Your Mom's House Podcast - Ep. 559 w/ Russell Peters
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You gotta get it goin' bud! Tom Segura and Christina P kick off this episode of YMH with a video of a woman who really needs to brown. They discuss the latest instance of Nadav doing bad, Bert Kreischer's kool-aid intake, how often Dr. Drew gets milked, and their recent trips to the dermatologist. They watch a vintage English commercial for a questionably-named product, a very strange Instagram live-stream, a dude eating nails, a cool talking about his success with women, an English lesson on slang words, a cool guy who collects mousepads, and a follow-up from everyone's least favorite bearded lady. The main mommies also play a game where they watch some of the most intense videos on the internet, which naturally leads them to call Dr. Drew to discuss the potential health risks of eating brown.
Russell Peters is a stand-up comedian, actor, and producer. Russell sits down with Jean & Jean to talk about Jiu Jitsu, rolling with Joe Rogan, partying at Eddie Murphy's house, hip-hop, and the controversy around Hank Azaria playing Apu on The Simpsons. They share the murder play video with Russell, as well as a DIY video on how to make jewelry out of human teeth, a cool girl rapping, and some of Mommy Tina's TikTok curations.
Pierce Paris is a very strong performer and social-media creator. He joins the mommies on the couch to discuss his iconic video that Tim and Crystal have been obsessed with. He discusses how he prepared for that video, his other Twitter stunts, how he started a viral challenge, and eating bear scrum. He also gives us a walk-through his prep process and reviews RPC's premium content.

  • Jo King
    Jo King

    Nadav avoids wiki link to open the same youtube video he has open already >.>

  • vic

    Love ya Christina P

  • stephen frazier
    stephen frazier

    I'm randomly back again for the Yoshi scene lol, Times impression..

  • Steven Warner
    Steven Warner

    All existing YMH merch needs to get re-released as mouse pads

  • Joe Alvarado
    Joe Alvarado

    The Russell Peters segment was to short!!!

  • Johnny Eyeball
    Johnny Eyeball

    I feel sorry for people who are ashamed of natural functions. Can't help but think some developmental window in their life contains some serious trauma.

  • jon martin
    jon martin

    How awesome is it that Pierce showed up? Russel Peters is great but Pierce Paris's interview was one of the best in YMH history. I'm disappointed in the comments for not talking more about it.

  • Brian Mackie
    Brian Mackie

    Someone tell Nadav to speak into the motherfucking mic like a big boy.

  • fsLUXE

    nadav, keep you chin up and work on your resume--you're better than these jokers; Also shortcut for open in new tab is cmd + click (or ctrl + click windows)

  • Cjmaret

    We can remember history without statues. Statues are for honoring, not "remembering". If Russel thinks those statues need to stay up, remind him to donate to the erection of the bin Laden statue next to World Trade One, and not for honoring! Simply for remembering! We need a terrorist's face visible for the next hundred years. Just to remember, you know...

  • Nathyn Larsen
    Nathyn Larsen

    Where's the Links to the videos lol

  • ッΛCE

    Christina got horny in this one lmaooo

  • E Trakcz
    E Trakcz

    YMH is the toughest podcast sorority!! PERIODT!!!!

  • Nick Carlberg
    Nick Carlberg

    I am tired of the Heavy R stuff

  • Leiryc Panizales
    Leiryc Panizales

    Why is Chistine asking how people who drink has so much energy? In my view that is why they did to depress their energy.

  • Leiryc Panizales
    Leiryc Panizales

    What!? Did Tom just say that seems too agressive.

  • Leiryc Panizales
    Leiryc Panizales

    Is this Nadab a bit? It is really uncomptable. I mean I relate with him way too much. I feel like we have the same personality even our built is somewhat similar.

  • Lisa Marie Jones
    Lisa Marie Jones

    Does the guy with the murder fetish have a Santa Claus 🎅 hat on?!?!

  • Greg Perkins
    Greg Perkins

    "You changed our lives" 🤣🤣🤣

  • Spite Lip
    Spite Lip

    baby teeth necklaces were good luck for Vikings. they would pay kids for them, its how the tooth fairy thing started.

  • Spite Lip
    Spite Lip

    the worse they treat nadav the worse the heavy vids wiil get. Make 'em puke dude!!!! we support you!

    • Spite Lip
      Spite Lip

      tub girl!

  • Conscious Ed
    Conscious Ed

    That conversation about delivering babies must have been painful for Tom, But he took it like a pro.

  • Tiggerdyret

    Pierce seems like an absolute sweetheart.

  • Laurie Brown
    Laurie Brown

    I am talking about pork meatballs made from offal and off cuts usually served with mashed potatoes and peas

  • Reckless Ruin
    Reckless Ruin

    "your balls are kind of like hot sauce" ahhh ok haha


    Why are the voices delayed from the video?

  • Jay N
    Jay N

    Sooo out of morbid curiosity is there anywhere to actually find the clips they play? Kinda lame to hear them talk and freak out with no way to see the madness...

