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  • TheMelbournelad

    9:30 “JB, got stolen again.” Aussie will know if what I speak.


    Anyone else thinking "It's called dihydrogen monoxide?" @ 1:21? No? Just me???

  • dog boii
    dog boii

    2:04 "those geese"

  • Minimackan10


  • Christy Tina
    Christy Tina

    Most retail stores have a policy that if you're not security, you're not allowed to chase down a thief.

  • Jerry Gibson
    Jerry Gibson

    Watch mxr get sssniperwolf add XD

  • Stoyan Dimitrov
    Stoyan Dimitrov

    13:53 ahahhaa....

  • Taufik Kurniawan
    Taufik Kurniawan

    When he became father he awaken his ultra instinct

  • THF_Clips

    9.6 INCHES

  • NorwegianPride

    When the guy got fired I really hope he grabbed that box and carried it out on his shoulder

  • UniversalGaming

    I thought this was a Jojo reference

  • niajef

    the video feels incomplete without jeanie saying bye at the end

  • Spark Robotnik
    Spark Robotnik

    (9:47) Sonic Riders Super Sonic

  • paul egberts
    paul egberts

    Jeannie vision HYPE

  • MegaShadeslayer

    The whole thing? Does...does that make me gay?

  • HikerMichael

    1:17 it’s dyhydrogen monoxide.... dumbass fuckin robot

  • MadeOfRamen

    6 inches

  • Derick James
    Derick James

    That cop had a stone mask on didn't you see

  • Travis Cecil
    Travis Cecil

    Today, we're checking out 'maybe'.

  • Mayur Valvi
    Mayur Valvi

    11:24 LMAO

  • Dkom Darkstar
    Dkom Darkstar

    The "metal pump" is a power hammer. Many blacksmiths use them.

  • J C Lovera
    J C Lovera

    Jeannie: Would you sell your soul for me? Henry: I cannot sell something that belongs to you. Then Henry wakes up an realized it was tooooooooooooo late.


    U go after the gator ... its good stuff

  • Black Hood
    Black Hood

    Did anyone notice the clip of jev

  • Tami Raines
    Tami Raines

    Fuck dos geese... Story time a goose decided to poop on my chocolate cake on lunch break in the fourth grade at the school Field Trip at the school

  • Frenknsh 503
    Frenknsh 503

    Two bananas

  • Arikukato Black
    Arikukato Black

    6 inches after my sister bumed me amd i fell forwards

  • Manny David
    Manny David

    6:40 this moment i got scared for Jeannie

  • Manny David
    Manny David


  • Vic Hernandez
    Vic Hernandez

    I have no gag reflex so it depends on the size of the banana biggest I've had is about 8-9 inches I think

  • Josiah Mosby-Nona
    Josiah Mosby-Nona

    Welcome to Australia where Crocs take whatever you put hard work into 😂

  • Shy Owl
    Shy Owl

    Tbh if I owned a store and my employee did what that guy did to recover merch that someone was trying to steal id straight up give him a raise

  • SkrymNV

    14:25 I did not expect this question at all... I expected it to be like "Have you guys ever had a nononoyes moment?" not "Alright guys so what's the deepest you've ever gotten a banana down your throat?"😂

  • Type2dk

    Good video ... Didn't like the diabetus joke though

  • Alexis Castillo
    Alexis Castillo

    Jojo reference

  • ezakustam

    0:51 If you actually believe in souls, that's not a test of love. It's a test of stupidity.

  • Aidan Finniff
    Aidan Finniff

    The whole thing

  • whisperienced

    am I the only person who sees yes yes yes no no no and thinks this?

  • Catalyst - D B
    Catalyst - D B

    Why does Jeanie not like Sadistic morbid humor? Poor Henry... 6:40 When girls take things too far and push a guy's buttons beyond normal levels and the guy just sits there quietly taking it up the ass.... but Jeanie actually has some feelings for Henry so as you can see she decides to not cross the emotional line but rather chooses to respect him enough to change her mind. I got really nervous in those moments because I know what it's like when a girl is about to take things too far and the guy is just sitting there with a complete serious face cause a line is about to be crossed. Sure guys who cheat and do other stuff like that cross that line with women too but I'm just saying that limits and lines exist for both genders and if the love shared between the two people is cherished than limits aught to be honored. So yea, I got worried there for a minute cause I seriously thought she'd throw his computer away..... Whew....

