Winter Bear by V
Winter Bear (2019)
Actor : V
Director : V
Production of Film : Contents Creative @Big Hit Ent.
*Original Track : Winter Bear - V
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  • Joana Souza
    Joana Souza

    Tem como não amar essa criatura? @ARMYBRASIL

  • IVY Kim
    IVY Kim

    Idk why but this song suddenly makes me want it to be winter and make snow angels while listening to this song ILY TAE❄️❤️❤️💜💜

  • kim onsole
    kim onsole

    It's a heat warming 🐯💜😭 사랑해 태형 오빠 ㅠㅠ I purple u 암미💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Uma Army Presente
    Uma Army Presente

    Aí gente?! eu tô chorando, essa música é tão perfeita, aí da mais no violão.

  • syed fahim
    syed fahim

    It’s polar bear you dumbass Hahaha jk

    • syed fahim
      syed fahim

      I’ll got attacked by army

  • СлавкаFlex TM
    СлавкаFlex TM


  • Maria1 Army
    Maria1 Army

    Alguma B-@rmy?

  • Ms. Dhakal
    Ms. Dhakal

    wow, I'm coming back to listen to it again, I always request to play this on my massages

  • ke mo
    ke mo

    This made my cry.... Tae...

  • Vkook is real BTS
    Vkook is real BTS


  • tmksy 0109
    tmksy 0109

    大好き❤ テテの優しい気持ち、優しい声。すんごく良い曲だ。

  • Holy BTS
    Holy BTS

    Can't stop listening to this bc i become very cozy and happy when i listen to this holy masterpiece~💜

  • Neha Gurung
    Neha Gurung

    Everyday happiness! 😊 our winter bear♡♡♡

  • Nicol Moreno
    Nicol Moreno


  • Gladys Janet Guzmán Juárez
    Gladys Janet Guzmán Juárez

    Que bonito! 😊 Me ha encantado, esto es hermoso 😍 taehyung 🌷

  • BTS V
    BTS V

    Stop sleeping on winter bear and singularity!!!!! ARMY don't deserve Tae

  • zeynep Ceylan
    zeynep Ceylan

    his voice really touches the heart of man fıghtıng Taehyung...

  • Kamran Nasibov
    Kamran Nasibov

    Why winter bear? What about this song? Can anyone explain me?

  • BTS V
    BTS V

    Singularity x Winter bear

  • eunice batalia
    eunice batalia

    simple but beautiful

  • Milk Tae
    Milk Tae

    "Get a life" To those 10K who disliked this masterpiece 😂😎

  • Mochi Hà
    Mochi Hà


  • 겨울곰돌

    김태형 보라해~ 소중한 사람

  • Amy Sweet
    Amy Sweet

    ستريم مع dna لا تنسو

    • BTS V
      BTS V

      Singularity too

    • N.A D.A
      N.A D.A


  • Roseline Chhangte
    Roseline Chhangte

    Woww ....his voice melts my winter heart ;)

  • Ana Carolina Oleskowicz Celli
    Ana Carolina Oleskowicz Celli

    Aí como amo esse homem, talento demais pra uma pessoa só 😍😍😍

  • Sam love
    Sam love

    D6 miss you

  • mikrokosmos jade
    mikrokosmos jade

    here after dna. cmon armylegends fighting!

    • BTS V
      BTS V

      Watch singularity too plz

  • Bạch Dương
    Bạch Dương

    Kim Taehyung ahhhhhh We purple you ARMY

  • Ashton and samanta play
    Ashton and samanta play

    V, I stg. This isn't the first time you made me cry, this song is just beautiful.

  • Kim EYLAF OW
    Kim EYLAF OW

    Army لاتوقفوا عن الستريم هون وبأغنية DNA فايتنغ

    • Kim EYLAF OW
      Kim EYLAF OW

      BTS V Ok

    • BTS V
      BTS V

      And Singularity too plz

  • Dinda Mahadewi
    Dinda Mahadewi


  • Dark Rose
    Dark Rose

    Whose ult bias is Kim Taehyung?? Only me woah ok

  • BTS and EXO is LIFE
    BTS and EXO is LIFE

    Yeontan:Taehyung~ Tae:Yes.. Yeontan:Are u cheating on me???2:08 Tae: .......

  • Eliana Freitas
    Eliana Freitas

    Eu amei muito a música

  • ميـم 💛
    ميـم 💛

    Kim Taehyung , When I listen to you, I feel like I fly in the night sky between the stars 💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Singularity Streaming Project
    Singularity Streaming Project

    My winter bear ♡☆

  • worod bts
    worod bts

    الاغنيه خرافيييه والله اني اسفه لاني تاخرت بمشاهده الفيد والسبب لاني جنت مسافره وهذا البلد ميفتح يوتيوب Im really regret thst lwas late in watching the video and the reason I was traveling to a country that does't have youTube Unfortunately I love,,,,,,,

    • worod bts
      worod bts

      @Singularity Streaming Project Ok

    • Singularity Streaming Project
      Singularity Streaming Project

      It's never late, let's get this video to 50M before his bday ^^

  • Jiyyer Ngo
    Jiyyer Ngo

    Love youuuuuuuu

  • Es_ta 18
    Es_ta 18


  • Trang Nhâm
    Trang Nhâm


  • Marites Paragas
    Marites Paragas


  • Evelyn Bogao
    Evelyn Bogao

    Este chico no puedo ser tan talentoso , hizo todo de manera hermosa 💜

  • Evelyn Bogao
    Evelyn Bogao

    Hermosa canción 💜

  • france cassy
    france cassy


  • v v
    v v

    Taehyung 💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Beatriz Leite
    Beatriz Leite


  • Khanh Si Khưu
    Khanh Si Khưu

    Có ai là ARMY việt hông. Chứ đọc cmt nảy giờ toàn tiếng anh😢😮

    • Trẩu Ngáo
      Trẩu Ngáo


  • Angelaly

    It’s so beautiful that I’m crying 😢💜💜💜💜

  • Jadson Luiz nascimento
    Jadson Luiz nascimento

    ooooooooo my goodness q perfection

  • Febriana Pitra
    Febriana Pitra

    My winter bear🐻

  • Bayu Seto
    Bayu Seto

    Suaranya keren

  • sou você
    sou você

    *Brazil* Só tem gringa A

  • Fatima Fati
    Fatima Fati

    We love you❤❤

  • sou você
    sou você

    E o meu amor mesmo

  • sou você
    sou você

    Comento mesmo

  • 겨울곰돌

    윈터베어. 태형 사랑해

  • sou você
    sou você


  • sou você
    sou você

    *Brazil* Acabou com o meu psicologico Como ousa? Pode continuarr

  • sou você
    sou você

    *Brazil* Eu te amooo💜

  • sani kxx
    sani kxx

    Taehyung ssi you are perfect Purple you💜💜 ARMY .IRAN

  • Goddes Queen
    Goddes Queen

    20M views fighting!

  • Judama Khan
    Judama Khan

    I love u I love u I love bts soooooooo much plez come Pakistan

  • Ahsan Abbas
    Ahsan Abbas

    oh my superstar love you

  • zhtmahtm


  • Jay Dick
    Jay Dick

    v wish you had jungkkok with you in this video:

  • Ailee Brinton
    Ailee Brinton

    Hello hello hello ♡♡♡♡♡

  • Kishly zhel
    Kishly zhel

    and the cartier watch also here?? 💜

  • Tae Kook
    Tae Kook

    Its So Heart Warming

  • Manar Ali
    Manar Ali

    Love BTS love love love love love love