Worst Haircut Ever
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    Dude Perfect

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      Dp you guys are the best thank you for the great videos

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      O great people, i want views thank you...

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    Silent Pickle

    This !are me laugh so h ard

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    Raheela malik

    i have codys cool not cool

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    Aditya Sharma

    Click here

  • MR ayaan
    MR ayaan

    Why don't you guys get panda in over time

  • Mr.Gamer

    I feel bad for cory he bought a ice cream maker with his money for cool not cool and others suspended him 😥😥😥


    Who loves when Iam gifting fortnite skins to everyone who subs to me!!

  • Rayzzen11

    Y Cody have such an itchy hand, disturbs Cory's Cool item? >.

  • Cora Krewer Dexheimer
    Cora Krewer Dexheimer

    U forgot the intro

  • Dark blazzer o
    Dark blazzer o

    Congratulations king of pizza

  • Soumit Sen
    Soumit Sen

    Pls make the next cool not cool expensive items version bc cory should experience how left out coby felt the time he was suspended

  • Flash Bcat
    Flash Bcat

    When Coby says that land of lord serious and Jurassic park and then Cody said they don’t have anything to do about dinosaurs I was laughing my head off

  • susiet09

    And c as you do the 17th episode of overtime in maybe tomorrow.

  • susiet09

    I subscribed at your channel for you guys of Dude perfect.

  • Zachary Kenney
    Zachary Kenney

    You can tell Ty watches Bob ross

  • Vanessa Winchester
    Vanessa Winchester

    Love all the paintings and especially your mountains, Ty! I get a kick out of all the suttle back ground images in your office too.

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    David Kaplan

    i paint better than all of them im ten

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    Darim Hasan

    For game time play fortnite

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    Maegan Kronteres Powers

    cool not cool love it favorite subject

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    Luis Pelegrin

    Like si hablas español!!👍🏽👍🏽

  • Tati Sanders
    Tati Sanders

    They should do a a presser thing from the hat whoever gets picked has to get three or more greens or one game suspension

  • Collin McKay
    Collin McKay

    Not just a message gun

  • HockeyGamingYT

    I just realized that me and Coby have the same hair before he got shaved

  • XIAN Quiroz
    XIAN Quiroz

    I like Garrett lego star wars

  • foolmetal alchemist
    foolmetal alchemist

    Garret never got a uncool item

  • Maaz Asad
    Maaz Asad

    who else watches this only for cool not cool and wheel unfortunate

  • Jon Kreider
    Jon Kreider

    Can you do an overtime with all cool not cool 😁😁. You guys are my favorite you tubers👑👑👑👑.

  • bayong rivera
    bayong rivera

    isn't tyler a contestant in thats unfortunate? because I have never seen him become a contestant of that's unfortunate...

  • Neil Armstrong
    Neil Armstrong

    2:04 I feel bad for Cody

  • Vernetha Kruger
    Vernetha Kruger

    Por Coby

  • Samantha Briar
    Samantha Briar

    Who keeps checking back for the next overtime episode

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    Someone: Coby or Cody Me who doesn't pay attention: what's the difference? 👁👄👁

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  • Luciano Antonio
    Luciano Antonio

    Type must be a professional painter

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  • Malachi and Don
    Malachi and Don

    I want an overtime episode with cool not cool first, get crafty second, wheel unfortunate 3rd, and bloops last Like if you agree 👇

  • Creative Elle
    Creative Elle

    DO SULTAN OF SODA!!!!!!!!!

  • Roland Callen
    Roland Callen

    17:02 problem lol stay to the end!

  • Roland Callen
    Roland Callen

    What are your thoughts on get crafty. Cory 5 coby 4 Cody 3 Gar 2 TT 1

  • adrian

    Cool Not Cool Green Count: 👑Garret: 59.5 Tyler: 51 Cody: 46 Coby: 43 Cory: 38.5 Green: 1 point Yellow: 0.5 Red: 0 Garret brings the best items!

  • DEALING with KAY
    DEALING with KAY

    Who else figured out that Tyler is THE DUDE PERFECT

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    Malakai Plummer

    Cory Coby

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    Noah Nussbaum

    Idk but I don't like sparky for some reason

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    Kochumon Varughese

    Dudes when is overtime 17 coming

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  • Renita Dykstra
    Renita Dykstra

    8:17 Coby had a coin on him

  • Sudhamshu A H
    Sudhamshu A H

    Another wheel unfortunate thing should be to dye your hair pink . Like , so they can see .

  • I love Chick-fil-a
    I love Chick-fil-a

    We think coby lost in this video but the real loser is dominos after being mistaken for Pizza Hut

  • Michelle Hatch
    Michelle Hatch

    His poor hair lol

  • Jordan Harvey
    Jordan Harvey

    At least it’s not coby 😏

  • Saxon Reese
    Saxon Reese

    my mom has one of those massage guns

  • Kandalia Kiki
    Kandalia Kiki

    21:33 why there's a hole in his face, isnt that video supposed to be made b4 gar hit its face

  • Maribel Salazar
    Maribel Salazar

    Ty looks like bob ross painting

  • Hank the Tank
    Hank the Tank

    So Cory got his brows shaved in an actual barber and Coby got his head shaved on the court????

  • Danish Nadeem
    Danish Nadeem

    Nobody gonna talk about the coin that landed on his shoulder 😂

  • Sun Lee
    Sun Lee

    It's so funny 😂

  • Bensyn Talataina
    Bensyn Talataina

    seen it

  • Mun mun Saha
    Mun mun Saha


  • Vinny Ray
    Vinny Ray

    Coby hahahahahahhahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahhaahhaahhahahahahahahahahahahaahaha

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      Vinny Ray


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    Please Help Me get to 3,000 subscribers

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  • Reel Fishing Kings of Jamaica
    Reel Fishing Kings of Jamaica

    That icecream machine killed it for me 😅😅😅🤣🤣🤣

  • Jennifer Rainey
    Jennifer Rainey

    is ned ty cuz he has never been picked

  • Sonia Akers
    Sonia Akers

    For “Game Time” you can play mobile game called “Among Us”.

  • Matthew Zhang
    Matthew Zhang

    what if Garrett got the shave your head one

  • Amram Kilandamoko
    Amram Kilandamoko


  • 100 subs without a video challenge
    100 subs without a video challenge

    well at least he didnt have the hair problem during lockdown

    • 100 subs without a video challenge
      100 subs without a video challenge


  • Joshua Braun
    Joshua Braun

    Is it just me or does ty win everything

  • Elijah Ard
    Elijah Ard

    Wheel unfortunate drink goat milk

  • victor gradeanu
    victor gradeanu

    2:15 he looks like Tyler