  • Deanna Glaza
    Deanna Glaza

    Not playing pountine for every single guest is a lost opportunity

  • CassieRaquel

    All the brown...ew...

  • Cadorkis

    One of the greatest podcast endings ever lolol

  • A Fury
    A Fury

    Where’s that guy with the glasses? Forgot his name, fuck lol. Christina calls him a roach or something smh

    • Missy Elliot
      Missy Elliot

      Josh potter, and idk

  • A Fury
    A Fury

    Can we please get an uncensored version or something? Dailymotion or some other place? Patreon, bitchute? I’ll pay (a small and tight price of course).

  • Raffy Lee
    Raffy Lee


  • thexbigxgreen

    Pierce should totally try to emulate the paint can prank from Home Alone with a dildo protruding out the front!

  • dc rogers
    dc rogers

    Netural drop

  • RandoBrand

    Is the bearded lady on tik tok?

  • Tafalagilua Pedro
    Tafalagilua Pedro

    Russel peters is one of the most talented people in the world like out of 7 billion he is just a miracle

  • Lowell Arnett
    Lowell Arnett

    59:35 Go outside and meet females who are not your mom!


    1:10:43 i don’t like those noises

  • Stoic

    Should've stopped the podcast after Russell Peters.

  • Chris Bodnarchuk
    Chris Bodnarchuk

    just found out the ball drop video came out on my wedding day, never going to be able to forget about this now

  • Mark

    HOLY FUCK, that wrestling thing at the end. PERFECT.

  • aaron maxim
    aaron maxim

    This podcast has really aggressively put a divide in my marriage during this pandemic. It's been hilarious

  • F. B. I.
    F. B. I.

    so that's why nadav disappeared

  • ieetemos4breakfast

    I gotta stop watching this podcast while I’m eating....

  • MrHothead099

    Please keep using the “Nadav is Googling” song.

  • Mike Sullivan
    Mike Sullivan

    Pierce was the best part of the show hands down one of the best guests on YMH!

  • JesusIzAPunkRocker

    LMAO 1:15:20 The instant alarm in Christina's Voice XD

  • Denny B
    Denny B

    Bring pierce again lol

  • johnson543

    I just had to skip the Russell Peters interview to confirm that that was indeed the Pierce Paris I know from seeing his "art films"

  • Ajr8171

    Tom paused when asking that Pierce Paris guy if he wanted to "plug" anything before ending the interview. Hahaha

  • Whisky El Guero
    Whisky El Guero

    All I see is how Pierce looks like bully beatdowns Jason Mayhem Miller. Maybe just me..

  • Dark Core
    Dark Core

    I cant get the tick toked Russian jew guy out of my head in my life now. Thanks guys

  • Blake F
    Blake F

    Yo someone tell the bearded lady to shave, not because she’s a woman but because the beard absolutely sucks. I would wax if I had that beard, and I’m a man.

  • Blake F
    Blake F

    I can’t believe Nadaav’s boot liking doesn’t make Tom want to punch him more

  • Josh Kennedy
    Josh Kennedy

    The censored segment is amazing. Watching these two squirm is priceless.

  • Joshua Towers: Radio
    Joshua Towers: Radio

    Dude, huge SHOUTOUT to Craig Gass... He's got the best Christopher Walken impression, hands down... Plus a Lars Ulrich and Sam Kinison... You gotta check him out!

  • j

    Christina is extremely annoying.

  • IngoingPanic22


  • Casey Guess
    Casey Guess

    How the hell do i see the censored content. Just paid 5 bucks and still cant find the raw versions. Somebody help

  • Kobil Shakur
    Kobil Shakur

    No wonder they got Russel out of there so quickly


    I have never heard of eating scrum explained more scientifically than spreading for greater surface area

  • randall smith
    randall smith

    Real talk. Has anybody used ? how was it? It sounds like Lending Tree for insurance and Lending Tree was crap.

  • M T
    M T

    Can someone Help please? episode and time stamp do they talk to ball poop guy I don’t know how I missed it

    • johnson543

      Pierce Paris? It's this episode at 2:29:17. Keep featherin it, jean 👖👍🏾

  • The Tom Leonard Experience
    The Tom Leonard Experience

    I’ve never seen Tom this happy

  • TuneLow PlaySlow
    TuneLow PlaySlow

    Peters saying that people are trying to erase history by tearing down confederate monuments is the dumbest shit ever. To think that history will be erased or forgotten without a daily reminder towering over you is complete and udder nonsense.

  • Robin Somers
    Robin Somers

    Omg... How can I get ahold of the song at the end? LMFAO 😂😂😂😂

  • Conejosshop

    They over did that shit with nadav

  • Hunter Mammoser
    Hunter Mammoser

    Russell’s pants are so fucking tight.

  • Reganator

    that song "nadav is googling" killed me and took my library card