m disgusted by how many times Rhett and link bit the butter sandwich lol

  • Connor Beasley
    Connor Beasley

    Why do they keep taking more bites of the butter sandwiches

    • tragiala

      cause it's pretty good?

  • Melissa Fredericks
    Melissa Fredericks

    They should do "Will it Worcestershire sauce?" That would be funny. :)

  • Kenneth Smotherman
    Kenneth Smotherman

    Will it manwich🤔.

  • Abby Wolffe
    Abby Wolffe

    Rhett: **eats three straight sticks of butter with ketchup on it** Rhett: It's really the bread I'm concerned about

  • tubechannler

    Please let the mythical chefs remaster this

  • It's Me
    It's Me

    That vitamin sandwich 🤮

  • Kirsch Rot
    Kirsch Rot

    Facade saucing !!!Link the wordsmith

  • Selina Nguyễn Official
    Selina Nguyễn Official

    Nhìn b ăn ngon quá

  • UAB Fan for life
    UAB Fan for life

    I just wrapped my lips around Taco Bell - Link 2020