  • Akrablak

    14:38 thx me leter

  • Kronos 121
    Kronos 121

    Make Jeannie play Skyrim

  • tkwman15

    Did anyone see the title and immediately think of jojo prt 3.... no oh ok

  • Kat Beach
    Kat Beach

    jennie: will you sell your soul for me me:my soul is all ready non existent so no the world:HEAD TO THE SHELTERS THIS IS A AVENGERS LEVEL THREAT

  • nicholas purnell
    nicholas purnell

    Dont let the fire go out.... krampus

  • William Bivens
    William Bivens

    The faze jev clip is when I died

  • IDyce88

    LOL the two cats and the fish bowl was legend. and yes flying squirrel suits are real...but very dangerous.

  • MeowMan Meow
    MeowMan Meow

    0 cause I choked on the banana pp

  • Wayne MacKinnon
    Wayne MacKinnon

    The guy giving the medal was probably not being insensitive, it's an automatic gesture, we literally shake hands many times a day, so after a while it just becomes an auto response, with the coronavirus, I noticed that even though I know not to shake people's hands, I still start to stick my hand out automatically.

  • AFantasticCat

    Yep, tigers really do that. This is why farmers in India wear masks on the back of their heads. Tigers will attack if they think you aren’t looking.

  • orti1283

    9:27 People doing shit for supermarkets are so fucking stupid. Why the fuck would you put your integrity at risk for a mutherfucking billionaire corporation (unless you work as a guard for them)

  • Darrien Garciga
    Darrien Garciga

    do a vid that jennie gets a ton of memes and try's to get henry to laugh

  • The Originals
    The Originals

    When you are Young, you are open to do many things😱 I'm like wooooooow

  • Rick Roll
    Rick Roll

    Actually, if it’s specifically a Walmart then no you can’t stop a crime. The company prefers to have the security staff, which is usually one dude, to do it because they want to keep your safety in mind. It’s a dumbass rule that dissuades people from helping those in need. Woman getting beat by her husband? Sorry, gotta go to the nearest phone and call for the code that stands for violence. Active shooter who you can stop right then and there before he pulls out a gun? Run for your fucking life and let people get shot or else you lose your job. It’s a rule no one likes. TLDR: doing the right thing in a criminal situation gets you fiired

  • Satrina Clinton
    Satrina Clinton

    So we all agree we heard Henry say"I'm very fast! " Then we all saw Jeannie's face:😏: if I'm not the only one that noticed please like 🤗

  • The-one-and-only videos
    The-one-and-only videos

    The deepest i put a banana down my throat was all 8 inches of the banana

  • Ctrl_Z

    4 bananas deep

  • Paco Aguilar
    Paco Aguilar

    11:23 i am already very fast Yeah...😏😏

  • 2A Forever
    2A Forever

    9:13 to 9:55 Crabs???

  • Thomas Ma
    Thomas Ma

    When J asked H about the soul Q... H should of answered immediately, now I have no soul, you will face the devil 😈 It's like taking away the censorship or pixelated block 👻

  • Bob Walsh
    Bob Walsh

    "When's Snorlax ever lost a battle in Pokémon?" WHEN'S HE EVER FOUGHT ONE?!

  • CJ Long
    CJ Long

    Just would like to point out not a pump haha was a autohammer and that's pretty impressive actually the precision of closing that matchbox perfectly before completely crushing it into a piece of paper

  • Medigo Verus
    Medigo Verus

    7:20 but her nose was still broken.

  • Monkey D luffy Kaizoku
    Monkey D luffy Kaizoku

    4 ads in 15 min video!!!

  • Joakim


  • Maksym Sokolov
    Maksym Sokolov

    half a banana

  • Lucas Andrea
    Lucas Andrea

    In 6:50, she turnoff his pc, they begin the video again at 7:00.

  • ghost gaming99
    ghost gaming99


  • Alexander Wherry
    Alexander Wherry

    4:30 just eat the gator instead

  • Maroon136

    My great uncle swallowed the banana whole. Entirely no bite, no chewing. WHOLE. He wasn't even gay.

  • Jack Field
    Jack Field

    Not proud